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Googleshng - December 2 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

When I woke up yesterday, it was with the confidence that I had played every 16-bit game worth playing. Then someone pointed out to me that there was a Flashback type game for the SNES called Blackthorne I had for some reason never heard of. By Blizzard no less! So uh, rar, must find.

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Hey Goog, here's a quick one for you: What's the deal with Suikoden 2? All this talk about Suikoden 3 lately made me want to go back and pick it up, but much to my surprise, it retails on the internet for over a hundred dollars! I'm assuming the game is out of print? That seems pretty strange given the general popularity of the series among RPG players. Is there any way I can get a copy for a reasonable price, or did I miss the boat? Thanks!


Let me get this straight. You're surprised that you can't find a three year old game on store shelves? The typical shelf life of a game is more like three MONTHS. Less when it's more popular than publishers anticipated. In any case though, while eBay is a great place to find a lot of things, games are not one of them. Poke around local used game stores and you should be able to find one for $20 or less. Failing that, dig around Amazon and EB's pages and you can probably find it for surprisingly little.

Some of this is RPG related.

Hey Goog.

If it is not one thing, it is another. Disney and Square in ONE game? A direct Final Fantasy Sequel? AMerger of Square and Enix? There is always something getting people's knickers in a knot. Which only makes me think, whats next? There will have to be something though, people always need something to argue over. I loved KH, and any who have complained about it really have not PLAYED it. I know that I am no doubt going to buy FFX-2, and as long as the merger does not ruin any future prospect of great game production, I say kudos to Square and Enix!

There does seem to be an awful lot of talk about that merger from people who will most likely feel absolutely no effects from it whatsoever, yeah.

But on to some questions...

1. I HAVE to ask, how in gods name did you predict the story of Metroid Fusion so long ago? Did I misread this? or were you kidding or what? And you do not like it? Other then the fact that you are told to go here, there, and do this and that, i rather liked it.

Yes, I did indeed write down pretty much the entire plot of Metroid Fusion 12 years ago. I personally thought it was a lousy idea at the time, most of the world agreed when Alien 4 came out, but nobody seems to have a problem with it in Fusion. Anyway, the whole lack of freedom thing is pretty much the only problem I have (except the last fight in the game), but that's an awfully big problem.

2.When did the Gender mystery begin with you exactly? and why keep it a mystery, other then the sheer fun of making people questioning it all the time.

Well, it started when one day all the letters I got had intros like "Hello Lord Google! He Who Commandith the Slimes!" or "Good evening Fair Mistress Google!" I didn't correct anyone, so people started forming weird crackpot theories. I never really forcefully stomped it out because weird crackpot theories are amusing, but I put my name on plenty of things for what it's worth.

3. What is on your christmas wish list for games this season? I am not sure of many RPG's that I do not already have. Suikoden 3 is the only one that comes to mind, but I seem to own most of the other newer ones.

I don't believe I have any games I'm looking for this Christmas. In all honesty, there were only like three or four RPGs worth having released this year, and I have three of those. Then there were a lot of non-RPGs released this month, like Metroid and Metroid (I'd recommend Prime strongly), but by an amazing fluke I have them too. I suppose I'll just recommend Phantasy Star Collection for you. Sure, it's a pretty darn unflattering port, but it's a port of 3 classic RPGs you probably never played.

4. I have seen you mention resident evil a few times, do you enjoy the series? I love it, and Zero is quite fun.

Yes, I love the Resident Evil series, although 0 suffers from a distinct lack of fear enducement. Huge lag before the only traditional window burst so you see it coming, and heck, even the camera placement is off. The gameplay changes are great though.

Thats it I guess, not really alot of RPG questions but oh well. Oh, and directed towards a letter in Andrews column about the special discs coming with the new Zelda game...I was talking to a guy at my local EB and he said that EB MAY be getting these discs as a special promotion, but only for those that preorder. True or not, I put my preorder down ;)


I would assume if EB was offering such a deal, they'd be publicizing the fact. In any case, I WANT.

I can't resist...

Hey Google,
That guy yesterday who was bitching about bad gramar and spelling made a spelling mistake in his little quote. I hope he's reading this so he knows how stupid he was to say something like that and then spell something wrong. What a moron eh? Well now for my question.
I heard about a Dungeons and Dragons coming out for GC do you happen to know the release date on that? I can't find it anywhere on the site and I'm not even sure if its and RPG. All I know about the game is that it is four players and their are a few classes to choose from, so it sounds like an RPG. Would just like to get you input on that. Thanks alot.

I believe you're thinking of Baldur's Gate there. I'd guess you would be able to expect the same sort of experience as the PS2 version, but with better graphics. Unfortunately, I hear it kinda sucked.

Oh, and by the way, it's "grammar," hope you're reading this.

The Last Laugh:

I was just looking at screens from the GC version of RE2. They look just like the original, but characters are you know, smooth and such. I think reRE has me too spoiled.

Googleshng "Seriously, why didn't I every hear about Blackthorne?"

Before just now I mean.

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