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Googleshng - December 16 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Long weekend that one. You don't care though. Let's just get on with things, yes?

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Don't quite get the point of this letter...

Hi Google,

Quickie material probably, but you said their was no word on whether Mythri would jump to the GBA rather than GBC. Well, from RPGamers news section...

"Variant Interactive, an relatively new face to the world of gaming, has scooped up Mythri and intends to publish the game in December of 2003. Meanwhile, the game will now published on the Game Boy Advance rather than the Game Boy Color. No word on whether or not this will in turn mean upgraded graphics for the game, but Team XKalibur, Mythri's developers, told us that new media would be available soon."

That's all!

Right, when I was writing Thursday's column, there was no official word out that Mythri was getting a graphical overhaul for the GBA. Of course, upon reading that column, the developers decided to take the opertunity to get word out there that while making the platform hop, Mythri is getting a full overhaul of shiny new graphics, and threw a little letter on the matter in for Friday's column.

Incidentally, that's probably the only time a piece of news will be broken in a Q&A column, so don't go thinking you can stop reading the news here on RPGamer before you hit my column if you want to stay on the cutting edge.

It's Palma tanjit!

PS3 spoilers... that's what it gets for only having one real plot point worth mentioning.
Anime being something for kids and those that are younger...heehee...Hellsing would be a fun thing to show to someone who believes that ^_^ Hellsing, or something good and incomprehensible...

I do have one comment on the whole thing about cutscenes somehow lessening a game. A lot of the older games had "cutscenes" that were just as long with dialogue etc., where they were advancing the plot and you may not have been able to do a whole hell of a lot...they were just using the graphics they had. So, the new CG cutscenes aren't really that much of a leap besides them using the new technology for the old scenes. *shrugs* And really, I think I prefer games that base gameplay more off giving you a challenge in thinking how you're going through a battle to those where a tough boss can become just a matter of going out hunting monsters until you're high enough level/have enough items that the boss gets easier...something like Chrono Cross as opposed to the usual "walk outside and run in cirlces for a few hours" tactic, or even some of the games with other elements put into the battle that can allow you to change strategies heavily, like Star Ocean's fields or the games that let you switch characters in and out during battles.

(Actually, I'd like to see more games pull something with the range of side events and character-based stuff that Star Ocean 2 had...and the possibility of shifting/finding/losing entire sub-plots based on what you were doing with the characters.)

Myself and my roommate have noticed/been reminded of a few things about PHantasy Star 1 now that we're playing through you think, when they do 3D Ages, they might update some of the scenes a bit, so that there's more dialogue explaining what's going on? It struck both of us that there were large gaps where it was as if they didn't have quite the memory on the old master system to really put any detail into things...and where the main reason we understood things was a familiarity with the series. So I would rather like seeing it get the Lunar-esque treatment of being expanded a bit. Also, I don't particularly have an argument with the omission of 3, seeing as how it didn't really connect with the rest of the series all that well - by running 1, 2, and 4, they're running the main plotline of the games; 3 was more of a side plot that didn't have all that much connection to the others besides occuring on one of the ships that'd left Parma.

-Black Dragon Atolm ... I wish more people recognized the game I got that was a damn spiffy game.

"ZIM!! You won't get away with this!!" *BLAST* "*cough* You got away with it...But you won't get away with it forever!"

Hellsing Shmellsing. If you want to show someone that anime isn't just for kids, make them watch Grave of the Fireflies.

Anyway, I see a lot of people complaining here and there about how ever since FF7 all RPGs have been too focused on advancing a story with shiny cut scenes than on advancing a game with the ability to roam freely about discovering things on their own. As you point out though, FF7 didn't start that. FF4 did. It just kept everything in engine.

In any case though, I think it's high time for a little revolution in game design re-emphasizing the whole explore the world at your own pace concept. You can show me all the FMV cutscenes you want, just give me some say in the order I trigger them, you know?

Another reason not to care about PS3 for the record: Developed by different people than the rest. So it's kinda like lumping, say, Star Wars novels in with the original movie trilogy.

More on that.

With all the Phantasy Star remakes coming our way, do you think Sega is prepping everyone for Phantasy Star V? Or is the series strictly online from now on?

Well, seeing how Overworks publicly stated years ago that they weren't going to make another after 4, and put the kibosh on the overarching plot with that one, I wouldn't say the odds are too good of getting one. At least not from them. Sega could greenlight one developed by, say, Sonic Team, but again, I doubt it.

Plus, don't forget. Phantasy Star is just one of MANY old Sega properties they're dusting off now that they're developing for systems people actually own.

Letters like this tempt me to revive Thor's Unfit for Print section.

Hey google,

Anyways right to the point i dont want to deal with no crap and stupid things that barly have anything to do with RPG's. First with my RPG bad experience, Ephemeral Fantasia. The game all together was a dissappointment, i even tried to to keep playing hoping there could be a jump start of some kind i go thru the whole thing constantly and the beginning just plays over and over and over and over again with hardly and . Second with this whole item creation thing, if u dont like it dont do it jeez talk about bitching. Third with Final Fantasy FF 6-8 were sweet, 9 was ok it went back to the "roots" cuz of the whole crystal idea. FFX was easy and a bit directed but it was still awesome to play. I got thru the game fine i dont know what everyone is bitching about battle system was fine adn equipment came easy, i barly needed items and comstomize. Everyone complains about the way of getting powerful items but if it was easy would it make it challenging at all? with yunas final weapon i found it beyond simple holy one mp? while u have auto life also! can it get any easier? I just find people have to many complaints. If u dont like it dont play it. Only thing i have a problem with is FF3 being on GBA they are all on playstation systems u would be better to finish it up there.

P.S. You being a women how many chicks do u think are hardcore gamers, i know alot of girls are into games but they rather go shopping for shoes then play a sweet ass game?


First off, I tend to set the bar pretty low when it comes to spelling and grammar, but is it REALLY that hard to capitalize "I" and type out the word "you?"

Anyway, the only actual question I see in there is on the gender ratio of gamers. Based on the statistics people tend to pull out of thin air, and my own personal experience, I would say that one out of every five people seriously into gaming is also a girl. I don't even mean 20% either. Whenever I see 5 people sitting around playing a game, exactly one of them is a girl. I don't know of any other population breakdown which spreads out so evenly.

Come to think of it, it's entirely possible that there's a female dominated gaming subculture out there which simply has no contact with the one we're all familiar with, like the two police stations in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

Actually, come to think of it, there IS! Ever see a bridge club? Count those and it's much closer to a 50-50 split.

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked this...

I was wondering if you had an idea when Xenosaga is being released. I cant wait for it to come out since Xenogears was so insanely awsome. Anyway, my worst RPG moment? I'd have to say it was when I formatted my memory card (by accident without knowing what it meant, I know it was a stupid thing to do so try not to bash me too much) and lost all data for all the RPG's I had played! It was a terrible tragedy. What makes it even worse was I was playing through FF7 for the first time and I had just scored the infamous Knights of the Round. I had to start all over which sucked, and wasted over 70 hours of my precious life. Anyway, thanks for listening and may your holidays be filled with RPG goodness.


Namco isn't Square. As such they don't hype upcoming games with a new press release every week single week, which is why I figure I get 10 people asking about this game every day. Anyway though, Xenosaga has been slated to hit the U.S. some time around this coming February for a good long while, and still is last I checked.

On to that little tale of woe though, that reminds me of when my cousin accidentally saved a copy of my FFT game over his when he went to load. 70+ hours down the tubes.


How come the doesn't work? ;-)

To my recollection, only one person has ever hosted this column and gone on to pose publicly in a bikini and it wasn't me. I can't seem to find the photographic evidence of it though, shame.

Who said there's no bathrooms in RPGs:)

Don't know, but it sure wasn't me. I can name a few.

Andrew likes Chobits. I like Chobits. Do you?

Well I've never actually seen it anywhere, so no. Although honestly, I probably wouldn't like it if I did from what I know of it.

Hey, waddup, I heard from a friend, (she is Japanese, and im pretty sure she knows what shes talkin bout) that they might not release final fantasy 11, or FFx2 because of lagging problems?

Well, seeing how FF11 and FFX-2 are two completely different games, I'd wager your friend doesn't know what she's talking about.


the question is, is this the earliest appearance of Pikachu

or has someone been plagarising?


Plagerizing? Nah. See Myau is a talking CAT while Pikachu is a rat that most people I know don't even bother using. Alternatively, Pikachu is a large yellow blob of nutrasweet that does nothing but say it's own name and get beaten to a bloody pulp whenever people I know play Smash Bros.


can you send to me all wild arms password in the towr .

thank you.


The Last Laugh:

Whew, that was a thick one. By the way, am I the only one who looked at the new FFTA artwork and began cracking up at the idea of a moogle monk?

Googleshng "Moogle red mages would be neat too..."

I forgot. Why am I a girl again all of the sudden?

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