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Googleshng - November 22 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Much good news came my way today. Little too much. My good luck and bad luck tend to balance each other out you see. Anyway, those reading today's column in the US probably just ate way too much. The rest of you are probably all set to pounce on me for thinking it's a world wide holiday. I know better though. It's the commemoration of when a bunch of random people from England sailed over here to New England, almost froze to death, then didn't. Come to think of it, why the heck is that a national holiday?

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Super Smash Pack Bros.?

Wouldn't it be cool if Nintendo put like 50 old super nintendo games on a GC disc and sold it, load time free because of abundant memory? Lets assume thats a yes. Now, whats the liklihood of that happening? I figure at 50 bucks a pop a SNES or NES anthology disc would rake in tons o cash, right?


Nintendo has a policy against direct rereleases without making noticeable improvements. They're also in the process of porting every game in existence to the GBA (along with everyone else it seems). So, I don't think you'll be seeing that. You also won't see a collection of every Mario game, because there already was one, or every Zelda because, well, we're a bit saturated with them right now. I suppose there's an outside chance they'd release a collection of the original 3 Metroid games with updated graphics, but that's the best you'd ever get.



Is it just me or does every review seem to over exagerate on time?

The review said 30-40 hours
I beat it in 24 hours is it me


The times listed on reviews are a bit tricky to calculate. All our reviewers basically play the game, without a walkthrough, watching the clock. The time it takes them to finish and see everything is the max time, and the min time is the max time minus all the time spent on side quests and other optional things. If you try hard enough, you can beat almost every RPG out there in under 10 hours, but the average person won't even come close. Similarly, if you really wanted, you could take over 1000 hours to finish every RPG there is.

How not to format a multiparter.


How much longer do you think it will be before Sony cuts the price of the PS2 to at least $199? I'm hoping before Christmas. Also do you think FFX will really come out in December? I sure hope so! What's your opinion on Metal Gear Solid? Played either? Enjoyed either? Is Breath of Fire for GBA supposed to come out before Christmas? Does Camelot plan on releasing Golden Sun 2 in the U.S.? I hope so because I am loving Golden Sun right now and highly recommend it. IMO, it's very remniscient of Lufia II (many puzzles and the character design) and it's probably the best plot to ever grace the game boy (..take that for what it's worth) Okay that's all for now. Bye

Derek Thompson

PS2 price drop to $200: I'd assume before NEXT Christmas...

FF10: I'm told 12/26.

MGS1 and 2 are among the most over-hyped games of all time, but I still liked the first one and expect to like the second.

BoF GBA: Direct quote from the preview we just posted: "Breath of Fire for the GBA is set to hit shelves on December 12, 2001."

Golden Sun 2: Well, since the official US ads call it the first in a series, I think it's a safe bet we'll get it.

Unpopular opinionry

Hello, Google-sama...
This is kind of a short stupid question, but who do you think the coolest characters in FF Tactics were? Everyone I ask says Ramza or Delita or some other main character. Come on, there have to be some fans of Izlude or Lede out there somewhere? (Other than me, I mean.)
~a slightly crazed Izlude fan

The one character from FFT I like that nobody else does is Algus. Sure he's a hate-filled bigot with no real importance to the plot, but he's the only truly honest person in the game who isn't on your party at the end, and you have to love that interrogation scene.


Hey Doug again.

This is the Doug that was asking the DW7 questions. I am NOT that other doug that posted that hideously long and painful to read letter. I am also the individual who about a year ago sent you a mail with hard evidence what your gender was. Dont worry, the secret is safe with me. Let me guess, you plan to make your entire DW7 party master slime class so they will all look like slimes? Slimes save the world!

By the way, I was able to tame a metal king slime. It took a few tries but throwing a rib at it and using tame, then having everyone whack at it with the metalcut attack for three rounds did it. I didnt even have to have a tamer in the party. Its QUITE amusing what it says in the park.

-Doug "Slime Tamer" Burns

I was planning to win as all PlatKings, but then I realized it really wasn't worth the 300 or so hour commitment.

The Last Laugh:

Now I shall feast upon your souls! turkey and stuff. Anyway, tomorrow, Cyrael will be guest hosting. Games to ask questions about: Everquest, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Any FF, Harvest Moon games.
Games to cough up to get the guest host throne: "Lunar or Lunar 2 for the Sega CD or... A Gamecube" Hmm. Rarer than the average requests these days.

Googleshng "Seriously. Random generosity rules."
Always sucks when you're about to go to bed and suddenly Ultra Relax starts blaring. Now I'm all wired.

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