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Googleshng - December 17 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yesterday when discussing the Lord of the Rings movies, I asked when "RotC" was coming out. The blank stares I met that night were well deserved.

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The things they name games after...

I began thinking of something this morning.
I pity Link.
He's the hero of every Zelda game, and Zelda's name always occurs before his name.
"Hi, I'm here to save the world, but my heroic deeds aren't brave enough to deem putting my name first in the title."
And in some his name doesn't occur at all. Like the "Oracle of ....." games for the GBC or OoT for the N64.

Can I have my two cents back now?

Well to be fair, Zelda is a more memorable title, and far easier to find in alphabetized lists. Still though, considering how Zelda isn't even actually IN half of them, it doesn't always fit. Lufia has the same problem really. Oh, and hey, how about poor Samus? She's stuck in a series named after a monster pretty much relegated to the last five minutes of each game!

Those Annoying Biological Functions

Hello, Shng of Many a Google!

There are many bathrooms in RPGs! The Final Fantasies had bathrooms, The Lunar series have bathrooms, and Alundra 2 even had a sidequest about them! How could anyone say there are no bathrooms in RPGs!

The real question is: Why doesn't the main character use them as often as he should?

Your eternal fan,
-DJ DemonChild

Well, seeing how the average RPG character pretty much doesn't eat, they wouldn't be generating any waste in need of disposal.

Chocon? Moogle Expo '02?

Hey Googleshng,
Sorry for my last letter being such a mofo to read but that's what happens when u work 5 straight days running ten hours shifts each cooking other peoples food that then complain about how there damn plate has a ugly scratch on it, please don't send me to Thors Unfit to Print Section.
Anyways I was wondering if there was any conventions in North America that focused on Final Fantasy or Squaresoft? I heard about an E3 type convention that is open to the public in New York for 2003 if i remember correctly. Next do u think Venus & Braves is going to make it to North America because it interests me.

Ps. Thx for not bashing me on my last letter even though I deserved it.

Kupo Kupo! -Mog


I can't think of any major national conventions dedicated to the Final Fantasy series, and there haven't been any announcements on a US bound V&B, but sometimes you don't hear any word on that sort of thing until like a year after a game hits shelves in Japan.


Hi google

How do you think the merger of Square and Enix is going to effect the game quality that Square and Enix normally produce?


OK, you understand that that's pretty much like asking how the quality of two books would be effected if you kept them on the same shelf, right?

The Last Laugh:

Remind me never to give a column a title that similar to the previous day's again. I get the feeling a lot of people didn't notice one went up yesterday.

Googleshng "nyah!"

Well said Mini-Moose!

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