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Googleshng - December 5 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Callow Cougar Canabalizes Cute Cuddly Cats 'Cuz Castro Cancelled Canadian Can Collector Celebration, Carnsarnit.

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Lot of non-RPG questions these days...

Hey! I got a quick question. Since I think you watch a lot of anime (I'm not sure about that though) I figured I'd ask you. Do you know of any good anime's that have a story revolving around car racing? It's kinda hard to look for one since they dont really have that gendre. Well thanks for any help you can give me.

Oddly enough, I do know of such a thing. Initial D.

Groovy Bonus

'ey Goog.

So, what do you think of the Zelda pre-order bonus thing? Personally, its defintley going to make me pre-order it when I had no intention of doing so before. Partly because the Ura zelda thing intrigues me, and because my n64 is long gone and I enjoyed z64 quite albit.


Well, I wasn't planning to pre-order Zelda, not having the money too and all, but yeah, I'll have to knock over a liquor store or something now. Not rob it mind you, just shove it over and look for money underneath. Like with a couch.

The pain!

Dear All-Knowing Lord of the Q&A,

I have a few questions.

1. Am I the only person in the world who likes Secret of Evermore? Most people I know of completely hate it, but I thought it was great. Since it was made in America, all of the puns and jokes your average joe could understand, because there aren't any obscure references to some Japanese thing that nobody in America knew what the heck they're talking about, and since it didn't have to be translated, things made even more sense, ESPECIALLY since those were the days of Ted Woolsey, and there weren't any goofy mistranslations. Also, I thought the battle system, while not as good as Secret of Mana's by a longshot, was still pretty all right, and I liked the alchemy system. It was pretty unique, as far as I know (which I'll admit isn't THAT far), and since you could only have 10 spells at a time you need to plan carefully, and conserve your ingredients, especially the ones you can't buy very readily. Also, I thought the music was really great, especially in Gothica. I just think it was a great game. Not as good as some by a longshot, especially Secret of Mana, but still a great game.

2. Did you ever sign your papers at school in an unusual way? I sign mine Erin Moeggenborg, Queen of the Tree People, High Goddess of the Plushies, like below. It takes longer, but it's more fun that way.

Well, thanks for taking the time to answer this. I know it's kind of drawn out, but... bleh. Just deal with it.

Erin Moeggenborg, Queen of the Tree People, High Goddess of the Plushies

Very few people can stomach Evermore, and in school I always just scrawled my usual illegible little name on everything.

Well it is Thursday...

Greetings magnificent dolt,

My first and most important question is this: Every so often a new series emerges which is excellent, or if it doesn't emerge it is refined to the point of near perfection (ie. Zelda, FF, Chrono, etc.). I am not speaking of simply great games, or games which no one but column hosts have played or heard of. I'm speaking of games of epic proportions which start arguments about it's greatness, but which everyone seems to end up owning. Now...looking back in time at the dates cooresponding to the emergence of any game which could be defined as epic it is statistically possible to show the average number of years before another epic game will come forth. So, because I don't feel like looking back through rpgamer's archives tell us when the next epic series will be spawned give or take a few months/years.

My second question is this: Whatever happened to Thor. You know, the man whom you stole the invisible text at the bottom of the page gag from. I think he should guest host. We miss him. Ahh, the nostalgia.

Lots of things happened to Thor, and he guest hosts every couple months really. Don't know what you're talking about with "stealing invisible text" though.


When will FFX-2 be released in U.S., and will Tidus be inthere at all.

A- After the Japanese release. B- Read our news stories.

I want to make one short comment. Everyone seems to be worried about the Square-Enix thing. Has it ever occured to anyone who was behind Chrono Trigger?

Yes, lots of people. Most people reading this column in fact. The message boards on the other hand...

The Last Laugh:

Now time for sleep.

Googleshng "Zzz"

Ooo Mmm Bbb Iii Eee

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