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Googleshng - December 4 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The title of today's column courtesy of a screaming baby.

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Square's Choices

Do you think FFX2 and FFVII2 have anything to do with the Square/Enix merge?
Meaning do you think Enix had any influence on this?

No, but both were brought about by Square's bank balance dipping rather low of late.

THIS I can answer!

Hey Sailor, Recently I began playing Dragon Warrior 7, and realized that that game requires extensive racking up of experience. I find myself becoming bored, which used to not be a problem. When I was a young, strapping gamer, I could spend hours upon hours leveling up just so Palom could cast Meteo (without dying. Take that, Tellah!)

My question is, how can I reclaim that ability to level up for hours on end without having to gouge my own eyes out with my cramped X-mashing thumb?

Moogle "Am I getting too old for this moniker?" Child

Ah yes, the eternal question. The answer my friend is simple. Don't buy any new RPGs for the next two years. Most likely, you will gain the desire to max out all your levels in the ones you have now.

Dark Forces

Is it true that Funcoland was truly a source of prime evil back in its hayday? What is your take on that entire situation? What do you think of the store now that it has mutated into GameStop? If was evil back then, is it still now? Do you like to shop at these places? I now work at GameStop and I'd like to know if I'm helping to spread evil around the world.

Well, Funcoland is evil in that they charge like $200 for a game you can get at your local WalMart for like $15, and the disc may be scratched. If yours still does this, evil it be.

The Last Laugh:

Excuse me while I sacrifice this here uh.. spider to the gods of good connections.

Googleshng "Zombada"

Zombo, The Funky Shamble

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