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Googleshng - November 27 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I used up too much of my creativity reserves over the weekend, so now I don't have a clever intro for you. Oh well, on with the good stuff.

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A few ports shy...

Hello Goog.

This was longer and more indept, but my computer froze and I lost it, so here is what I just wrote in a nutshell.

First letter
Sony bought so many shares in Square that they are the second largest shareholder of Square. Therefore I do not see any chance in hell of them developing for any other systems other than the PS2 in the time being. I also remember reading in an interview with Square's president saying that all plans of developing for other systems after Sony's investment have been cancelled, including FFXI.

This may not be entirly accurate, but I am pretty sure.

5 billion people (well, 5) pointed out that Sony owns a decent sized chunk of Square. That doesn't prevent them from making games for other systems at all. It does mean though that if they're going to release a game for a console, they're going to release it for the PS2. That bit about cancelling games in development for other systems though clearly isn't true if you look at all the stuff they're doing on the Wonderswan lately.

Second letter.
You can't burn or copy games for mini-discs. Piracy in the videogame market is a growing trend that has not been properly addressed here in the RPGamer enviroment. It is extremly popular and the people who use this method of obtaining games also know that mini-discs cannot be burned. Therefore it's popularity is going to suffer greatly. Feel free to disagree with me, but in my opinion going with mini-discs was Nintendo's largest mistake, even though it's a defense system. I would think that the largest percentage of the videogamer population uses this method of obtaining games, and they will probably go with PS2 of X-Box.

Good day


You made so many serious misconceptions here it's staggering. First of all, the smaller size of GameCube discs is a defense against piracy. Preventing people from burning copies of games is the entire point.
Second, videogame piracy is not very rampant at all, far from being how "the largest percentage of the videogamer population" gets their games. If it WAS, there wouldn't BE a videogame industry because the developers wouldn't make a profit.
On that note, it's a GOOD thing from a hardware manufacturer's point of view when a system is unpopular amongst pirates. Because when you rent a game and burn yourself a copy, the makers of that game and the system it's on don't see a dime. When you're forced to buy it, the get whatever doesn't get eaten by distributors. This garners more money on every game, and thus also attracts more developers to the system.

Oh, and before anyone goes to point it out, I suppose I should also mention that as effective of an anti-piracy measure the custom made GC discs are, nothing can hold out forever against resourceful people who aren't willing to pay for stuff. A sad law of society.

The Qs go marching 2 by 2...

Hey g,

Just a quick couple of questions:

1. What's up with TSG being listed as a staff reviewer for Does RPGamer not care if it's staff are also staffing other, seemingly competitor-type, sites?

That's never come up. However, RPGamer rather enjoys having staffers who used to work at small time sites covering RPGs, which is the case with TSG there. That reminds me though, I should really memorize his real name some time...

2. Do you have any idea when those Skies of Arcadia rereleases are supposed to come out? and which system(s) they're for?

Thanks g.


Skies of Arcadia will be ported to the PS2 and GameCube, but no dates have been given on either.


Hi Goog!

I was wondering, in DW7, how do you use the seeds (STRseed, AGLseed,...). I used a DEFseed while on map on the hero and it said it did nothing. Are we supposed to keep these for fights?


Mister Art

You do use seeds on the world map, but there's either a very low chance that the random amount of stat increase will be 0, or a maximum you can increase a stat to. I haven't personally experimented enough to say which it is, but I'm leaning towards the former.

Big Multiparter

Hello you,

Anyone like Orson Scott Card as much as me? ...No? Ok then.

Well I was just wondering a few things so I'll ask them now.

1) Are any RPG's making there way to GameCube or will it be barren like N64 was?

There are more RPGs currently announced for the GameCube than just about any other system I can think of when it launched, and a number of very prominent developers have hinted that they're working on games for it too, so it should have plenty.

2) Is a sequel to Chrono Cross in the works?

No, but they're considering one.

3) Is "Attack of the Clones" a really stupid name for the next Star Wars movie? In my opinion, yes.

Not really. All the Star Wars movies have campy pulp Sci-Fi titles like that.

4) Have you played Suikoden 2 and if so did you enjoy it as much as I did?

Never played Suik 2. The first one didn't really appeal to me enough to hunt it down.

5) Is Pip a cool name or what?

Thanks for hopefully taking the time to read this and maybe even printing the mofo.


Well, it's cooler than, say, Hubert, but not as cool as, say, Urnmaf Bort Hyuga.

Confusingly worded questions

Oh imperious slime, jelly, or goo (hmmm... GOOgleshng?), depending on which game is being played at the time, many months have passes and enough questions have built up to legitify another letter from I.

First off, my friend just recently picked up a dreamcast. We all know of a few dreamcast RPGs you plug a number of times, but what should he without question leave on the preowned wall of EB?

Well, I like every DC game I own, but that's like, 4 games. I need to raid used game racks myself as soon as I have the spare cash. Anyway though, the majority of high profile DC games are all strange nichey things. As long as you steer clear of weird niches you don't like, you should be fine.

Next, December is comming right up, which makes me think of the 12 days of Xmas contest RPGamer ran last year, which seamed to shrivel up and disipear mysteriously. What actually happened to it, and will there be a similar contest this year?

What happened? Well, like all our contests, it ended, a winner was announced, and after some nasty postal delays, said winner got the prize. As for whether we'll have a similar contest this year, well, the person in charge of contests is asleep right now, so you'll have to wait and see.

Plenty of RPGs can syrely pull at the heartstrings, but I want to find one that brings agnst to new levels. We're talking the world isn't destroyed, but everything isn't exactly saved either, like the cure on your friends NOT dieing whith the evil mage who cast it or somesuch. Any come to mind?

I don't QUITE follow what you're asking there, but I'm going to guess Koudelka's plot would be right up your alley.

Finally, this question has no relevence whatsoever, but you might know the answer to it for whatever reason. What is the theater releace date of "Red Green: Duct Tape Forever"?

Magnam "My old high school marching band got gold at states, and I put that for my nicname because I know theres plenty of bandies at RPGamer" Maduin

*blank stare*


Hola, Mistress Slime,

I have a quickie. Is Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for the Sega Dreamcast the same as the Playstation or PC versions? It's an RPG.. correct?
Thanks for your time,
Majin Paul

I'd imagine it's the same, but since it's not an RPG, I'm not obligated to follow it.

The Last Laugh:

Yarr! Thar be ye column ya scurvy... uh... college students? No wait, that's right. Dogs. Ah well.

Googleshng "Muse of quotes! Why hast thou forsaken me?!?"
Interesting footnote. I seem to be growing a set of horns.

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