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Googleshng - December 11 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yesterday's column title was inspired by me listening to the Escaflowne soundtrack. Today's is because I was finally exposed to Moulin Rouge. No, it isn't like taking the one random clip you've seen and spreading it over 90 minutes. It's like taking that clip and spreading it over a full two hours.

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Greetings Google, king of slime(I mean that in a good way)

I was wondering if you could recommend me a good old RPG for the PSX, no really good RPG's seem to be coming out for the PS2 lately. I'll include a list of the PSX RPG's I have, but you can delete them before you put this up on the Q&A. They are:

FFVII FFVIII FFIX FFTactics FFAnthology Chrono Cross SO2 Legend of Legaia Suikoden I & II and BOF3.

Wild ARMs is nice if you like Lufia 2. Koudelka is good if you want something... different. If you like TRPGs, there's Vandal Hearts, Kartia, Vanguard Bandits, Front Mission 3, and Arc the Lad Collection. Oh yeah, and people would probably rip my lungs out if didn't recommend the Lunars in the Traditional category.

Well, I guess I should ask another question, so...What's your favorite book?(kind of off topic, but nobody seems to talk about books anymore)

Hard to narrow that down to less than a series. Wait, The Chronicles of Amber are now available in a single binding, so I guess I'd have to go with that.

Lastly, I think I know your gender. I was reading a rant of yours, the one about infomercials, and I got to the part about the breast inhancing product, and you said quote, "my breasts are big enough". So, are you a woman? Do I get some kind of prize? Like, A MILLION dollars? Or do I just get a telling off and a kick in the pants?

'Da man

I'm pretty sure if I had a million dollars I'd have spent it by now. So I guess the kick would be more likely.

A Port is not a Remake.

All Hail the Lord of the Slimes

First off, what do(did) you think of the Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past remake? I'm on the third dungeon and I think it's keen (yes, keen, it's a special word for a special game). What I also wonder is, are there going to be any plans to include the 4 swords game in any other carts. It just seems like like they are going to do it that way, a la all the Advance Mario games coming with the two player version of Mario Bros. I hope I'm being clear.

Oh, by the way. Today (Wednsday), is my birthday. So can I have all the tildes you must have been hoarding over the weeks? (I haven't seen any being doled out...)

"What are YOU doing in Canada, man?"

I personally haven't played the GBA port of Link to the Past, seeing how not only do I already own it for the SNES, but there isn't much point in having a 4 player extra game when you don't have 3 friends to play it with. Oh, and tildes are reserved exclusively for quote guessing types.

Charsi can shield you if you have a lot of cash! If you run out of- ahem.

Hey Goog,

I'm playing through Diablo 2 right now and find myself pretty addicted... but there's one thing that I just can't figure out: how can I get Charsi to 'imbue' one of my weapons? I tried to get her to imbue Wirt's leg, but it didn't work so I ended up gemming it instead and now it sucks... hahaha, meanwhile, my brother was able to get something called 'Wirt's Leg - Havoc Breaker' or something along those lines, but I'm away at school and can't exactly ask him how he did it... Anyway, thanks a lot if you can help me out here.


Why the smurf do you WANT to imbue Wirt's Leg? As a general rule of thumb, it's a bad idea to blow the imbue on a weapon of any kind, particularly a low damage club. What you want to do is take a totally normal item, I'd recommend boots or a belt, maybe gloves, and get that imbued. Anything special to begin with will lose the old qualities in favor of new ones.

Hey, a PSC question!

Heh, I meant to ask you a PSC question yesterday, but I forgot.

As much as I am ashamed to admit it, there is a giant hole in my RPG scope of knowledge. I've never played a Phantasy Star game, and I know very little about the series. I did some research, and the series looks very appealing, but before I get PSC and broaden my horizons, I have two questions. Are the dungeons just room after room after room (like in Breath of Fire), or are they full of puzzles and traps and other such excitement (like in the Zelda games)? Or, are they somewhere in between, like the newer Final Fantasies? And, how bad are the random battles? These are the only questions that will determine whether or not I plunk down 30 bucks to impress my friends slightly more with my encyclopedic knowledge of RPGs. And by that I mean, an encyclopedia where a dog chewed out several pages...

And, just for the heck of it, reread the previous paragraph, but replace every mention of PSC with Lunar Legend. Thanks in advance!

BL Alien
F0R GR34T JUST1C3!!!

Ahem. "No." Dungeons in the original Phantasy Star are honest to goodness mazes of the variety in which I recommend getting a pad of graph paper to make maps. There aren't really any puzzles per se, but there's a good number of things to figure out. 2's and 3's are kinda blah.

As for random battles being "bad" as you put it, I suppose that depends what you mean by that. If you're worried about them being too frequent, not to my recollection no. If you mean the monsters you have to fight are too smurfed up to look at, that's only a problem with PS3.

Oh, and you can probably get an older and in many ways better version of Lunar for less than the price of Lunar Legend today, so I wouldn't bother with it.

Hey, another one!

Bigtime spoilers of the whole Phantasy Star series
*psuedo-Rena voice* Hey Google~

Since I know you're so fond of Phantasy Star and the utter lack of PS related questions might drive you crazy have MULTI-PARTER SIGN! *lights and sirens go off*

Oh, beware of the spoilers (make with the snip snip if you must).

1. Just what kind of graphical upgrades are Phantasy Star I, II and IV going to get when they hit the PS2? I'm not expecting anything like what Capcom did with Resident Evil on the Gamecube but then again, who wouldn't want to see Kyra like that?

Well, I don't have much to go by except a few blurry photographs of screens of PS1, but based on those I wouldn't say "improvements" myself. The battles look more like Lufia 2 than anything current, and quite frankly I always thought PS1 had some of the best looking monsters from any 8 or 16 bit game ever. Outside fights, it looks like pretty standard 2D 32-bit fair. Quite frankly I'm surprised they don't just release this for the PSX, it could handle it just fine.

And... if you have a thing for girls who look like they haven't slept in days, you're just kinda odd.

2. As much you hate PSO, I've come to a conclusion that if it were part of the Phantasy Star timeline, it'd have to take place after Phantasy Star II or IV. Phantasy Star II is less likely since Nei know, dies before the end of the game while Phantasy Star IV is more likely since Chaz must have eventually gotten some fine Nu/Newman loving after the Profound Darkness died.

OK, here's the thing with PSO. The plot is taken DIRECTLY from PS3, but there a flaws in that A- like you said, there shouldn't be any Numans in there, and B- there was only the one DF to sneak onto a ship, so you can't have BOTH games.

I still say if they really wanted to wedge a new game into the PS series, they should have set one in the years between PS1 and 2. I mean, you've got one planet growing into a cyberpunk dystopia, one being terraformed thus destroying the native ecology, and a planet full of huge sprawling ancient caves being strip mined. Plenty to work with there.

3. Is it just me or does Phantasy Star II move incredibly slow?

Hmm... yeah, I'll agree to that.

Hey, here's someone I haven't seen in a while!


I got Phantasy Star Collection, and it really is great playing the original PS again. Unlike most old games, this one truly is just as good as I remember it. But, at least for PS1, the port is kinda buggy... graphical glitches and otherwise. Have you played any of the Collection's PS2 or PS3 yet? Any problems with those? Any other comments regarding the Collection as a whole?

Andrew P. Bilyk

I personally didn't run out and grab PSC yet seeing how it's a collection of straight ports of games I already own, with NASTY box art too. I have been playing it vicariously through a few people though, and now that you mention it, I have heard about a number of bugs in PS1, specifically related to saving it. Between that and that Lord of the Rings game there seems to be a distressing lack of quality control in the handheld department these days with some companies.

I haven't heard any complaints about 2 or 3 thus far, but come to think of it, I don't know anyone who's tried them yet. Now that you mention it though, I should make time to go through PS2 again myself. It's been too long really.

The Last Laugh:

Nor'easters. The natural enemy of the stable connection. Could be worse I suppose, at least the power isn't out here. In any case, this storm should let up in time to give you all a nice big fat column for tomorrow.

Googleshng "The principles of uh... truth, beauty, and uh... smurf it. RAABU ANDO PISU!"

I wonder how many seisures this movie caused in theaters...

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