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   That's a BIG Package.  
Googleshng - November 21 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ever have a package the size of a large TV come to the door when you weren't expecting anything? That makes you very curious very fast. Turned out my aunt was just cleaning her house and using mine as a trash can of sorts. Always nice when the people you know acknowledge the fact that you're a giant pack rat. New big box! Woo!

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The letter of many parts!

Hey, Googster. Got a couple of Q's for you to A!!! (WOO-HOO!!)

1)How do you pronounce Seiken Densetsu?

Just like it's spelled. Say-ken Den-set-sue.

2)I know emulation is considered evil in these parts, but somebody just completed a fan translation of Dragon Quest 5, and I saw somebody on a translation site say somethig to the effect that all the group's work was for naught, as Enix has announced that they were going to be doing a remake of Dragon Warrior 5 as a followup to the remake of DW4. Can you shed any light on this one way or the other?

Enix is REALLY insistent about focusing on one game at a time, so they haven't made any announcements about a DQ5 remake. It's a safe bet that it's coming though.

3)Which would you recommend I play next:Star Ocean 2, Valkyrie Profile, Vagrant Story, or Breath of Fire 4?

Uh, whichever appeals to you the most?

4)I lied. There is no number 4.

That's it. Really. I mean it. That's all. Oh, and have yourself a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Robust Stu

But I formatted around it and everything!

Info on Persona 2

For the person interested in Persona 2.

Persona 2 takes everything that was good about the first one, and makes it better, and 1/3 of the game wasn't removed this time. The battles are faster (you can turn of the animations), music, plot, and voice acting are all improved.

Unfortunately, the battles are still fairly mindless; though the end has a few tough ones. The Persona system is still mind-numbingly boring. The pacing is about the same; WAY to slow.

I thought the first one was a mediocre RPG with a cool theme, and I enjoyed the second one quite a bit. However, Dragon Warrior VII is proving to be a lot of fun too...


That's strange, I seem to recall the US not getting HALF of Persona 2. It really gets annoying how the US tends to get only one part of multipart games. Other than that though, thanks for the info.

Interesting questions

I was happy to read in the last column that someone else is excited for Kingdom Hearts. Although the game may flop, the idea is novel.

On with the questions...

1. Since Kingdom Hearts is coming out, does this mean we can do fanart and fanfiction on Disney characters?

Yes it does... odd concept there.

2. Are there any EXTRAORDINARY media sites for various video games? I'm having trouble finding media on various games.

Well, for RPGs there's always here. I can't think of any major archives of media for other genres though.

3. What is your favorite gear in Xenogears?

Ooh, that's a toughy. Heimdall reminds me of a favorite character from an old show, as does Billy's dad's. Oh and then of course there's that little toy the Elements have.

4. If you could make a game, what would it's plot be like? (Would it be driven by fantasy, reality, science, and such?)

And that's how it goes

-Level 101 *46 and 2 just ahead of YOU*

Assuming you meant setting, I have here...

  • Dark Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Mideval Japan
  • Wilderness
  • Undecided
  • Undecided
  • Bizarre Fantasy

Hmm... nothing I'm working on is steampunk. That's not like me. Anyway, if you actually MEANT plot, out of those there's 1.5 paper RPGs, a non-RPG, and 2 multiplayer competitive games. Out of the last two, one is very very character driven, and the other would take too long to get into here honestly. I should post the finished 2 somewhere some time...


will there be a harvest moon for xbox if so will there be new things to do like chooseing to be male or female

Well, since every system in existence since the original was released has gotten a Harvest Moon, I'm sure it will get one eventually. I'm pretty sure you won't see another Harvest Moon which lets you pick a gender since it didn't work out too well with the Game Boy one. Kinda hard to do the whole getting married and having kids deal that way. The way Harvest Moon works it, you'd just kinda black out for half a year every so often, you know?

The Last Laugh:

Awful lot of people asking me what I think of Golden Sun today. Too bad I can't afford the sucker. Oh, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Enjoy your meals consisting primarily of a bird which would probably be all-but-extinct if not for the holiday.

Googleshng "Mmm... tranquilizing meat..."
People always write the sound turkeys make "gobble", but it's really more like "glglglglgl!"

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