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Googleshng - November 28 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK, for some reason, da boss sez nobody works on Thanksgiving. The idea is to make sure nobody has to worry about working all day, but I found a loophole. If I get this column written before Midnight, it's good. 15 minutes left, let's go!

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La la la... going to ignore all comments on Enix and Square since I really don't fully understand it. Anyway, here's some other news I thought you guys might like to hear about!

1. Did you know there's going to be TWO, count them, uno... dos..., expansion packs for Neverwinter Nights?! TWO! They're both in development. Apparently new feats, skills and even, wait for it... waaaaaaaaait fooooooooor it... PRESTIGE CLASSES! WOOOOOOO! My favorite thing from PnP is coming to NWN. I just hope that there is some kind of prestige class creator type tool, otherwise this isn't really gonna do much. Hopefully a feat/spell/skill creator too.

Hmmmm... that's about it... wow, that's kinda sad. Um... oh well. Later!

Henry "Demosthenes" Westerman

It didn't already have Prestiege Classes? They're what makes 3e worth playing though! Glad to hear they added'em.


Ciao Googleshng,

I see there's still some bit of debate going on about Yuna and Rikku's new look, so I thought I'd throw in my two cent Euro coin (at one point when I was in Europe, I had about two dollars worth of those things.  Why, God, why?) . 

I have to say that I agree with you: martyrs don't wear scutty hotpants.  What they're doing totally invalidates a pre-established character's personality, and a mythos on top of that (*cough* Chrono Cross *cough*) .  I suppose one could make an argument that once Yuna was able to slough off the burdensome summoner persona that'd been weighing her down all those years, her true personality and assets (*grins*) came to the surface.  Who wouldn't be a little, um, subdued knowing that they had to die in order for the world to survive?   

Hmmm.  I think I've contradicted my own argument.  What was my point?  Oh, yeah!  Stay away from my beer!   

However, I do find it most interesting that Square dangled those tantalizing shots of her first, then released the info a couple of weeks later that it was merely an "outfit" for a "character/job class".  Suspicious?  Never!  Also, what job class other than prostitute demands that you wear a slutty outfit (Nurses, French maids, and lingere/bikini models don't count, cause they were fetishsized) ?


-Mixtzin, who killed the radio star, but not the porno star

P.S. Hehehe.  Nice Johnny Bravo quote.

It's impossible for me to quote that which I've never seen. Anyway though, given the guns, maybe it's chemist?

Hey, wouldn't it be funny if the other classes ARE Maid, Nurse, Stewartess, etc?

Not an RPG, but eh.

"Metroid is Metroid 1. Metroid 2 is Metroid 2. Super Metroid is Metroid 3 (turn it on and watch, it says so). Metroid Fusion is Metroid 4 (it says so too). Metroid Prime however is not billed as Metroid 5 however, and it takes place between the first two, so if you want to slap a number on it, it's Metroid 1.5. Throw in another game after Fusion and it'd therefore get to be Metroid 5. It's like how FFT doesn't count as FF8. "

Where does it say that Metroid Prime is between 1 and 2?  After reading the instruction book with the history of the Space Pirates and many Space Pirate records it seems to me that it takes place after Super Metroid (or Metroid 3 if you wish).  I just got the Infra Red vision so if there's more proof later, try not to ruin anything for me.

Yes there is more, and it's backed up with how you start with everything from the end of 1 but not the stuff new to 3.

4 minutes left...

    The other day, you mentioned that the Zelda games aren't technically RPGs, which reminded me of an old argument long in need of resolution:     What are the criteria needed to make a game an action RPG, as opposed to an action adventure like Zelda?
    I find it difficult to discern action RPGs from fantasy styled action adventures mainly because there are so many action RPGs blatantly patterned after Zelda (e.g. Crystalis, Ys, and Seiken Densetsu), yet there are so many other Zelda derivatives that are clearly not RPGs (like certain Mystical Ninja games or Startropics).  I've tried to draw the line by finding elements common to all RPGs, but the only thing that ALL RPGs seem to share is some form of the experience system.  However, certain games, namely the newer Gauntlet games, use an experience system, and I'll drop dead before I call Gauntlet an RPG.  I guess the same goes for the new Castlevania games--are they technically RPGs, even though they're basically action games with RPG elements slapped in?
      How do you determine whether a game is an RPG or not?  Or am I the only one who cares?
Macdowell, Thane of Brewster

Short answer: Action/RPGs have EXP.

The Last Laugh:

Woo! I made it!

Oh yeah, and don't forget that little contest Andrew has to get a sig pic everyone.

Googleshng "3"


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