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Googleshng - November 13 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I finally found a new weekend guy, I picked up all of Gunbuster for about 10 bucks, and if I can scrape up the money somehow, I'll be playing Resident Evil 0 tonight.

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Hmm. "Magic Ghoul Anime". By any chance would that involve Arucard dressed up in a sailor suit?

Oh yeah. There are some Resident Evil books, but I haven't read them. From what I've heard they kinda follow the story of the games, but change enough stuff to really piss off fans. Anyway, they look a little stupid and don't think there would be much reason to read them over, say, a good Stephen King book, or something, but I suppose if you wanted to you could check on Amazon. I know they're there.

Shame on you for using the stupid spelling, and no, cool vampires aren't quite rotting enough to be magical ghouls.

As far as books based on games though, I've never really liked that concept. Sharkey on the other hand is building an online archive.

A relatively simple matter.

Well, I hope you know something about construction of games,(or anything that will help), because I have a problem. My PS2 was knocked over with Suikoden 3 inside of it, now I can not enter a place called Mt. Hei-Tou, (you move along the map like FFT.) the odd thing is I can only not enter there, I hear a clicking sound and the loading screen goes up forever. Also, If the cursor even goes over the area I can not enter any other place. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY GIVE ME HELP THAT ACTUALLY HELPS!!!!.....Thanks

Well, I would assume the disc either got a scratch, which can be fixed via those "Disc doctor" things as well as a few home brewed remedies I can't really recommend in good concience, or an outright crack, in which case you'd probably need a new one, but I'm sure it would be an issue in more than one area.

I get this way too often...

Hi, where can I find a place to purchase chrono cross and chrono trigger merchendise.

Hmm... memorabilia of RPGs that have been out a good number of years? I suppose I'd have to suggest eBay.

The Last Laugh:

Light load of letters today. Seems a shame after the nice batch yesterday. In any case, tomorrow, Cortney Stone, one of RPGamer's extremely rare female newsies will be guest hosting, so feel free to send in plenty of questions, particularly on older games.

Googleshng "Homing... LASER!"

That's probably the most non-sensical weapon ever.

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