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Googleshng - November 20 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It really is odd that they called it a GameCUBE and didn't pad up the height to make it true. Anyway, today's column will probably be a little on the skimpy side thanks to that irksome little fact that no column on Monday means no letters for Tuesday.

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hey there g,

been a while, but i've a couple of questions for you.

first, how goes the halloween picture? any progress?

It goes. There's an odd batch of pictures I have to find for this one. Taking a while to make'em match.

second, what's with the lack of column today (yesterday)?

You'd have to ask Aegis.

third, how's the cubey treatin' you?

that's it, i guess. see you later.


Quite abusively. See, I got one, but don't have any games for it yet, so when it wails "PLAY ME! MY CONTROLLER IS SO COMFORTABLE!" there's nothing I can do about it.

Personal Tastes

Hey [censored],

Why don't you like Persona? (The original, not the sequel.) I've played it, and I like it. The combat is...very unusual, and so is the concept the gameplay mechanics are based around. I haven't beaten it quite yet, but the plot seems kind, and those 3D, Byzantine mazes did a good job of convincing me that the recend trend towards short dungeons rather than long, involved sprawling ones is a good trend. But overall the game is quite enjoyable, at least to me--so I figured I'd ask you and see what you thought.

Oh, and a quick, random, unconnected-with-anything-else question: If you liked the first Persona, and you had to pick one, and you don't have a lot of time, which would you pick? Dragon Quest/Warrior VII, or Persona 2?


"[censored]"? That's a new one. Far stranger than if you had actually called me a swear. Anyway, here's why I don't like Persona. The "mazes" are random sprawls full of dead ends you aren't even forced to go down thanks to the overhead map. The "music" ranges from total silence to just a looping track of scattered laughter, with your loud footsteps drowning most of that out. In fights I have to hear 6 annoying voices shouting "Persona!" and the system of magic is basically FF7's materia system, except that you can only equip one at a time, and only keep a handful in your inventory. Oh, and the pacing is wretched too.

Actually, to be quite honest, I dislike Persona on too many levels to get in the head of someone who does and recommend either the sequel or DW7.


Hi-hi, Google-chan!

I was wondering what your thoughts about the upcoming Square/Disney game, Kingdom Hearts. So far, I think the only opinion you've given is that it "looks insane". What I'm wondering is, do you mean in a bad or a good way? I originally thought the game was going to suck to high heaven, but after a couple months and a dozen screenshots later, I'm beginning to get interested... dare I say excited? It looks insane, sure, but that's part of its charm, and it seems to have a lot of potential. Not only that, but it's one of the most intriguing crossover ideas I've seen in a while.

I'm especially interested to note that they're including FF7 and FF8 characters. Unfortunately, no word yet on my all-time favourite character. So to Square, if they're listening, I give this message:


Thanks for letting me vent.
Usagi "Drooling over the idea of 128 bit Sephy... *pant*pant* yummy bishonen" Vindaloo

Generally speaking, if I say something "looks insane", that's a compliment. Kingdom Hearts is no exception to that. Whenever I look at some screens I just start laughing and saying "What were they THINKING?!?"

I do not how ever have any interest in playing Kingdom Hearts for one very simple reason. It is targeted at a YOUNG audience. This means that it will be even easier than the recent FF games, and won't have any real depth to it. Shock value is all well and good, but I personally need a bit more than just that in my games.

Just this once...

Hello Google. I sent this to Aegis, and Chesh.

If you read Chesh's two most recent columns I am that guy Doug. You probably don't have a very high view of me or my letter but I do ask you to read this and possible print it. i do not enjoy being publically insulted. Here goes, it's long, but please bear with me:

Hello this is that guy guy who's letter you should have refuted, Doug.
No don't disregaurd this just because I'm so obviously stupid and not worth your time. You just may learn something.
First off, I normally wouldn't even be writing this, but I don't like it when people publically attack my intelligence, ideals, and views.
OK, I 'partially' want the X-box to fail because I hate Microsoft. It seems BL Alien and you both missed the pesky little word, "partially", that I oh so nastily snuck in that sentence.
The other reasons I want it to fail I will explain later, but the reason I left these out is because I had no intentions to write an editorial to the Q&A about why I want it to fail. I was simply asking a valid question about how the X-box did.
Now, the other reasons I want it to fail are as follows; It's been proven that the videogame market cannot sustain three systems. The Commodore 64, and the many Ataris both died out as soon as the Master System and Nintendo came out. Neo-Geo, 3DO, Atari Jaguar, and another computer based videogame system which I do not remember the name of all failed because the SNES and the Genesis dominated the market. The Saturn and Playstation both were successful until the Nintendo 64 came out when the Saturn slowly but surely died. Then out of order came the Dreamcast, but even with it's superior power it couldn't survive in the Playstation and N64 dominated market (especially with the new systems out on the horizon). For the last year it's been a one system world (PS2) and now two more systems come out. Do you serously think it's possible for the videogame market to sustain all three? Hopefully not, because despite every living persons effort in the history of this planet, history DOES repeat itself.
With all that informatin in mind I would definetly like to see the X-box fail instead of Gamecube, or PS2 (which I stated in my previous letter). Yes, I said it, I want the X-box to fail instead of the PS2 or the Gamecube. That is the main reason I want it to fail. Other less informative reasons i want it to fail are; I actually do hate the name 'X-box', It doesn't have ANY games on it's far off horizon that I am even remotly interested in, again I dislike Microsoft and all it stands for, I do dislike the advertisments, it's huge heavey and bulky, the controller is really badly designed, it doesn't have a fraction of the Japanese developers (the only ones that matter IN MY OPINION) that the Gamecube of PS2 has, and fianlly all I see it as is a smaller PC equip with the errors, freezes, and mandatory upgrades of other PC's.
The reason I hate Microsoft are mine and mine alone, I don't see the point of standing against capitalism in an RPG Q&A column. That's what protests are for...If BL Alien thinks I should have explained my views and their reasons then he obviously doesn't know much about the world and people with anti-capitalism views, because if I did explain all my reasons this letter would be about 20 pages longer.
As I read through BL Alien's letter my last sentence pretty much refutes all of his letter on why should I hate Microsoft and all it stands for.
But I think this letter has completly cleared the air on me being un-intelligible, not thinking too hard, not thinking at all, not knowing anything about the videogame market, or about videogames in general. Now, I personally don't think I promote prejudice and ignoramce, in fact I think I promote the exact opposite, informed decisions, and views on thngs influenced by the UN-questionable force called history. May I add that I evaded falsly gloating about my grades in school, the reason is there is no possible way for me to prove that to you and you would have probably regaurded me as a child if I did. My final comment in that letter about being younger than you was obviously a joke and it's at the end of every letter I send.
Now for your reply to his letter.
I've never visited a message board in my life. I think MacDonalds makes quality products, just not as high caliber as, real restaurants, or even Wendys. I come to my own conclusions about my views. I can in all honesty say I try not to be influenced by what others say. But I am also honest enough to realize that the it is impossible for any human not to be affected by the opinions of others. No matter how hard you try, in the end one persons words are always present in your mind when you go to develop an opinion or an idea about anything. It's human nature. If this wasn't true than humans simply could not learn because everything most people ever learn in their life has been taught to the by another through various media (books, teachers, music, art, ect.).
I sadly have just read the part of your reply that states something about capitalism. I seriously must have missed that word when I quickly read over it earlyer. Now you probably think I conjured my idea about standing against capitalism out of nowhere, and the only reason I even mentioned the word is because you put the thought into my head. I hope you believe me when I say that this is not the case. I have participated in many anti-capitalism protests. You remeber hearing about the one in Quebec earlier this year with all the riots? Where police sprayed people with firehouses? I was there, in the back somewhere of course, I didn't want to get tear gased and such.
I really resent the fact that you used 'nerd' in your reply. As much as I would like preach to you the fact that I am not a nerd by any means, it would be redundant and childish. I simply cannot prove that I am not a nerd. But I do disgress at the fact that you even used the word 'nerd'. Personally that sounds prejudice...but that's just my opinion.
Fianlly, you should have forshadowed the consequences of printing that letter in it's entirety. You could have simply printed the questions I sent and I would have been happy.

I spent an hour and a half writing this so I would greatly appreciate it being printed. Sorry for the length of it.

Good Day young lad

Doug (you're probably older than I)

I have a pretty strict policy against posting this sort of letter. Usually I call this policy "RPGamer has an editorials section." I made an exception today because I needed to fill some space, and because I came back from my weekend to find some nasty loose ends floating about.

Anyway though, while we're on the subject of cheap shots, over the weekend someone...oh hey, it was you in fact, said this:

"One thing I must say is that Googleshng is completly biased towards all systems but the Gamecube."

Now, there are two serious problems with this statement. First, I own, at last count, 12 video game systems. Second, for me to be biased as you said, I would have to have some outside interest in the GameCube. Last I checked, I don't work for Nintendo, nor do I know anyone who does.

You ALSO said "it looks like he is trying to accept the PS2 as a system at least now."

"Now"? I have always said that hardware wise the PS2 sucks, because it does. Out of all the systems out this generation, it's the least capable of cranking out truly impressive visuals. I've also said it's overpriced, which it is. $300 is way too much to ask for a videogame system. Particularly one which has been out a year and is now up against a machine with superior specs that only costs $200. However, I have also always mentioned the various PS2 games I'm looking forward to. Bottom line is, I'm just sitting here waiting for the price to drop down QUITE a bit.


Why isn't 'Radical Dreamers' listed under the Chrono games? :(

Because it was a text adventure distributed by way of a strange Japan-only satellite accessory for the SNES and therefore no copies of it exist to grab media from?

The Last Laugh:

Well, there's the column. Now off I go to play a game I haven't touched in about a year. Bye!

Googleshng "Cockroach hair"
1, 1, 1, 1, 1... rar.

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