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Googleshng - November 21 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

This just in: Metroid Fusion contains a REALISTIC thermal scanner. I don't think that's every been done by a game before, and I honestly doubt it with movies too. Especially Tremors 2... and extra-especially with Predator.

Sean: Greetings, readers. I'm Seán, I run the (a bit content-sparse, hint hint) Editorials section, as well as lord over the Message Forums with an iron fist. If you've been following Q&A for a while, though, you've probably seen me around a few times, so I'll shut up and save space.

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Anime style PC games

The rpg in Anime style are mostly only for the game consoles, and the PC doesn't have any anime. Is there a secret law which says anyone who bring Anime to the PC will be tortured, killed, then eaten up by monsters? No game company ever brought the two together because of indifference to computer gamers. Yes, Septerra Core was on the computer but was in the style of the game console while Final Fantasy VII just is a ported console game. I am waiting for RPG for the computer which works in the PC style, but with the Anime Graphics which made console RPGs so famous. In short an "Anime Computer RPG." I suppose this day will never come because gamers like you and the game companies don't desire change.

Interestingly enough, the Japanese view any animated work as 'anime', not simply their own, as it has come to mean here. Fitting, perhaps, since the word was taken from the French. In any case, the lack of such styled games is likely due to the majority of Windows game developers being based in North America rather than Japan. I'd wager that as that animation style becomes more and more accepted and aped by the United States, though, that more games with that style will appear magically for the PC.

Short form: PC RPGs don't look like Japanese cartoons because they aren't made in Japan.

From the inboxes of a dozen people...

Actually, there was a one-handed controller made for the PS1. Ascii made it, and it was called the grip. I'm actually suprised nobody mentioned it. It's actualyl a pretty good design.

Oni Vagrant

The same company was also responsible for a one-handed controller for the Super Famicom as well. I remember it being advertised in Nintendo power as the perfect RPG controller – You could play while drawing maps! As I recall, it was about palm-sized, the d-pad was on the face, the four face buttons were on the side, where your fingers would naturally grip it if it were held in your palm, and the rest was on the back. Not sure if it was ever released over on my side of the water, though, and no, I don't want to know. Don't send in letters to tell me tomorrow.

Ah, the days of drawing maps... That was so long ago I can't even remember if I miss it. Oh, and Rico realized I mentioned yon SNES controller yesterday after writing that reply there. Shame on him... or something.


Hey Googameister.

Metroid Prime takes place after Metroid 1, and Metroid Fusion is a direct sequel of Super Metroid. The Metroids ARE destroyed, so the solution? Mix the metroid into the protagonist! Thus the hero has Metroid DNA and keeps the title relevant... unlike Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Also, Suikoden 3 can be played by either hand. But the left hand won't allow you in the menu.

And to give this questionary relevance... What are your thoughts on the Ura-Zelda thing and it's coming to America? I know Zelda isn't a true blue RPG, but I'm sure it's worthy of some comments from everybody's favorite slimeball.

Although mention of me seems to be lacking, I'd really like to play Ura Zelda. By and large, the dungeons in Ocarina of Time were fun and used their respective gimmicks well. As long as the additional dungeons in Ura Zelda share more in common with the Shadow or Spirit temple than the Water temple, I'm down. I swear, Kondo must have turned into a sadist somewhere along the line... stupid song of the Royal Family...

You know what creeps me out about Metroid Fusion I wrote down a complete plot summary of it EIGHT YEARS AGO. Every single weird convoluted rationalization. Heck, I even wrote down that you end up wearing blue armor since you don't have access to the standard suit!

Anyway though, expansion to Zelda Toot. GIMME.

Anger and the GBA

just wanted to say that while the weekend host, Andrews, is probably very knowledgeable about games and such, I find his style lacking. I have come to RPGamer for years now (since before Thor) and have read the Q&A column because the hosts give respect to those who send questions. They don't belittle them (at least not EVERY letter). I understand that in some instances it is ok to poke fun at a letter, but Andrew went overboard. I've always respected RPGamer as a respectable news site for RPG's, and the staff have always been respectable. I just want to ask Andrew to tone it down a bit. No one is perfect, belittling (sp) people because of that fact just gets annoying after awhile. An overabundance of sarcasm and ridicule do not belong in RPGamer Q&A. Moderation is key.

On a question note, i've been thinking about getting a GBA. Any RPG's you'd reccomend? (or any cool games for it in general?) I'm not very picky.


Personally, I rather like Andrew's style. I'm a sardonic man myself most of the time, and I think that belittling everyone isn't necessarily a bad gimmick. It gives columns a personality, and keeps the insults from being taken personally.

Regarding the Game Boy Advance, Golden Sun didn't really strike me; I never finished it. Both the Castlevanias are good, although Harmony of Dissonance is the weaker one, with considerably easier enemies and a less interesting magic system. Plus, Jeust moves slower than the original Simon... Mega Man Battle Network I'd recommend highly, and knowing Capcom, that recommendation probably works for the sequel as well.

I wasn't expecting the sort of chew-out everyone style yon new weekend host decided to run with when I gave him the gig, but it makes for an interesting read and yields shockingly few complaints. Plus like Rico said, insult one person and you're a jerk, insult everyone and you're just running with a premise. Plus the way I figure it, if the anger angle really puts people off, they'll just stop writing in on the weekends, which would yield a fairly immediate change in tone I'm sure.

Anyway though, both MMBN games are extremely good, as is Circle of the Moon. Then there's Golden Sun which is either extremely unremarkable or one of the greatest games ever made. Either way it's darn pretty, and pretty standard fair for the developers. (See also: Shining series, Beyond the Beyond)

F F 7 8 Shamiel! Shamazel! ...

A comment and some questions.

First, anyone who's going to bash FF8 should realize that the game is so poorly received partly because it's constantly being compared ton FF7 which is a really good game. I played them out of order (6, 8, 7) due to availability and probably would have enjoyed it less if I'd played 7 first.

Next, I've got a copy of Dark Age of Camelot. Is it good for anything now, or has the MMORPG community for it died down by now? I know it's over a year old.

Finally, I've never played D&D or any paper RPGs for that matter. Would I be completely lost attempting to play Baulder's Gate or another D&D related PC RPG?


~PS I love the Rime of the Ancient Mariner reference

I remember back when it came out most people loved FF8. That sort of thing happens often enough: A game is received very well, then a vocal minority starts complaining about parts of the game and people either follow the trend for kicks or because they take a closer look at the game. In any case, I prefer 8 to 7. While 7 had a much deeper plot than any other FF to date, it was a rather poorly executed game. FF8, on the other hand, had a poorly executed ending, but the game itself was quite well done. People mostly seem to get fed up with the "ridiculous amounts of Drawing", but that's pretty much equivalent to bashing FF7 because it's tedious to level up to 99.

Haven't played any MMORPG, really, so I can't comment on Dark Age of Camelot. D&D based RPGs would seem pretty safe to jump into, though. There're usually a lot of controls to learn, but the actual mechanics of D&D are probably somewhat familiar just from your playing of console RPGs; It's pretty standard stuff, really. Plus, all the nasty rules are implemented automagically... which is usually a good thing.

and it's not like there's a story to D&D you'd want to be familiar with or anything. Anyway, getting back to FF7 vs. FF8. First of all, that's a debate with 5000 incoherent rabid fans on both sides I'd rather not set off before leaving for the weekend. Still, it breaks down like this:
FF7- Case for: Most people's first RPG, impressive for the time, mini-games out the wazoo. Case against: Lousy translation, summons that take forever, didn't age too well.
FF8- Case for: Tried a lot of new things, set new graphical standards for the series, aged pretty nicely. Case against: Truckloads of micro-management, uninspired character design, lost a lot of the feel of the series.

Final Note: Drawing 100 copies of a spell in FF8 takes something like 2 minutes. Mastering a Materia/Job/Esper takes a couple hours. It's actually much faster and more convenient, you just have to do it actively instead of going through a few dozen fights.

Now THIS deserves a vehement reply.

why are you always bashing ff its a good game the storys are top notch and the characters actually have some kind of development going on( i know that must be evil for all the old timers out there) and when you say they are not hard enough does it really matter i mean this is not some old 5 hour dungeon crawl like wizardy i think that it is great that square is making something that is more than a game something with some kind of plot and relevance not just some other silly ogre and demon masher that exist with little purpose other to reinforce the stereo type that all games and gamer are mindless childrens things

If I had a nickel for every time Googleshng here has said he likes the majority of the Final Fantasy series, I'd have been able to buy Metroid Prime already and I'd be playing it instead of answering this letter. I'll leave it up to you guys as to whether that's a good or bad thing.

First of all, there are three magical friends who live in most blocks of text. Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar. If you write something without the help of at least two of these friends, you look like a complete idiot.

Second, unless you consider Parasite Eve 2 and Vagrant Story to be in the FF series, I don't go around bashing it. Heck, even if you do, I don't complain about the lack of difficulty in them, I just complain about how they're unplayable piles of dren.

Third, the advantage videogames have over passive forms of entertainment is that they require quick wits and/or reflexes on behalf of the player to successfully navigate various challenges in a mentally stimulating fashion. Therefore a certain degree of difficulty is always required to keep from being simply a long cartoon with terrible production values.

I'm not sure about your planet, but here on Earth more or less all RPGs have solid storylines, dungeon crawls are far longer than five hours, and now that I really think about it, only two or three Final Fantasy games make a noticable effort to make their characters more well rounded than their peers. 1 and 3 don't even give any of your characters any dialog or individuality whatsoever.

Finally, if the stories of recent Final Fantasy games have any relevance to your life, you need to get yourself into therapy pronto.


Parasite Eve was based on a book...and stuff, yeah.

Sean:Oddly enough, the book also mentioned the relative immobility of the heroine, leading to PE2's control scheme for "added faithfulness to source material!" Worst. Selling point. Ever.
Google:Ah PE2, is there a more miserable excuse for a game out there? Yeah, probably.

Is the third FFX-2 character's name really Pain? Or is it just pronounced like that and really means something else?

Sean:I have no reason to doubt that the character's name is Pain. It's anyone's guess whether it has anything to do with the English meaning of that particular syllable, though.
Google:Well, if you're hoping it was mistranslated, your other options include Pen and Bread. I think Pain's pretty good considering.

The Last Laugh:

Sean: As always, it's been a pleasure. I must be off to practice this aria a bit more, although I could probably procrastinate a little... I'm not used to getting down with Q&A by 8:35 PM. Or starting by 8:35 PM, for that matter...

Seán "Ist nicht des Herrn Wort wie ein Feuer" Peters

Google: Have a good weekend, mind the newbie, feel free to throw me extra letters for Monday if he bites your hand, etc. etc. Me sleep now. Oh yeah, and throw around lot's of letters about Love for the weekend.

Googleshng "Wee...kends?"

It's sad how I'll sit here for 10 minutes trying to think of a quote to stick there.

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