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Googleshng - December 12 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The letter flow this week has been rather strange. I had practically nothing to work with the first two days, then yesterday my inbox starts bursting at the seems with nice juicy letters. So a lot of what I print today will likely be overflow from that batch.

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Praise of PS, Mention of Mythri

Hey Googleshng, a couple of questions,
Something occurred to me about Mythri, isn't it a GBC game? Is the publisher or the developer going to make any effort to convert it to a GBA game (I have no idea how involved that would be)?
Also, you said you hadn't received any comments about PSC yet. Well, I bought it and am enjoying it immensely. Especially, since they're faithful ports of the originals (including difficulty). I just wish it had included IV.

Emperor of the Namingways

Well the GBA is reverse compatable, so that wouldn't be too involved at all. It's possible that it could be made GBA exclusive with some graphical improvements made all over, but I don't recall hearing anything along those lines.

Lunar stuff.

First off, kudos on the name, it's damn good. I enjoy saying it. But, on with the rest of my problems...
In my opinion, there is a tie for the greatest game of all time between Chrono Trigger and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. However, my favorite game of all time is definitely Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. I was just wondering, why is it that nobody cared at all that Lunar Legend was coming out? I looked in the Nintendo holiday booklet, and it was nowhere to be found, but they had plenty of lesser games on display. I also looked in the GameStop holiday guide, and once again, they managed to put every title one could think of with the exception of Lunar Legend. How could everyone skip over one of the greatest RPG's ever being put into portable form? Now, you can level up Alex while on the can!!!
And, I would just like to mention that nonrandom battles is a million times better than random ones. Once you get used to nonrandom, it's really tough to go back to regular random. Does anyone else agree???
A big fan,
Steve Loori

Well, in a nutshell, nobody cares about Lunar being rereleased for the GBA because we already @#$%ing have it. Lunar was rereleased for the PSX not too long ago. The GBA is, I believe, the 4th system on which it has appeared. There really isn't any excuse not to have a copy by now if you want one.

Plus the last version released had nice shiny anime cutscenes every five minutes or so, a fantastic localization, and if I recall correctly, had better music than the GBA can really handle. So really, unless you have some strong desire to have a copy of Lunar for every system you own, there's not a lot going for the GBA port.

Flattery of Roger Zelazny is always fun.

Goog, I now am in even more awe of you. The fact that you have read the Chronicles of Amber is one thing, but loving it also! Enough about how impressed I am, I guess I'll actually give a holiday question because I just wanted to talk. Are there any RPG's that have our holidays incorporated into them? I don't think I've ever seen a game with a Christmas, or Halloween, (well, Kingdom Hearts, but that doesn't count!) and the games that do have holidays in them are usually just harvest time celebrations, nothing wrong with that. Thanks if you respond!......My mom almost named me Corwin because of that book.

See, that's the sort of thing I'd be ticked off at my parents for not doing. I'm still rather annoyed with my aunt for not naming her daughter Koudelka. She actually liked the name, but didn't want to name a baby after a videogame character.

... whose game just happens to take place on Halloween.

LONG question, short answer.

Hail oh great androgenous google (Um... that's more insulting than I meant it to be.)
Anyway, here's my question. Why does everyone say Final Fantasy 9 took the series "back to its roots"? Is it the big castles? I mean, come on here... Technology has always been a part of the Final Fantasy series. For instance in the very first game you go into outer space and fight giant robots. You also time travel.
Wait, time travel... doesn't that make it "scifi" as well?
So why is FF9 "the roots" and FF7 and 8 are "scifi"? Isn't the series rooted in scifi? I always thought a mixture of super futuristic technology plus all the big castles and midieval stuff was even more scifi than what was going on in 7. Most of the technology in 9 is steam power, which is kinda like FF6. I guess people like that. Does nobody see this? Okay, FF4 had the Big Whale... it was a spaceship for crying out loud! You went to the moon. There was an enormous robot and stuff. And hovercrafts and tanks. I'm very right. Technology has always been a big part of the series, and 7 and 8 didn't take many more liberties than previous games did (Heck, the space travel and time travel in 8 just mimicked the first game really.) Maybe I'm going the wrong direction... maybe it's the graphical style. Wait, I can shoot that down too... "The Roots" didn't have a bunch of round buildings. FF9 was chock full of roundness. Including the characters. Bringin me to next point: the characters. Sure, they're super deformed, but in the wrong way. I mean, enormous hips are just not cool in my book. Neither is looking like a 12 year old girl with a tail.
Maybe it's the music? Well, the music did return to the roots in the sense that it was much more simplistic than 7 and 8's scores. I mean, they reduced all that development from over the years. The battle music had the old intro, I think a lot of people buy into that...
How about gameplay? Well, the slower paced battles have returned, and the old "press button and wait 10 seconds before your character goes" is returned. Is this really an improvement? I don't care if the old games were like that, because that was always annoying.
Is it the black mages and the moogles? Those aren't even Final Fantasy exclusive. Plenty of other Squaresoft games have had their share of both of those.
I know this is a very long letter, but I must get someone else to agree with me, as anyone else I try to convince just says something like "|)00|), FF9 ownz joo."
I think people just like it because it ripped off everyone's favorite, FF6, in every way imaginable. (Note: the 6th game in the series is not the roots. The first game is the roots.),
Please please please agree with me. I have spent many years fretting over this.

FF9 "gets back to the roots" of the series by virtue of the fact that every single plot point and game mechanic is lifted straight out of an earlier, better Final Fantasy. That and you get to use 4 characters at once.

Overworks good.

Only two questions for you, my dear...

First, I love the Phantasy Star Series. I played PS4 years ago and now I am gonna get that Phantasy Star Collection to complete the set. I never played Phantasy Star Online before but I am considering it. So, here's my question...what order would you recommend to play the games? Since one game might be better than the other, in your opinion as a game guru, what would be the best order to play in first? And, the negatives of playing PSO, alright?

Play them in order. Each game has massive spoilers of the last one, there's a decline in quality over those three, and PS1 has the best music to get stuck in your head first.

Negatives to PSO: It doesn't tie into the series in any fashion not causing huge continuity errors, it's just like playing Diablo 2 but without all the fun with skill points and the robust variety of items.

Enviable character creation system though.

Second, what would be a good pure RPG to play? When I mean pure, I mean turn-based action, an epic storyline, and beneficial storylines? If you can't think of any, then could you choose between dot hack and Skies Of Arcadia?

I am sorely tempted to say Skies of Arcadia is the best RPG ever. It also fits your criteria nicely I think.

If you catch this, then explain to me the deal with Dark Force between PS4 and PSO. I couldn't figure what you said about it...
Thank you for your time.

Huge Dreamer

Short version: The storylines of PS3 and 4 prevent PSO from fitting into the series.


Just a quick question, have you played Dual Hearts and in your opinion is it any good and worth picking it up?

I haven't played it. It's not an RPG. I'm told it sucks. That cover it?

I figured I'd point out that the quote is from PS1 from the governor on Motavia.


Ooh! So close!

...reference to Trigun eh? Not bad Google...although, I had best get a tilde out of this, or I'm coming after you my custom made Wolfwood's Cross...(care of Otakon 2002)

The Psychopathic Paladin,
Chaze Xavier

Those aren't the tilde-bearing quotes. Side note though, my only picture from ACen '00 was of a Wolfwood whose cross was so big he needed special assistance getting through doors. Plus he managed to keep an all-ash cigarette in his mouth constantly.

Everyone is so interested in your gender because they need to know what kind of horribly disturbing fan-fiction they should be writing about you.


Let's hope they never find out then.

The Last Laugh:

The only thing that will EVER get me up at 6 AM is realizing I forgot to upload the Thursday column.

Googleshng "zzz"


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