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Googleshng - November 30 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

All night people have been asking me, do I feel any better? The answer is decidedly no. See before it felt like I had an entire crayon wedged down my ear canal, and now it feels like I have an entire crayon wedged down my ear canal with a Pop Rocks chaser. You can't just get used to that sort of thing either. However, it's not getting me down because I have Golden Sun. The enjoyment and annoyance levels are just about perfectly balanced. Such is my odd luck curse.

Cyrael: Well kiddies, I'm still here. Boy am I dissapointed in you. I ask for a game that is nearly impossible to find and all the offers come to a screaching halt. Oh well. It is what I expected. So, come on? Show a little love?

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3 questions, 4 answers.

Hello again, Googleshng, and for the first time for you, Cyrael

Firstly, my condolences on your ear troubles, Goog. It sounds like an ear infection to me; I had one a year and a half ago, and I nearly went mad from agony. Use Tylenol heavily; it will mute the pain enough to think. See a doctor, though. If it is an ear infection, they can give you some antibiotics to deal with it permanently.

Nope. I've had more than enough ear infections to recognize one, and I already saw a doctor, which is why yesterday's column went poof, and why I now have carbonated earwax. You'll notice today's is longer than usual to make up for it.

DW7 pseudo-mini-spoiler
Nowthen onto an RPG question. Where do I find the Broken Tablet in Dragon Warrior 7? I've searched myself ragged trying to find the thing, and no FAQ I can find says anything useful.

I'm told you have to sneak out into Estard DURING the playable ending. I haven't checked myself though.

And I suppose I should ask something that both of you can answer.
How about this: Who is the most unique villain in an RPG?

Thank you

Sincerely, Uncle Pervy

The most unique villan in an RPG eh? Well I would have to say Lynx in Chrono Cross. I didn't realize who or what he was until it was revealed.

Ooh. That's a toughy. I can name plenty that were really unique for their time, but they've all since become clichés. Therefore, I'll have to go with The Egg from SaGa Frontier 2. You don't see a lot of possessing entities as major villains. I'm giving 2nd place to The Profound Darkness for managing be so secretive as to not get mentioned for 3 and a half games and NOT come off as a deus ex machina.

Blowing things out of proportion

Sorry to hear that your going to the hospital. Get better, and hopefully the disconfort won't happen again. Yep, when people that I don't know say they have to go to the hospital, or their sick, I gotta say this because I um....I don't know. I feel better when I say it. You might think I'm weird, but that's ok. Anyways, like said, feel better.

Yeah! Get well soon!

Funny where people's minds go when you don't give enough information. There's a world of difference between a hospital stay and a trip to the doctor's. There's also a big difference between life threatening illness and a supreme annoyance. It's the latter on both counts, and I should be fine by Tuesday. This weekend'll suck though.


Hey g,

First off, the new quote is from Breath of Fire III. First game I played on the PS; I loved it. Second off, I was wondering what you think of what you've seen of BG: Dark Alliance. Have you played the BG games on PC? They are awesome, and I personally am pretty skeptical about the new directions BG:DA is taking in terms of gameplay.

Third off, besides FFVI, what other games make up your "5 Best RPGs" list? (I would guess SoA and the original PS are there...)

As always, thanks for your time.

-jaraph "FFVI, FFT, Super Mario World, Mario 64, LoZ: A Link to the Past - 5 best games EVER"

I haven't seen a whole lot on the PS2 Baldurs gate, but since I didn't really enjoy any of the BG style games aside from Planescape, I don't really mind the direction it has taken.
My top 5 game list? Well... I am gonna lump some series into a single game, so here we go: Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Harvest Moon, Phantasy Star and Lunar.

I generally avoid anything AD&D related, on the grounds that AD&D has the worst basic rules of any paper RPG I recall playing (yeah yeah, 3rd fixes stuff). As for my 5 favorite RPGs, well, they're in my bio, so let me just copy and paste. Not neccessarily in this order: Skies of Arcadia, Xenogears, Phantasy Star, FF6, FFT. Hmm... that list looks wrong. I'll have to tweak it some time.

Yo! Kanno!

Ms. Kanno used to work for Koei (back when the release only hardcore strategy titles), as such she did a great deal of music for them in the early 90s. Most of it was for games such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Nobunaga's Ambition.


Nifty. Since I haven't played those games in question I have nothing more to say. Oh wait... Zippy would fit pretty well too...

I got a slew of replies to this, most of which contradict each other. Someone who specifically asked me not to print their letter threw in... Uncharted Waters and Napple Tale. Someone else mentioned FF4, which doesn't quite strike me as correct.

One very confused person.


I was wondering something about Final Fantasy XI. Do you HAVE to play it on the computer? Like, what I mean is, can you play the game by yourself without the whole online based thing? That whole thing sounds cool or whatever, but I think games are best played by you and you yourself and if its online then that probably means that other people have control over your characters also. And another thing I want to know is... do you fight against other online players too? Cuz if that's the case then what happens when someone else gets like level 99 when you're still on lever 15 or something like that. Anyway can you clear any misunderstandings I have with this game?


Final Fantasy XI is (as far as I know) an online only game similar to Everquest, Ultima Online, Asheron's Call, Dark Age of Camelot and Anarchy Online. A veteran of all but one of these games, I have really enjoyed the MMORPG scene since I was introduced to it back when UO first came out. In general I enjoy them because of the reputation you can sometimes earn, be it good or bad. I had a stealth archer party who robbed travellers along the major roads in Ultima Online, and whenever people would see my name, or my friends names they would turn tail and run! On the flipside though, my primary character on Everquest is known as a caretaker of younger players; I heal the 'newbies' and help them through their early stages of life. Player Versus Player (PvP) can be addressed in several different ways. For example, in Ultima Online it was open PvP, meaning that an ultimate character could slice and dice his way through newbies just to be mean. In other games though, like Everquest you can only PvP openly on certain servers, and you can generally only kill each other if you are within 5 levels of each other. There are many other ways to address it, but these are the only two that I have played extensively in. I hope that cleared a few things up...

Short form!
Do you have to play it on the computer? Well, not if you have the PS2 (or whatever) version. You DO however have to go online to play it, and for the record, there's a monthly fee to do so.
Can players kill each other? Maybe. Hasn't been announced either way.
Can other people control your characters? Nope. You just have the one character, which just pops out of existence when you aren't there.

If those answers don't suit you, allow me to recommend PSO. It's possible to play offline, for free. Heck, you can even play multiplayer split-screen with the GC version, and players can't kill each other.

Intensity Power? Internal Pain? Infernal Platypus?

What do the "I" and "P" stand for in that "IP" meter for skills and such? I'd imagine the "P" stands for points but I have no clue what the "I" is.

Oh, and to answer someone else's question, I think Yoko Kanno did the music for Nobunga's Ambition. I'm not a reliable source, though.

~Judy Jude

I always thought it stood for Initiative Points... But I could be wrong.

I always want to say Inner Strength Points for some reason, but looking it up in the instructions, I find it's actually Infuriating Points. That's... odd.

Y the X-buttons?

Hey, how do they plan on doing a lot of remakes of SNES games when it is lacking some buttons? It's sad. I won't be able to see Super Metriod, or other great games. What do you think they will do? Just not release any of them?

Thanks for your time,

I have NO clue how this is supposed to work... Alas, I suppose we will all see, won't we?

I thought about this quite a bit, and I can't name a single SNES RPG that really NEEDS every button. The only games that use X Y L R Start AND Select use at least a couple of those just as luxury buttons. In the case of Super Metroid, you could honestly do everything using an NES controller. A and B to run and shoot naturally, start for the menu, select to cycle weapons, double tap for weapons. The only thing left out there is standing still and shooting at an angle, which you could work by making you have to tap and hold up for either that or the straight up aim. On the GBA of course you have L and R, so you could use them for angle changes, and be just fine.

You know, Old Issues are there to ENCOURAGE questions, not discourage...

I need your opinion on an old issue!!! I know that DW7 is an old issue to you now, but arrgghh!!! I wish I'd never visited the Dharma Temple to change classes, all I do is stand outside casting Whistle to start fights so I can master all of the classes... I've stopped progressing in the game, it's so addictive! Did you have the same problem? There should be a 12 steps program or help groups...

My name is Walo!
"From the great state of South Carolina: where the men are men, the women are men, and the sheep are nervous."

Heh, it is pretty addictive, isn't it?

Fear not! Enix accounted for psychos like us. After you gain enough levels, the fights around Dharma will no longer count towards class levels, so you'll be forced to move on.

Humor is good.

thats right, I know who you are, it all started with all the ninja talk, don't deny it. see, it sent a message in my head, a message never to be remembered, but never to be forgotten. When I popped MGS2 in the PS2, and saw YOU talk to ME, I knew you were actually the ninja, and I have proof, see this picture and admit it( who else could it be but you?)!!!


That COULD be Goog, but I have serious doubts...

It's not often that I laugh after clicking a link. Congratulations.

A little off topic, but what the heck?

Well, I got's a question or 2 up my sleeve, but nothin major.

1) Did you like Power Stone for Dreamcast? I'm thinkin of buyin it sometime within the near future. I played it in the arcade and at my pal Brian's house, but I'm not sure if I should spend my hard-earned (yeah, right!) $$$ on it.

I haven't played Power Stone, but I hear it is fun! So I'll let Google field this one!

Buying Powerstone is a waste of money for the same reason buying any Capcom game with a sequel is a waste of money. The sequel improves upon it vastly. Both Powerstone games are Capcom's answer to Smash Bros., but in actual 3D... and you don't die from falling off cliffs... seriously speaking though, they ARE thematically similar, and have many a crazy weapon to liven things up. Powerstone 2 is out and out better than the original though since it has more characters/weapons/players at a time, and some really interesting arenas.

2) How odd do you find the graphics to be for the new Zelda goin to the Cube of the Game type? I find it pretty cool that Nintendo is tryin' to go back to it's roots, but at the same time, I'm still kinda freightened about how.....different....Link looks.

Well, that about does it. Cya round.

Master Margie
"You're about a -3 on the Manliness scale." -Kiros, FF8

I didn't like the new graphical stlye at first, but it kinda grew on me like a sort of fungus. Right now, I am pretty indifferent to it until I see more about it's plot and gameplay.

Like I said back when this issue was current, take a good look at any Zelda game other than the N64 ones, and they're honestly pretty cartoony. Especially Link to the Past, most people's favorite. Link's age has always flown all over the place, but he rarely looks more than, say, 10. What I WILL grant though is that those eyes look pretty creepy. In any case, I actually think it looks pretty cool. At the moment though, I'm not even in the mood to think about a new Zelda game. I'm still a tad burned out by the 3 Shiggy-less ones we had recently.


ff7 question:how do you beat bizzaro sephiroth??????????????????????

Cyrael: I just had my healer heal, my melee fighter attack and my magic user cast. It worked pretty well for me... I always seem to have problems on 'easy' bosses as opposed to the widely accepted 'difficult' ones.
Google: I cast Knights of the Round once. When you put in an ability that can do 259974 damage, you should really give the last boss at least a million HP. Of course, with the FF number scale, you really shouldn't put an ability like that in to begin with.

On the inside you're about as ugly as me.
And those damn little debbie snack cakes.

-illogic "I like blenders!"

Cyrael: I don't like blenders. Google: Did you just imply that cream filling is ugly?

'Believe me, it's not every day I stare at the chest of a 16 bit game sprite.'
Yeah, I agree, it has to be every other day at least

Cyrael: You are both wrong... It is usually the third monday of each month... Or not. Google: I don't tend to stare at anything on any sort of regular basis. Except text files at least.

First NES Zelda, although I got an idea I've lost this name the quote contest
- Galvatron

Cyrael: That may be a safe assumption. Google: Actually, you're the first one. Have a tilde! ~ That guy who said BoF3 later corrected himself with a "What the heck was I thinking?!?" sort of letter, so he can have one too. ~

The Last Laugh:

Cyrael: Well, this was much more fun than last week since I got a chance to answer a question about MMORPG'S, one of my passions. So barring any super generous people out there I will see you all next week.

Google: Again, if you would like the fun and comfy guest host chair, and a game you've been hunting for sent to you to boot, and you have a copy of one of the Sega-CD Lunars or a GameCube laying about you'd be willing to part with, drop me a line and you could be the.. what? 20th? 30th? person in this games-for-guest-spot chain.

Oh, and to belated answer the question many people who asked, I like Golden Sun so far. Really complex mechanics, spiffy graphics, and those wonderful pictoral menus Camelot's famous for.

Googleshng "I can't hear you! No, really, I can't. It sucks."
Oh, and the zoomed in combat too.

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