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Googleshng - November 27 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

"Hey Google, I'm getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving. Mind finishing this up for me?" Sure! "I'm heading out too, can you get this too?" No problem! "Oh me too!" OK. "And me!" I suppose so.

I get myself into stuff like this way too often. Anyway, on with the show...

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Imperial Mog has psychic powers it seems.

Greetings (Hyatt sings) Googleshng (dies)
Am I the only one who isn't too surprised of the Enix/Square merger? I have seen it coming with the Namco/Square/Enix deal eventually being a prelude to a merger. It also is likely to not be the last gaming merger and deals since it has been noted that consolidation will continue in the industry. What's scary is that this now could recreate the dream team for the next Chrono game with the combined talent.
Imperial Mog

11/28/02: Imperial Mog shares insightful commentary which helps clear up a confusing situation.

Anyway though, yeah. There has been a lot of consolidation in the field of console RPGs lately, and I could see that continuing in the future to a certain degree. I doubt we'll see much more eye popping than that one though.

As it turns out, that Mosquito game I mentioned earlier...

Was published in the US by Eidos under the Fresh Games label, not SCEA. Other SCEA RPGs for PS2: Dark Cloud, Dark Cloud 2, Okage, and.... I forget the other one.

Oh yeah, Okage. I forgot all about that game. I need to look into whether it was actually a good game in addition to having the whole Nightmare Before Christmas look to it and possibly hunt it down in a bargain bin some time. Still though, nothing on that list is going to show up on the GC last I checked, so I have no clue where that guy was coming from.

Of course I'd RATHER just wear power armor with a big black cape and a D hat...

I'm the guy complaining about the people who complained about Yuna and Rikku's new image and this is a follow up.

Ok you have a point with the Lara Croft ripoff and the whole, 'established image' bit. I think change is a good thing. For example, during the summer, I keep my face cleanly shaven and tend to wear light, colorful clothing. Since I moved to this place during the summer, people only know me as the bright, colorful, clean guy. I have an 'established image' though it's only to help keep cooler. Then, all of a sudden, winter comes. And I stop shaving to help keep my face warm. I wear darker, heavier clothing (also, to keep warmer... duh) and now my image is a tall, dark, ruggedly handsome guy. (At least I can wish.) But NO ONE seems to really notice the 'obvious' change in me.

I think people are all hung up on this 'pure, holier than thou' image Yuna presented in FFX. Frankly, I'm glad she was given a new design. Tell me this: if you were going mountain climbing, running around the world, etc, with monsters kicking around everywhere, what would you rather do? Go around in this constricting dress with a big stick? Or would you rather be able to move more freely and carry a gun? (or 2 as the case may be)

I think Yuna is just being a smart, practical girl with her change of wardrobe.

Out of those two options? Well, if I were going to be climbing around mountains I'd go with the stick and dress definitely. A walking stick always helps when you're going uphill, and I think it actually looks like it'd be more comfortable than yon Tomb Raider outfit. I mean, take a look, it's a pretty baggy dress for a videogame character. Of course, evidently FF10-2 is just going to use an FF5 style class change sorta system, and that's OK in my book.

Of course, that doesn't change my assessment of Nomura as a dirty old man. I've been saying that since FF7 though.

Oh and YES, I do know he's not that old. Think I saw him in person once in fact.

But this just got me thinking of something else. How Square (Now Enix Square) might create a sequel to FF7. If Yuna had been stripped of that much clothing, imagine what they might do to a girl like Tifa who doesn't have a lot of clothing to begin with. o.0

Uh, see previous quip? Oh, and Tifa nothing. how about Sephiroth, or half the population of Wall Market? *shudder*

OK, I finally have to say something about it. There is no "A" in "sequel" people.

Hi Google,
I got a few questions here that needs to be answered by someone who knows alot about the gaming world. 1) Is Square really making a sequeal for FF VII, and if they are WHY!? 2) What the crap is up with the Enix/Square merger thing? I mean Square was doing good by itself then they go and merge with Enix and now there wont be anymore Square from what I've heard just Enix with Square in the name. Please by all means answer my questions! I'M SO CONFUSED!!!

I'd assume Square is planning a direct sequel (or prequel, or whatever) to FF7 on the grounds that tens of thousands of people have been screaming "ff7 IS TEH BEST GAME EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111" for like 5 years now. So it's a pretty good bet an FF7-2 would sell really well.

Anyway though, Square was decidedly NOT doing good by themselves. They've been in some pretty darn rough financial waters for the last couple years now. Enix meanwhile has been doing pretty darn good for themselves (in Japan at least). Oh, and yes, generally speaking when two companies merge, they tend to form one company with the two words stuck together. Like "Time Warner", or "AOL Time Warner".

We have a running theme for the day it seems.

must admit I don't know much about Enix, having not played TOO many of their games...

But there are two reasons why this would happen:

1) Square must taste really good

2) Enix is getting ready for the January Basho (hexannual sumo tournament)

Also, I've read on the message boards that the part of Square that Sony owns will be invalidated? Not true...Square shareholders will get an .81 to 1.00 share trade-in for Enix-Square shares...that 19% (which is the exact number that Sony owns) must go somewhere, probably into .19 to 1 Sony stock...just a thought.

I've seen that the output that Square has had isn't quite what they've had in the past, namely 1998 and 2000, maybe this will help creativity and productivity all around with a larger base staff and a common goal?

My thoughts, do with them as you wish!


Dammit Jim! I'm a Q&A columnist, not a stock broker! Anyway though, the only people who should really need to worry about that work for Sony, and they probably already know the answer there.



Well, we know there's going to be a merger between Enix and Square. We're pretty sure that nobody at Enix is bullheaded enough to pull the plug on any of Square's successful franchises, and it may be a good guess that they won't kill many of the lesser projects they've likely got going -- assuming they're far enough along in development. What we don't know, however, is how this will affect things on the North American front.

Care to speculate on what will happen with the two corporations' respective US operations? Do you think that Enix Square would want to consolidate all of their products under one uber-label in the US (probably Squaresoft due to higher mainstream name recognition), or will they want different companies to distribute their games given the vastly different approach each company has taken on their flagship series?

-Some Random Jerk

US publishing for the mega RPG gestahlt will probably be handled by what's currently Square's U.S. offices yeah. Not only do they have more recognition, but they have a much bigger office and staff... they don't however have that giant slime balloon. It WILL be mine one day. Mark my words, it WILL be mine.

The Last Laugh:

I will work harder.

Googleshng "Four legs good! Two legs baaaaad!"

Lewis Black funny...

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