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Googleshng - November 29 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

People often use old sayings to justify their actions. The problem is, a lot of old sayings contradict each other. For example, "Don't take candy from strangers." and "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." There's a copy of Golden Sun in my GBA right now, and there were no strings attached with either one, so I think the horse wins. A toast to random generosity!

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Every joke I can make from DW7 is too terrible...


I have a swift question about DW7 for you. What is that empty chest in Estard for, the one beyond the locked gate? I've tried putting everything my characters have in it, but no results.

Sincerely, Uncle Pervy

It's for fixing the notoriously hard to get Broken Tablet.

The Last Laugh:

Column stopped short and delayed on account of medical emergency. Have I ever mentioned to you how whenever I get some good luck, it's accompanied by an equivalent amount of bad? Short version: I'm not dying or anything, just in EXTREME discomfort. Won't likely clear up any time soon, but tomorrow's column should go off without a hitch. Also, Cyrael will be here, so make sure to toss along plenty of letters.

Googleshng "I've got Golden Sun. That's good! But I can't hear out of one ear. That's bad."
Stick a crayon in your ear and chase it with some Pop Rocks if you wanna know how I feel. Just don't blame ME when you get rushed to the emergency room afterwards.

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