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Googleshng - November 19 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Last night one of my windows decided to pop out of the frame, and proceeded to remain free over several hours of trying to force it back in. It's a good thing this happened in late spring and not in like November or something when it would have been real cold outs- oh, right. So anyway, sleep deprivation. Now on with the column!

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FF Personalitiy

You're the only Q&A person I write to.
Whenever I take internet personality tests, I seem to get the best outcome (which anime pet: Ryo-ohki, giant robot: Optimus Prime, FF1 character: Fighter), so why don't I have any friends?

Hmm... to hazard a guess, because you spend more time playing with personality tests than going out and meeting new people? Odd little side note by the way, I have this unsettling tendancy to always get non-characters in personality tests. Slayers: Lina's sister. Zim: The creator of the series. Trigun: Ma Nebraska. I mean, how can one have the personality of people whose personality traits are nowhere to be found?

Oh, and since when is Optimus Prime a GIANT robot? I mean, he's pretty much standard size.

Have you heard anything around the rumor mill about FF3 being brought to PS1? I mean, one and two are coming out, and it's got four through nine, so...
Have you ever heard from anyone else that Jean from Lunar 2 is the greatest RPG character ever?
I wanna live a brand new day, go far away, to Waka Laka Place.

This is one of those times where being bound to a non-disclosure agreement sucks. Anyway, Jean tends to be a lot of people's favorite character from Lunar 2, but I've never heard greatest character ever before.

Ia Ia Shadow Hearts Fhagn!

I found myself shocked that I liked the weekend host, I mean he was funny. And who cares if someone who has never seen you or knows you insults you? I'm just happy he knows his games. Anywho, I'm re-playing Shadow Hearts and I was wondering, is the last boss hard without all the secret fusion stuff? The first time I played I had all the secrets and unleased Holy Hell on him. (hmmmm, oxymoron.) my point is, should I not get all of the secret stuff to increase the challenge, which is what I want. If it doesn't change much then screw it. Thanks

Opinions on yon weekend newbie seem to run the gambit from "Making fun of everyone is pretty funny really," to "I hate how he makes fun of everyone." Personally I'm in the camp of "Huh. That's a much different style from when he guest hosted a couple years ago!"

Anyway though, it should be entirely possible to finish Shadow Hearts without the benefit of stuff like the last two forms for Yuri. I mean, getting the best one is roughly as difficult as taking out the last boss and all.

Love stories continue...

Sure, maybe love stories are a bit too cliche nowadays in RPGs, but come on! Don't you get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside when the guy gets the girl or vise-versa! And I for one, if traveling the country side fighting monsters in an attempt to save the world, wouldn't mind having a love interest with me. After all, who are we heroes usually trying to vanquish the villains for, our mothers? I think not! Whatcha think Goog? ~_^


The main problem I tend to have with love stories in RPGs, and everything else for that matter, is they have a habit of getting a good bit too much focus. It all boils down to one clichéed line really. "I don't care about saving the world from total anhiliation! All I care about is you!" I tend to immediately lose a truckload of respect for any character who says that. I mean, seriously. Get your priorities straight. Playing kissy face won't really be an option if the girly guy with the silver world nukes everyone. You know? The real bits that bug me how is that saying that usually saves the world, and how everyone on your party not involved in that conversation tends to get no development whatsoever.


other Metroid???

But I thought that the last Metroid was in captivity?!

-Mike "Rahlious" White

See, this is the problem when you eradicate the things the franchaise is named after.




Ah, the eternally creepy question.

Who thinks itŐs awesome that you can play Suikoden III with one hand?! I do! SnackinŐ and gaminŐ at the same time! Wooooeee!


Earthbound did that way back in the day, and I thought it was a great idea. What I'd really like to see though is an RPG with a possible controller configuration that lets you play with EITHER hand.

The Last Laugh:

Hey, I forgot to mention the rant I threw up over the weekend, didn't I.

Googleshng "Boing!"

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