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Googleshng - November 11 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

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All this talk about FF sequals, why can't Square make a sequal of a game people want a continuation of: FF TACTICS >.< I'm sure there is more support for that than sequals to the numbered series ---Ari

I have no idea. You'd think Square would pick up on people wanting another game set in that world. Of course, a lot of people look down on FFTA because the idea of characters from a world with cars and such being transported to FFT's setting is just plain silly.

Darn. If I could have found a shot of Cloud in FFT, that would have been perfect.

Zombie zombie!

Here's a quick FFVI Ending Info Smorgasbord!

There's no "special ending," per se, but certain things happen differently according to the characters you get. Firstly, each characters' little section of the ending is just a pan shot of some random area with the character's headshot looking down on things if you didn't get that specific character. The only folks you're obligated to recollect are Edgar, Celes, and Setzer. Sabin is not mandatory, as long as you don't enter that town whose name I forgot. There are also a couple different endings for each character; that is, Celes's is different without Locke, Edgar's is different without Sabin (no one's there to catch that falling pillar!), and Relm's is different without Strago.

Also, if you go face down Kefka without recruiting Terra first, there's a scene back at the little orphanage place and then she'll fly up anyway. The real bonus here is that Kefka gets an extra line of dialogue. Something about "first row seats." Sorry, my memory's a tad foggy.

Anyhow, that's all I can recall on the subject. Hope it helps and stuff.


How the heck did THIS come up again?

Zombie zombie zombie!

I've been looking all over the internet for info on a possible Chrono Cross sequel, yet I have come up with nothing. Have you by any chance come across any information or heard any rumours about this?

I'm dying for info on this subject!

I think your problem might be the fact that SQUARESOFT HAS NOT ANNOUNCED A THIRD CHRONO GAME OR EVEN HINTED AT PLANS TO MAKE ONE. So, the only rumor floating around out there on the matter is that my last statement isn't true.

Zombie zombie zombie zombie!

Suikoden type spoilers?
Using a suikoden1 data save in conjunction with a suikoden2 save doesn't make any real difference, I believe the only thing it would change is the level of 'young' Viki. The older Viki will retain the level from suikoden 2, and young Viki should run off of suikoden1's save. Apart from that I don't think very much from either suikoden carries over.

The person doing the official review here was complaining earlier about how little info carries over from the earlier games to 3. Rather surprising in light of how Suik 2 rewarded you for gutting the first one.


Well then answer me this. Is Rikku still a squeaky little runt?


In what? Kingdom Hearts? FF10-2?

Hey, why has your review of Arc the Lad Collection suddenly vanished completely?

- Gandalf the Black Rabbit

... that's a very good question. The actual review is right where it should be, but for someone seems to have accidentally deleted the links to it.

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