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Googleshng - November 28 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

If a tree falls on a squid and nobody's around, how did the squid get under a tree in the first place?

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Greeting Googarious one,

Is it just me, or are weapons and armour in DW7 ridiculosly over priced? When the next weapon costs 750 G, I expect to get a bit more then 10 G from the monsters I'm fighting. Attempt to raise the difficulty level? Or maybe an evil attempt to artificially raise the playtime!? At least the Herbs are cheap...

Allan 'Super Florin-jin' Twigge

P.S. It's -30 degrees celsius here in the Yukon. Please continue to cause global warming.

Weapons and armor are expensive in DW7 because it's a Dragon Warrior game. They used to be a lot worse in that regard, like the original, where you pretty much have to kill 160 slimes at the very beginning of the game before it's save to take more than 2 or 3 steps away from town. There's a very simple thing you can do in DW7 to avoid having to slowly save up money though. Don't shop every chance you get! If you only buy new equipment when you actually NEED new equipment, you'll have more than enough money.


Hey Google,
How's it going? Is the epilogue in Lunar 2 worth going through? I've beaten pretty much every worthy RPG released in the last few years and have been taking a break from them. I want something to tide me over until Hoshigami and FFX next month, but Dragon Warrior never appealed to me. Lunar 2 was the most disappointing game I ever enjoyed, and it pales in comparison to SSSC. My disappointment was what kept me from doing the epilogue.

The Great Cornholio

Well, considering that the epilogue is where they stuck all the bromides, the real ending, and the out-takes, heck yes it's worth going through. It's pretty fun too.

Your daily multiparter

Hiya Goog, just a few quick questions that have no relation to each other whatsoever!

1. Am I the only one who think the Kingdom Hearts game looks fun?

I doubt it. I mean between rabid Square fans and rabid Disney fans, there's enough people to drool over ANYTHING that has franchise characters wedged in.

2. Is there any news on the Suikogaiden game? I've noticed the media for that kinda piddered out...

You mean the game that came out a few years ago, got a sequel, and isn't coming to the US? Nope. Nothing new going on with it.

3. If I ever finish FF7, do you think I should try 8 next, or should I go for 9 or 10, or should I finish 3/6 first?

Play FF6. It's the only game on the top 5 list of RPGs of everyone I know.

4. I know Yoko Kanno did music for a few games, but I've never heard which one exactly. Do you know any of the titles?

To my knowledge, such games don't exist... except presumably whatever obscure Japanese only games based on anime she did the music for are floating around out there.

And last but not least, a question that has always bothered me.....

5. Am I the only one who's noticed that Shiva went from male >FF3/6< to female >FF7,8,9,10<?

"Thoroughly confused"


Uh, Shiva is most decidedly female in FF6, along with every other FF game since they started having summons. Most people find it rather strange since in Hindu mythology Shiva is a GOD, who has nothing at all to do with ice. I still like the theory that it's really Shiver mistranslated. It's surprisingly plausible.

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... it looked like I had a whole lot more letters to print today, but most of these are just corrections about mistakes that weren't made, like pointing out that GameCube discs hold 1.5 gigs, and that there are more RPGs on it than the PSX. It's times like this I wonder if somehow I get letters from a parallel dimension with a version of me that's stark raving mad. I'm not ruling it out either. I've seen mail servers do weirder stuff.

Googleshng "Four score and... seven minutes ago..."
Believe me, it's not every day I stare at the chest of a 16 bit game sprite.

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