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Googleshng - December 18 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Remember me saying my connection problems looked like they were over? I REALLY should have knocked on wood. It was still technically true though, since the source of my problems, my service provider, IS gone for good. Anyway, since everyone else I know in the area ended up in the same boat as me, and I actually didn't have any "Try our ISP!" discs handy, it took me until now (well, Friday) to get back online. Miss me?

I still have roughly no clue what I missed, since I'm on a sucky ISP which only gives me 30 hours to last two weeks and thus don't have enough time to read through the archives. Still, I'm back, and raring to answer some questions, so on with the show!

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I'm not sorting the rest of this out today.

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Dungeons and Pikmin

I seem to remember you saying you wanted to get Pikmin. If you didn't, ignore me because I'm an idiot, but if not, please tell me what you thought. I rented the game and beat it rather quickly and was getting the impression that the game was rather short and simple. Am I missing something? Should I keep it on my potential birthday present list? It doesn't seem to have much replay value...

I can name exactly 2 games by Shigeru Miyamoto that aren't about 10 hours long without any obvious replay value. Everything he does tends to have some lasting appeal to it though, and there ARE a few really interesting secrets to be found. I don't regret buying it myself, but it might be a question of taste.

And for the obligatory RPG question: do you think this winter vacation from college is enough time to start and run a [very] short D&D campaign with some friends who will be coming home? Or should I simply not bother?

Sure it is! I've gotten a decent ammount of RPG playing done in a single day before.

If the answer the former above was yes and I do get the Wheel of Time RPG for Xmas (come on dad, don't fail me now), should I run a game of that instead?

- Mag

I ignore everything in any way connected to the Wheel of Time series, on the grounds that those books are absurdly long.


yo Goog,

I'll make this brief, do you think that Sega will ever make another installment to the Phantasy Star series? (and I'm referring to a 'true' sequel, not an online spin-off game)

I wouldn't see why not, considering Sega has stepped down from being a console company, and focusing on developing games. They have plenty of time to make yet another classic Phantasy Star rpg.

Phantasy Star Online is pretty cool, but I don't get why they're making an expansion, so to speak, to PSO. I guess it's just me, but I find the PSO series a bit plain, and perhaps for se lacking.

Anyway, thanks a lot. I hope you can give me a shout out.


Upon finishing PS4, the team who made the games declared that they were finished with it and wouldn't be making any more. So far they've been sticking with that declaration (PSO was made by the people who make the Sonic games). Still, while PSO was being developed, the creators of the PS series were busy making Skies of Arcadia, which is good enough for me.

Old joke, serious issue

This graphic was bound to happen sooner or later... I just wanted to be the first this time. Spread the word RPGamers!

Magna Maduin

You know, Thor actually mentioned that to me before the vast majority of people, but at the time he didn't have the actual donation methods set up, and once he did, well, I was offline. Judging by the 50 letters pointing it out I got while I was gone though, I see the word got spread, and he's about halfway there, so halfway-good for him.


Yo Goog, welcome back!

I was watching part of Henry V in history the other day, and I started thinking that Kenneth Branagh (in that role) looked almost spookily like Wiegraf from FFT. So then I sat down and started thinking of other parts for other characters, and now it has become a pet project of mine to fill every part. Patrick Stewart as Draclau, whaddaya think?

Anyway, I've only got a few parts filled, and I'd really like you to put this in the Q&A so I can get a bit of publicity...I'd appreciate anyone else's suggestions on who's good for what. (Still need a Ramza, Delita, and almost every other part...I've only got maybe ten parts filled.) So, anyone who's interested in lending their opinion:


~Slightly Crazed Izlude Fan

Well, there's 2 problems with playing the good old "What actor could play him?" game with FFT. Everyone has the exact same face (except the old freaks, Worker 8... fine, "most"). The other problem is that you can't cast Sephiroth as Elmdor. That being said though, Cid=Sean Connery, Malak=Will Smith... nobody really has the cowlick to pull off Ramza though...



I'm surprised your cable went out for that long. I'm on @home too and in the same state as you and I got about 2 hours downtime about 2-3 Saturdays ago.


That happened to me, it's just that AFTER that it went poof for good.

Obligatory Chrono Spoilers ho!

I just downloaded the anime clip for one of the endings on Chrono Trigger. At the very end, Lucca finds a child, is that Schala/Kid from Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger?!?!



The Last Laugh:

Ahhhh... it's good to be back. I brought a present for everyone too, but it still needs to be tested and wrapped up. See you tomorrow though... and I mean it this time.

Googleshng "Melee!"
Mewtwo in SSBM is way too freakin' cool looking.

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