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Googleshng - November 4 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The somewhat local showing of Vampire Hunter D 2 was Delayed until Friday. Doh. In other news, the company that provides my net access croaked, meaning said access MIGHT go poof any second. So far so good though.

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Arc and stuff

Hey Goog!
I was wondering if you've heard anything about Legaia: Duel Saga. I thought the first one was freaking cool back in its day. I decided to borrow it from a friend to see if it was as cool as I remembered it being. ...Funny how games can look awesome a few years ago and look like chunky crud now. I still love the game, though. I really hope the sequal comes over our way.
Another thing I was curious about is why Soul Reaver 2 wasn't covered. I notice you guys... wait a minute. I was going to say I noticed you guys covered the first two in the series, but it looks like those links are gone from the Games page now. Well then nevermind.
Oh, I've got a question about Arc The Lad Collection. I hear its supposed to be packaged with some goodies. If I don't get it for Christmas and end up buying it at a store am I still going to get the goodies? Or are those just for pre-ordering?


The only one of the many goodies Arc comes with that you need to pre-order for is the watch. As for Legaia, well, these days you really should assume something will come to the US unless you hear otherwise.

Writin' dem plots.

hello, I've got a question pertaining to a future in videogames. I enjoy writing very much, and I write a lot. I play many different games, mostly rpgs of course, and I tend to analyze the plots and stories of the games. After playing countless games I have developed a sense of what a good plot can be. So, for a future career, I would like to write plots and story lines for videogames. I'm working on one right now and it is coming out well. Anyways, my questions are as follows:

1) what classes would I have to take in college in order to even land a job at a company as a script writer?

Well, you'd need the same load of classes as you would for any other sort of writing career, but writing scripts for games is decidedly not an entry level position. You'd have to work your way up from a nasty entry level position like assistant programmer or tester.

2)is there any money in the job?

Yes. Quite a bit usually.

3)is Fullsail college in florida a good school?

If you could answer these questions that would be great. If you can't, then could you possibly direct me somewhere where I could find some answers? Thanx for your time.

You'd be better off asking someone who's heard of it.

Pity the game with low self-esteem

I just pick up Sunsoft's Eternal Eyes at Circuit City for... $4.99!!! And that is after being cut from $7.39. I got through the first chapter and I can said this is a really tone down version of FFTactics. Any one with a low budget should check it out.

I have to wonder when a NEW game costs under 10 bucks. I can't pass up a deal like that though... well, I couldn't if I had $10.


Hi Google, I just have a couple of questions and comments.

1. When looking back at your favorite Playstation (PS1) RPGs, which one do you think was the best one on this system? For my own part, I'd have to go with Final Fantasy 7 because of how it changed RPG's we now know today, how it is such an epic game and how it influenced gamers to get a Playstation to get this game. Another game on top of my list would also be Star Ocean 2, because it is such a huge game. What do you think?

Not counting TRPGs, I'd have to say Xenogears today. Might say something else if you asked tomorrow. I'm odd that way.

2. I decided to buy Xenogears because so many people have enjoyed this RPG, but so far through the first parts of the game, it seems kind of slow. Is it worth playing? Or should I wait for Final Fantasy X?

See above.

3. One more question, I bought Grand Theft 3 for PS2 (having never played the previous GTA games on PS1), and it is an awesome game. Although, while I've been playing this game, it brought to my attention a very good this game an RPG in disguise? Think about it! You gain money every time you complete a mission (which can be substituted like HP points in a regular RPG), you gain cars, meet friends, go with certain mob bosses/gangs.....I mean, there can be similarities made from this game to a regular RPG! I've played Shenmue before and in a way, it reminds me of Grand Theft Auto 3! And Shenmue is heralded as an RPG! Am I completely wrong? What do you think?

Pretty much any game can be argued to be an RPG, but GTA3 is most decidedly not. For the record, Shenmue isn't either, it's just close enough to fall under our coverage.

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... between my cable modem going sporatic, and a couple other things, today's column ran a bit late. Sorry. Now off I go to get Pikmin!

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