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Googleshng - November 26 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Enix and Squaresoft sitting in a tree, M-E-R-G-I-N-G. There's something I didn't ever expect to find myself saying. Oh, and on an unrelated note, am I the only one bothered how in Metroid Fusion Samus looks more musclebound than normal? I mean, when you REMOVE giant BDN shoulder-spheres from your armor, it shouldn't make it HARDER to see your head from profile. Seriously, what gives?

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Mixing up stereotypes.

I have a question. And Andrew would probably agree with me so I'm not going to ask him. So here it is: What the heck is everyones problem with Yuna and Rikku's new character designs and outfits? I've always personally thought that fanservice was a *GOOD* thing which should not be complained about. It seems everyone I know in RL doesn't like the new designs and that goes the same with nearly everyone online. I have to say, I've seen game characters who wear an aweful lot less and no one complains about them. So whats the problem?

Well, aside from ripping off Tombraider pretty darn blatantly, there's the fact that it clashes with the established image of the character. Meek little martyrs just aren't supposed to wear hotpants. The people making these complaints on the other hand didn't have any problem with the dark brooding mage from FF10 wearing a dress so low cut as to defy gravity though. You need to be consistant with that sort of thing I say.


"2) And if u play trought Metroid Fusion, Do you think there preparing a sequel for that? surely...well im asking the pro

Probably. I think the team that did Prime has a better grip on the formula than the one that did Fusion honestly, but there should be a Metroid 5 one of these days"

Hey Googily-moogily there are 5 metroid games.

Metroid ( nes), Metroid II the return of Samus (GB), Super Metroid (snes), Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Prime. makes 5, unless for some reason doesnt't count, or is a metroid 0.

Metroid is Metroid 1. Metroid 2 is Metroid 2. Super Metroid is Metroid 3 (turn it on and watch, it says so). Metroid Fusion is Metroid 4 (it says so too). Metroid Prime however is not billed as Metroid 5 however, and it takes place between the first two, so if you want to slap a number on it, it's Metroid 1.5. Throw in another game after Fusion and it'd therefore get to be Metroid 5. It's like how FFT doesn't count as FF8.

And all i can say is Holy $#!7 ENIX and SQUARE, must change my pants now. I mean the RPG talent there Tri-ace, Quest, Game Arts, chun soft (don't know who they are but ign listed them), Enix and Square.................Rpg central, now they just need the SOA team, and Namco's rpg team and they will have a RPG monopoly more or less........


That's an awful lot of big names under one roof yeah. There's a good number of companies not under the Enix umbrella still though. Aside from relatively obscure folks like the various Square breakoffs (Monolith, Sacnoth, Brownie Brown, etc.), myriad people whose games Atlus and Namco publish, and big titles from people not really known for RPGs (Suikoden, Breath of Fire), there's some big names in the RPG world most people here aren't really aware of. Overworks, aside from cranking out Skies of Arcadia recently, is responsible for over half the RPGs you'll find on the average freak who covers the RPG industry too closely's top ten list. Oh, and then of course there's Banpresto. Banpresto cranks out something like 50 RPGs a year, none of which ever leave Japan.

So basically, monopoly isn't the word to throw around, but that's an awfully large wedge of the average gamer's RPG budget going to one corporate pocket now.

I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of this sort of thing.

Heya, Google-sama! I just have one quick question:

How do you think the disbanding of Squaresoft will affect future releases? If I hear, "Squaresoft, as a part of the merger, laid off several employees and will cease development on all of its games in order to focus all its efforts on Enix franchises," I will hit something REALLY hard!

BL Alien

Generally speaking, if you're merging with a company which has a product they've already sunk a ton of money and time into, which is guarenteed to make a tidy profit, you aren't going to pull the plug on it. The only people who would ever do something like that would be complete idiots, or Microsoft. Well, I suppose you could have a chain of supermarkets buy a hardware store and liquidate it because they just wanted the lot, but that sort of thing doesn't translate into the entertainment biz.

On not being an RPG.

Hey there O supreme lord of the slimes

Well... after completing Prime.. I was wondering...

If Zelda can be stretched to be a RPG... and why cant metroid...

same basic system for increases in power (hearts vs Energy tanks)

Same weapon improvement (New swords vs new guns)

and in the old verion it was a side scroller just like Castlevania.

Okay, I dont want to start a debate here... but hey, I just started one ... kinda.

The answer is quite simple. Zelda isn't an RPG. I don't in fact know anyone who classifies it as such. However, the overlap between people who love Zelda games and people who love RPGs is so strong that it slips into our coverage as an honorary RPG. The Castlevanias meanwhile wouldn't have a chance if they didn't have experience systems. Plus if you counted Metroid Prime as an RPG, you'd have to count a couple thousand other games too.


Is there any truth to the rumor that Nintendo and Sony are looking at a merger? If not what is with all of the PS2 games coming out for Gamecube?

I don't say this too often, but what the #@$% are you talking about? The companies doing a merger are Enix and Square, I can't think of any PS2 games ported to the GameCube recently, and even if I could, Sony makes the PS2 HARDWARE, not software. The only games on the PS2 Sony personally published that I can name off the top of my head are Wild ARMs 3, and that mosquito thing. Granted I'm probably missing one or two, but nothing that's being ported to the Cube.

Now, there are a lot of multiplatform games coming out lately, and a couple game series which jumped the Sony ship, like Resident Evil, but there's no stock trading involved there, that's just Shinji Mikami coming to the conclusion that Sony makes shotty hardware that's designed to break within a year or so forcing you to buy a new one, AND it's a pain to develop for, thus hopping over to the Cube.

No seriously, he did. Didn't you read that interview?

The Last Laugh:

Well, off I go to fight back gibbering hordes of crusty old gamers whose minds snapped last night. See you tomorrow.

Googleshng "Anyone wanna make me a picture of some sort of slime/chocobo hybrid?"

A slime eating a chocobo would work too I suppose.

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