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Googleshng - November 20 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK, we have a 2D Metroid game made by (most of) the original dev team, and by all accounts it kinda sucks. Then we have a 3D, first person Metroid, made by an obscure U.S. based developer, and I've yet to see a single complaint on it save "Jumping from first person sucks." Heck, I'm not even hearing much of that one. Creepy.

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Hey, I have two qestions.ONE since squaresoft and nintendo FINALLY made up,is it possible that kingdom hearts will be coming out on the cube?
And i know someone probably asked already but is a fire emblem game coming to the cube? That would be so cool dont'cha think so?

Both are entirely possible, but neither has been announced.

Balance of news.

Dear Gramblebang,

So, let me get this straight: Breath of Fire V, an awesome-looking game, comes out last week in Japan, and nothing new about it is revealed on the site. Final Fantasy Ten Two, a game for which there is almost nothing known except that Yuna and Rikku are going to go through it half-naked, gets mentioned every single time a new blurry magazine scan becomes available. What gives? Am I really the only person who puts Breath of Fire V on the same standing as a Square release? Please tell me that someone over there has an interest in covering this game.

Albert Onyx

First off, yes, you probably are. Second, we don't generally do a thing when a game hits stores in Japan save monitor the status of the translation. The main issue here though is a little problem I like to call FF News Hyper-Focus Syndrome.

When Squaresoft is working on a game, every week or so they'll make a press release along the lines of "The king of the third town in the next FF game will be named Kevin." Since the FF series has more drooling rabid fans than any other RPG series out there, press sites like RPGamer take these little crumbs we're thrown and right up stories on them, which are read by something like 5 times as many people as stories about other games with a lot of new information.

In fairness though, this phenominon is NOT caused by us ignoring the press releases for other games, but rather because other games don't throw out a new press release every other day. So honestly, if Capcom started blabbing about every detail of BoF5, it'd get the same sort of focus. For now though, Square is the only one with that sort of hype machine.

Oh, and for the record, yon syndrome has always bugged me too.


Hi, i'm a frequent visitor to this site. One day, i was eating lunch with some people and some guy was talking about how Final Fantasy VI originated from a Book that was turned into a play, it was written by Hironobu Sakiguchi. I just want to know if this book actually exists and if any other Final Fantasy games started out as stories and if so, where can i go to find English Versions of it. Any knowledge of this would be greatly appreaicated.

Last I checked, none of the FFs are based on books. Plenty of RPGs are based on mythology, anime series and so forth, and there's plenty of books based ON RPGs, but in this particular instance I can give you a nice no.

Summon Worf's Kid


I've got an obscure question for you: a long time ago, somebody explained the possible inspiration for the (final fantasy) Alexander summon. I guess Alexander was a king who liked machines or something like that...

If you remember more info about that, it would really help me.

Thanks for your time!

Mister Art

As I recall, the concensus reached at the time was that in FF6 and on, there's a summon named after a king from FF5. I don't put much faith in that conclusion myself though.

Memory Card stuff

Hey Goog. Yesterday SuperGreenX said this: "Who thinks it's awesome that you can play Suikoden III with one hand?! I do!" Did anyone else besides me catch the inherent innuendo in that comment? I did!

Anyway, I have a technical question. I'm going through FFIX on my PS2 right now, and I have a weird problem. For some reason, FFIX will not recognize the PS2 memory card as a valid one. The card functions fine, because no other games are incompatible with it, and it loads up in the PS2 system screen. So why can't I use it to save? I had to resort to using a regular PS1 memory card... not a huge deal, but I'm curious as to why I'm getting the problem at all. Ever heard of it?

And also, Fanta Fanta, don't you wanta?


Either you don't know what innuendo means or something really went over my head. In any case, you can't save PS1 games on PS2 cards or vice versa.

Fun fact

That whole one-handed controls discussion got me thinking. I LOVED Earthbound's controls, and I mastered the art of playing Game Boy with one hand. Well, at least until GBA was released. I mean, those buttons are so far apart! Anyway, I was thinking that someone should design a one-handed controller that is comfortable enough to use with turn-based RPGs, even if it wouldn't work well with action or fast-paced games. What do you think?

BL Alien

Back in the days of the SNES, someone came out with a disc shaped, one handed controller, made specifically with RPGs in mind. It never came to the U.S. though. Still, you'd think someone would devise such a thing for the PSX.. or heck, take that one and add the two more buttons!


Actually goog, you can play suikoden 3 with either hand. You can move with either analog stick, and buttons on both sides do the same things.


I see. Spiffy

Optimus Prime isn't a normal size robot. I mean, he's a friggin' eighteen wheeler! He's pretty big...just look at him standing around everyone else.

Wolfie :)

Well granted, he's on the tall side, but I generally reserve the term giant robot for city destroying sized. Now Metroplex would be giant, and I'd even count Devestator. Prime's not quite big enough though.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow, Sean Peters from the editorials section will be around again, so ask all the questions of opinionatory matters you want.

Googleshng "Smurf you HAL!"

I'm a big girl! I don't need a babysitter to open doors for me!

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