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Googleshng - November 7 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

You know, I can only think of two Brians ever to work here. Both worked media, and both had Chocobo related IRC nicks. Strange.

Brian: Yeah. Choco reporting for duty. I've been at RPGamer for almost two months now and none of you have ever heard of me! This is my first Q&A guest hosting session, so maybe I'll get a little bit of publicity from this... or will I? Ahh, it doesn't matter. I crave Tootsie Rolls. I will get some after I'm replying to some of these questions.

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You just noticed?

What's the deal about this new game, Final Fantasy 10-2?  There is a zequel to Final Fantasy 10?  When is it coming out, and for what? An X-Box, PS2, what? Thanx 4 ur time

It's an FFX sequel coming out for PS2. That pretty much sums it up. It seems more like a spin-off than a sequel, seeing how the gameplay will be different, and Yuna will be dressed like a... uhh.. how can I put this nicely...nevermind. *cringes* No idea on a release date, but Square seems to be pushing it out pretty fast.

That seems to sum it up nicely. They're also thinking of making a sequel to FF7. So... this sequel will be set in the afterlife or something I guess.


Is phantasy star online coming out for the PC or not.  It says it is, but I cant find it and theres no news on it, is it out on PC yet, will it ever?  
Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but its driving me crazy! Also if PSO is coming out for the PC, will there be a charge like there is on the GC?
thanks :D

Huh? What's this nonsense? No one ever told me about a PC release for PSO! I mean, the X-Box release isn't even ready yet, so how can they think about a PC release? Urgh, my head hurts.

PSO was released for the PC about a year ago, in Japan. There has never been any talk of a stateside PC release.


The only info that I've been able to get on Xenosaga coming to the states was the article Xenosaga Localization Confirmed 11/09/02 on RPGamer.  Now that was a year ago, and I was wondering if there has been any recent info on it coming out here, or was it completly scraped. 


From what I know, the game is still on it's way. You probably won't see too much about it until after Christmas, though I may be mistaken. The game is currently set for a early 2003 release, so Namco probably has more important games to advertise for the holiday season than the game that will be coming out after the season ends entirely. *cough* On a personal note, my fanboyish habits will probably renew themselves at the official mention of a release date. Here's a preview: "WAI WAI!"

Like I seem to recall saying recently. The only news you ever hear between a game being released in Japan and it hitting the U.S. is delay announcements. If you aren't hearing any, that's a good thing.

Xtreme Sequels!

Hey there. Maybe this is a stupid question, but the title of Squaresoft's Final Fantasy X sequel: Is it pronounced "ten-two", or "Ex-two"? Both of them sound bad, but I just wondered. Come to think of it, the idea of a Final Fantasy sequel sounds bad, too.

I think it depends. Saying "Final Fantasy Ten Two" would be correct and so would "eff eff ex two" in my opinion. And if you keep on thinking, you'll become spiteful of the very mention of "Final Fantasy". Don't ask me if that's a good or a bad thing, I'm still debating with myself.

It's Final Fantasy Ten, not Ex, therefore it would have to be Final Fantasy Ten Two, making it quite possibly the stupidest and least creative name for a game ever.

A Chrono game that actually exists... sorta.

Just wondering something you might be able to answer, or at the very least pass on. I read the column everyday, and I noticed that someone posted details regarding possible Chrono Trigger Series additions yesterday. I also have heard nothing regarding these and am sure you guys would cover them if they existed.
However, why doesn't RPGamer cover any details on Radical Dreamers? This game is an actual link between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, produced by Squaresoft, and although its more of a storybook RPG (choose your own adventure) then a traditional RPG I think it should be covered so more people know of its existence.
FYI - Was released as a series of games for the Super Famicom add-on, Satellaview. The only two companies to make games for this add-on where Squaresoft and Nintendo. I'll not place details on that here though, you could find it easily enough on your own. If someone responds to me, perhaps I'll post a little bit more on the game or something, but I don't really want to turn this post into a spoiler. = ^^ =
That Is All,
Essence Knight

All that's known on the new Chrono game(to my knowledge) is that it'll be named Chrono Break. The name "Chrono Break" was apparently copyrighted, and people jumped all over it, saying it'd be a new Chrono game from Square. Chrono Break very well become a game, but I have seen no details released about the game. This should explain why we don't cover it. It's true we could probably slap it under the "Unknown" section on the Upcoming Games page, but... We don't even know if it's in production, unlike the "tri-Ace Mystery RPG" that we actually a tidbit or two of information on due to an official annoucment. If we get any info on Chrono Break, I'm sure it'll be posted on RPGamer quickly. *gives the news team a quick and evil look*

Excuse me while I channel the spirits of Q&A past and give Brian here a *THWAP* for misreading your question. Anyway, the reason we don't have any coverage of Radical Dreamers, aside from appearing via an extremely quirky add-on gimmick, is that it was a text adventure, not an RPG. It's the same reason that while we cover the MMBN games, we have no screens of Mega Man 2, and no coverage of Castlevania 3.


In Concern to the Memory cards from Japan I own two One for PS1 and one for PS2 LEt me say that they both work quite well with ALL other Regions

Well, that's nice to hear. That'll make PS2 importing simpler, I guess.

See? See? There's something I wasn't sure on, and couldn't verify, and I was right. More evidence that the universe is against my ever doing fact checking... or something. Oh, and to clarify, that has no impact whatsoever on the woes of importing. We're talking memory cards. Not games. Not save files.


Goog, who is the mystery girl of FFX-2? (Sarcastically) I will forever be your slave if you tell me.
Kris Crystal

Brian:Somehow, I think I should stay away from this question.
Google:As I do not work for Squaresoft, I can't give you any information they haven't released to the public. Actually, even if I did, I'd be contractually obligated to keep my mouth shut. So, unless you mean Yuna, I can't help you.

The Last Laugh:

Brian: Oh yeah. Mmm. Tootsie Rolls rock me. I take the GED tomorrow at a pretty early time in the morning, so I should probably stop rotting my teeth and eyes while sitting here at my desk. First the GED, then college! ONWARD, MY MINIONS!... I don't have any? Crap.

I think this'll do it for my guest hosting today. Thanks for allowing me to help out, Goog =D

Google: Well off I go. There are equal odds of me spending the weekend in Boston, playing D&D over IRC, or just sitting here working on stuff. I really wish I could find out which it is NOW.

Googleshng "Definite plans are less common in my family than kings."

Not to mention 5-pronged molars, and geniuses who frequently almost get themselves killed by common household items.

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