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Googleshng - November 5 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

While I successfully resisted the urge to play GC games instead of do this column now that I have some, I've been a bit under the weather all weekend and it caught up to me with a mini-coma. Oh well, such things can't be helped. Now that I'm awake though, let's get things going!

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Which one?


It's always so refreshing when you return to Q&A. The other hosts just can't compare...

I know that you hate recommending games to buy, but I have a small problem. I'm getting FF10 and Xenosaga, but I want a game to tide me over between the two. I'm thinking of either Lunar: SSSC or Star Ocean 2. Lunar is going for about $40.00 on EBay (I seem to remember that another version might come out for $30.00 soon). Star Ocean is going for around $30.00. Assuming that A) I can only buy one, and B) these prices remain the same, which game should I buy?

I'm putting my complete trust in your decision. I can only pray it's a good one.



Well, I bought both those games on the same day, and about 2 days later, I put SO2 on the shelf never to touch it again, so I'd have to recomend Lunar.

Oh, and by the way, it always bugs me a bit when people say things like "You're much better than any other Q&A host!" Compliments are always nice, but that variety doubles as an insult to whoever's doing weekends at the time, which has always been someone I like... and hired for that matter. You know?

Cash prizes

Greetings (carolers sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I wonder if you think like I do that in FFT the best way to master the calculator class is to have their secondary ability sing/dance? Also do you know if the Arc Collection has been delayed until next year? I wonder since I reserved it now but I'll be leaving for Ft. Myers, Florida next month for school at FGCU. Also the background is neat but what's odd is seeing it while I am dealing with my room being hot with the windows open and the fan on. Also putting lights outside in my shorts since it was 75 degrees yesterday. I wasn't expecting this until I moves and especilly not the warm weather on a consistant basis. I wonder since you got no job, how do you get this money to buy games?
Imperial Mog

That is the best way of mastering calculators, or for that matter, any other class. When I got bored and mastered every class with every character, I could be seen moving my entire party around the field singing, dancing, and being chased by muted confused poisoned charmed frogs... when they weren't asleep.

As for where I got my Cube money, well, for a short period of time a couple months ago, I was working my [insert body parts of your choice] off for a meager wage. THAT money I've had a death grip on until the Cube came out, and it has now been spent.


Dear Goog,

Yesterday, the deals to be had at Circuit City were mentioned. Well, Monday, I picked up Sega Smashpack Vol. 1 and Unreal Tournament for my DC for $9.99 and $19.99 respectively. Very nice.

Since the Smashpack has both Shining Force and Phantasy Star II, which do you recommend I start with? Which is better? And, does Sega plan to make any more of these, that you know of?


Well, PS2 is a bit more enjoyable if you've played the original, so I'd go through SF while hunting it down. Oh, and Anri is most definitely worth building up to the point where she can take a hit and live by the way.

Now, as for whether Sega will make any more Smash Packs, well, they might, but most Genesis classics are series, so I would assume any future projects would be more along the lines of Super Mario Allstars style compilations, and not the grab bags released for the DC.


Hey Google,
Any thoughts on Pikmin? Is it worth getting? Did you also try Smash Brothers? As you can tell I need something else to play on my GameCube besides Star Wars.

The Great Cornholio

Pikmin is DEFINITELY worth getting if you like that sort of thing, and SSBM is a major improvement over the original. Now off I go to play them.

The Last Laugh:

There. Now, since poor health, connectivity, and other concerns seem to be dying down, I'll see you again in about... 10 hours. Ta!

Googleshng "Ventura ventura, spaisu piiporu!"
Why quote THAT? Why not?

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