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Googleshng - November 23 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ah... the night after thanksgiving. Perfect time to root around dark tables looking for a snack among what didn't fit in the fridge. Ooh! What's this little platter with dip in the middle? Some crackers perhaps? Oh. Pickled herring. That pretty much sums up my day to be honest.

Cyrael: Hello again all you out there. This is my second spin on the guest host game. Last time I sent off Rhapsody, and recieved PS4. This time I sent out my copy of Ultima Online and hope to get one of the old Lunar games for Sega CD, or barring that, a Gamecube of any color. I Don't have much more to say except that since I last visited here, I have become an Everquest junkie, given Goog a spare GBA, and had my cousin break MY GBA after a fit of rage with Mario Kart Super Circuit. Alas.

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Hey Cyrael and Google,

1. What's the difference between the Lunar games on the Sega CD and the PSX remakes? Was the cutscene quality as good in the Sega versions? Also, didn't Lunar SSSC come out in 1992 or 93? I think that if I played it back then, it would have seriously made most of the other RPGs from around then look bad.

1. Aside from the graphical quality (the cutscenes are shown in the 'making of' cd in LSSSC) there are some story differences as well, most notably Luna doesn't come with you after the first part of the game. Also, in the Sega CD version of Eternal Blue, you had to use exp points to save your game.

The cut scenes in the original Lunars were, I'm told, rather simple (read: still images with moving mouths), and limited a bit by the Genesis color palette. On the other hand, I'm told the original version of Lunar 2 had a bigger world, longer dungeons, and a couple optional dungeons we missed out on completely this time out.

2. Do you like how RPGs are evolving? Example: The Final Fantasy series is the most popular RPG series and thus, Square sets a lot of trends. Picture FF IV, now picture what FF X. Do you like where these games are going? Would you rather a stronger anime influence? (ie: more games like Lunar and Grandia)

2. Yes and no. Personally, I enjoy the older games more than the newer ones. Recently however, games like DW7 have brought back that good ol feeling.

Hate to be a stickler, but the FF series is only the most popular RPG series in the US, not in Japan where all the developers hang out waiting to be influenced. The only major influence I can think of from the FFs came with FF7, but that was really a 1-shot deal. I can't think of anyone copying the junction system for example. Anyway though, my thoughts work like this. Adding new concepts is always good (unless they're horribly implemented, which happens way too often). Bring on all the eye-popping visuals and revolutionary combat systems you want. Just don't skimp on the fundamentals. Decent gameplay, fleshed out characters, enjoyable mechanics, etc.

A friend of mine bought Golden Sun and he really likes it. He's always telling me about it and playing it in between classes. So, anyway, it should be a good buy if anybody out there was wondering.


Golden sun sold out the day we got it. Looks pretty popular. I would get it if my cousin hadn't decimated my GBA.

I'm literally being bombarded with praise for Golden Sun lately. Well, I guess not LITERALLY... that would require the praise to be bashing holes through my roof, but you know what I mean.

That's MetalKing!

Hey goog

I was wondering,.. do those kingmetal slimes drop anything good? Ive killed a bunch, but with the low drop rate in the game I havn't gotten anything yet. I figure however, that they might drop something good like metalking equipment. So far ive figured out how to obtain the sword, shield, and helmet (for every equipable party member), but NOT the armor. So my GUESS is that they will drop or you can steal the armor from them. I've even gone so far as to make everyone into thieves/pirates to increase the odds of a theft. Thats one of the few things I dislike about dw7; the fact that stealing is random and not a command. Anyway I was wondering if you had stolen anything from the king metal so I dont gimp for nothing.

Also, Evil slash will kill any metal slime, including metal king, in one hit (if it hits). This will greatly increase the death rate of metal kings you fight. You'd be suprised how much exp you can garnish doing this. Im already up at about level 55, and still gaining levels fast. And high levels dont really matter as the weak slimes around krage will always count toward class levels no matter your character level, as well as the copious amounts of metal babbles, slimes, and kings in the area. Not only that, but the gold slimes around krage drop 3k gold apiece and often come in groups of 3. Krage is by far the best leveling area in the game.

By the way, suprisingly though Maribel cant equip any of the metal king armors, she CAN equip the sword. Quite a boost, considering her other weak weapons and the fact that the king metal sword is about 5 damage HIGHER than the Aquagon sword.

ROFL I didnt mean to ramble, but I guess I cant help but share the goodness.


Well, I haven't gotten too far in DW 7 yet (too much EQ) so I will turn to online guides for my answer! ...They say nothing. Well darn. As for your other information, that is good stuff to know for when I get to the late part of the game.

That's what? 3 different Dougs I've printed letters from this week? Anyway, I'm fairly sure all you'll ever get out of MetalKings is an obscene amount of EXP. I'm pretty sure you have to gamble for the armor though. Statistically your best bet is to play poker and just go double or nothing until you have enough or lose. Oh, and yes, the slime forests of Krage DO rule, but you have to be on disc 2.

Where oh werewolf?

A quick question while you digest your turkey- either of you can answer, though I have a feeling I know it already...

Is Square ever going to translate Seiken Densetsu 3, or should I try to find the rom again?

...Probably not, right?


Make Goog say no, and then it will happen. Seriously though, I doubt it, but if it does come I am assuming that it will be on the GBA (if square and nintendo ever make up). That would make for some interesting multiplayer.

Don't hold your breath.

Less coherent than usual...

Greetings (turkey speaks) Googleshngobble
I wonder what are you personally thankful for this year. Me, I got really nothing to be thankful for and rather would for all purposes if I could to reset the year or really to go back to the Summer of 1998 but didn't find a save file for that date. I don't have any accomplishments and really could use a girlfriend. But really I want "the power" and would get it from Rezo which results in mobbed by fangirls, what's the downside to that since I don't see any. Also works since I already am rather down and gloomy now. I wonder also what are you doing for Thanksgiving? I have to deal with people at home which I don't like since I don't get along with my family and in all honesty don't get along much with most other people. Also you gotta love a holiday that glorifies mass food consumption but then again I already do that all of the time. At least if RPG characters come over you won't worry about them eating all of the food since they never eat. Exception being if there's a food system where then the possibility of hungry people but wierder is if there's still no bathrooms in the game. So which cast of anime characters would you NEVER invite to Thanksgiving because they'd eat everything on the table? Well if you invited me over I'd be no better since I eat a disporportanitely large amount of food (especilly turkey) relitive to everyone else. Wouldn't you love to have more turkey dinners since it's a tasty meat but the thing is it's much better slow cooked. Wouldn't Xenogears be odd if it had singing monks with the gears? But then again I got a feeling that the main gear in Xenosaga comes with a monk chorus since singing monks will be in the game. Here's a fun thought for you, what would be the oddest meeting between any Disney and Square character? I got the image that Pinocchio and Sephiroth would be odd since Seph could say that Pinocchio is just a puppet and then retorts that he's a real boy. Then his nose grows and kills Aeris who's nearby.
Imperial Mog

I am most thankful for my good friends. I am spending time with family for the rest of this week, which is both good and bad. For the rest of what you said: I am so frightened. Please leave me alone.

What did I do for Thanksgiving? I woke up, noticed that everyone decided to show up early, ate, got tired from turkey-sedation, sat around, and started this column. I think I'll pass on the rest of this though. And why DOES turkey contain a sedative? Is it some sort of sick natural defense? Like the predator eats the first turkey, then falls asleep, then the rest come back and rip it limb from limb? Then there's odd flap of skin too...

Q&A hosts SENDING letters? What next?

Hey Goog,

In order to (hopefully) boost my inbox count, I'm emailing you a "topic" for Saturday's column. Print this: (as a letter, quickie, add on, whatever)

Socrates once said that "Every man is allowed one skank in his life." Actually, that was Chris Rock. Needless to say, the point is that every man or woman is allowed to date one, and only one, person in his or her entire life that no sane person would even consider getting within one hundred yards of.
So, RPG wise, what has been your "Skank"? What game have you played, and enjoyed, that most people considered either "bad" or "just mediocre?"
For me, it's "Illusion of Gaia." Poor poor Hamlet... So send your "skank" is you have one in addition to your normal letters. Hell, we can make a topic out of it.

-Cheshire Catalyst

I would have to say Daggerfall. Most people REALLY hated it, but I myself really enjoyed playing it. I am seriously looking forward to Morrowind sometime next year.

I only get ONE? Can't I have one for every 50 games I've played or something? I'm told both Kartia AND Vandal Hearts are often sneered at...


Hello Google and Cyrael (wasn't he here before?),

To the Slightly Crazed Izlude Fan, whoever it is isn't alone.

DMJ, another slightly crazed Izlude Fan.

Cyrael: Yep, I have been here once before. And it's good to know you two aren't alone now.
Google: No rule that says you can't have multiple turns in the games-for-guest chair. Although if a small group just started circling a game or two around I'd probably change that...


Cyrael: MORE THAN LIKELY... Or not. I really have no idea. Google: I haven't heard a thing either way.

The Last Laugh:

Cyrael: Well, it has been fun. It is scary how much I missed doing this. If you totally hate my presence, don't hesitate to send me one of my requests. I will get out of here faster than you can say 'Woo hoo!'

Google: That's a good point. I've somehow created a system where throwing a present at someone makes them go away. How strange. Anyway, time to give in to the foul ugly bird and get some sleep.

Googleshng "When adding the same numbers yields $1500 and $400, something's wrong..."
You have NO IDEA how hard it was to resist making a pun in that closing.

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