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Googleshng - November 25 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Wow. I'm really low on letters today, wonder why?

"Have a question? Ask Andrew"

Mystery solved. I suppose that's what I get for spreading myself too thin over the weekend, but I should have a couple letters here to print, and you're probably going to have a huge column for Friday.

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Disney movies aren't RPGs...

I just saw a commercial for the new Disney animated movie "Treasure Planet." Now if I didn't know better I'd say Disney's characters are starting to become more and more effected by the style of Anime... I mean they bought the rights to Spirited Away not so long ago, could this perhaps be a future trend that they'll continue to draw in?


Actually, Disney owns the U.S. distribution rights to everything by Miyazaki. Anyway though, it's rather hard for Disney to be affected by Japanese animation styles since the traditional anime drawing style came about from someone spoofing Disney style characters. It does surprise me though that for once instead of taking a classic story and throwing it into their standard movie template, they're taking a classic story and turning it into a space opera... and probably throwing it into the standard template after that, but I might end up seeing it for the sake of novelty there.

Metroid isn't an RPG either...

Hiya there Google

First Thing, Great job! I'm kinda new here on rpgamer and ITs all great

Well 'nuff ass lickin for one day....

1) Did u play trought Metroid Fusion? I did and i think it was great, remembering me of my old Snes days with Super Metroid.

Fusion's a pretty decent game but there's a number of things about it that get on my nerves. Like, say, the way that for 90% of the game you aren't allowed to go off exploring on your own, you have a couple special abilities which are completely useless, and I'm not really a big fan of the whole "Navigation Room" bit.

2) And if u play trought Metroid Fusion, Do you think there preparing a sequel for that? surely...well im asking the pro

Probably. I think the team that did Prime has a better grip on the formula than the one that did Fusion honestly, but there should be a Metroid 5 one of these days.

3) Im one RPG hardcore fan and i play trought a lot of RPG mainly to say all the FF series, Dragon warrior over and over...and so on...and im looking these day for a good ol' time RPG for my 'puter. got any good one for me? I need something adictive ;)

I've never really been into the PC RPG scene. Might I suggest Planescape: Torment or Arcanum?

Well That it for today....

From Rays, One lost french guy in Quebec...

Oh and Btw...why u dont wanna get a picture of u on the site? ;)

i'll leave u off with one french quote

Googleshng, T'a l'air d'une bien bonne vivante ;) Faudrais se jouer une tite Donjon quelque temps! ;)

hahahah i Hope u understand ;)

cya for real


I thought it was common knowledge. My true form is so horrifying that any who behold it go mad.

The Last Laugh:

There you go. Expect a real column tomorrow. Oh, and I tossed a rant up over the weekend for those who care.

Googleshng "Oy"

Still can't believe that...

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