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Googleshng - November 12 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Well, the zombie infestation of my brain has been beaten down to bad pun level today. Of course I'm still rather shocked to see nobody was put off by yesterday's intro. Anyway, let's get on with it.

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Hey, it's Mog!

Greetings (Googleshng sings) Googleshng
I did not just vanish off the face of the earth like some would argue. I just am real busy, I.E. playing the hell out of Suikoden III. One thing of note is for having past save data you do get a couple of new plays. I have spent a good amount of time having various characters perform in the plays since some of them are just horrible actors.
On a silly note I do think that you are in fact, an Amano drawing. The facts are just staring at everyone since you note you're pale, thin, and have silver hair.
Imperial Mog

Once again, I fail to see where people get the idea that I'm thin.

Side quests?

Hey Goog,

I have to say that one of my pet peeves as far as the last few Final Fantasy games goes is the lack of side quests that are really quests. What I mean by this is that in the older Final Fantasy games (like 5 through 8) had optional quests, which were like added parts of the storyline, whereas 9 and 10 really had a major lack of side quests per se, and more crap like "catch 7000000 butterflies to get an item that you then take to the guy at the ranch who then gives you an item you can combine at the altar with the bauble you got from raising the god of all chocobos to create Kimahri's ultimate weapon." One of the reasons I thought Final Fantasy 6 was one of the greatest games of all time is that there's so many optional storyline oriented quests, such as the dream sequence at Doma and the hidden castle. So my question is this: do you prefer actual optional quests, or the more mini-game-like side quests (for lack of a better term) that are in the later games?

Robust Stu

PS Can I not be the new permanent weekend host? I really really hope so!

I've noticed the best RPGs tend to stick to a formula of being pretty darn linear for the first half of the game, and then having the second half of the game be a matter of "OK, here's the world map. The last battle will be in this big ominous tower, but you'll probably want to go exploring and find all sorts of groovy things on your own before you head out. Any game that skews too far in either direction tends to suck. Oh, and sure! You can not be the new weekend guy! You and a few thousand others!

Zombie Cowboys

Hey goog,

So, you've got zombie on the brain too, huh? I was going to ask if you had been playing too much RE lately, but then i read your page o' rants. I've never actually played the games, but I've been reading the books for the last week (i just finished the third one). I can't play games like that at home, my parents won't let me. In fact, they don't know I'm reading the books. They think I'm still reading Lord of the Rings. Anyway, on to the question.

Is WA3 actually worth getting? I love the original game, but the second one wasn't nearly as good. Is it worth going out and paying full price to get it now or should i wait for it to show up cheaper at a used game store?


There's Resident Evil BOOKS? Odd. Anyway though, if you liked WA1, it's a good bet you'd like 3. It corrects pretty much all of the horrible horrible mistakes they made with 2, and doesn't really make any new ones (except for killing a good chunk of the individuality of characters in combat). Plus it's translated by Square, so the plot can actually be followed and tied into the first one.

Odd choice

I have only one question for you Goog. Final Fantasy Tactics or Xenogears? I have heard that they are both really great, but I need a second opinion. So that is all and I wish thee good day.


That's a very strange question to hear in this day and age, but I'd probably go with FFT. Xenogears is nice if you're in the mood for a book, FFT's a pretty solid TRPG.

Oh Rikku you're f- Oh I can't bring myself to finish.

You were asked: "Well then answer me this. Is Rikku still a squeaky little runt?" You answered: In what? Kingdom Hearts? FFX-2? If the person were referring to Kingdom Hearts, that would be Riku (pronounced the same, spelled differently) and, Riku is not in any way, shape, or form, squeaky, ever.

I was going on the assumption that said person had no clue if KH contained FF10's Rikku or not. Given the Eidos sort of look to FFX-2 though, let's say Rikku is Yuna's new girlfriend, wears even less, but has the same voice actor.

Wise man once say: RTFM.

Hey Goog, you've beaten Shadow Hearts at least once or twice, right?

I've been playing through shadow hearts, and it's so far been a great game. But I got to the old castle street in London and some kid stole Margarete's wallet. I found out that he live in an abandoned house, went there and tried to enter using that push ring, I've pressed every button and nothing happens. I've read walkthroughs but all they say is that the push ring is tough, not how to get by it. I'm in need of some help.

-A witty saying proves nothing, but saying somthing pointless gets people's attention

Like the term Push Ring suggests, and like the big page of instructions that pops up says, you push X repeatedly, trying to keep the indicator in the good band when the time stops.


Please, they prefer the living impaired.

-Mike "Rahlious" White

No, that's the old term. Now it's Differently Animated.

Use Holy Water it'll clear the zombie right up :P Zeromus

Can't I just use a cross-shaped boomerang?

The Last Laugh:

Rain, rain, go away! There's a drought in Paraguay!

Googleshng "*BOOK!*"

The sound made by there being a book.

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