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Googleshng - November 6 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Way too many Fox Trot strips resemble my life 2 weeks prior to going up. Today's doesn't in particular, in that I don't go around quoting Mac commercials, but hey, I know plenty of people who do!

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Hello Google,
I hear this is off of some Japanese gaming board and somebody has translated the text... I don't know if this is reliable or not but i will tell you what they wrote anyway cause it caught my eye and i was wondering if it's possible, or if anyone else has heard this.

Chrono Break
The story offers an alternate possibility to the Chrono Cross universe. Setting is set at AD 1005 where the continent of Zenan is on the verge of collapse. The concept of magic is almost gone from this world, and an artififact known as the Chrono Break holds key to the world's magic dilemma. Also, the protagonist appears to intervene in a vengeance-plot set forth by a young boy with blue-eyes and no historic background. Looks like this title is for the GBA.

Chrono Trigger 2
The story takes place in the central continent of Zenan. The history is synchronized with the setting of Chrono Break. It seems to say that there was a war going on against Pourre and some kind of "relevation" was clarified at the end of this war, something about some "demonic family" (I'm not clear on that sentence). The hero (whom was also the prince of Guardia) was expelled from the kingdom under the order of the minister. Chrono Trigger 2 is being developed for the Game Cube.

Both slated for a 2003 summer release.

And that's it. Well?

Were Squaresoft to actually announce a new Chrono game, let alone two, we'd have a story on it up that day.

Cards of Memory (2)

Hey. Do Japanese PS2 memory cards work with American PS2 systems? I would want to import one of those Tales of Destiny 2 Memory Cards if it'd work with my system.

Thank you

Well, in theory it should work. I can't think of any reason to put regional lockouts on a storage medium. I've never heard of anyone who actually tried though.

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... either there weren't many letters today, or there were way too many that looked enough like spam to be tossed out. So if you sent a letter asking what the best way to upgrade weapons in WA3 are, but stuck something in the subject line like "HOT NAKID REPUBLICAN BODZ", you might want to resend it with the subject line "WA3 Weapons question" or something. Otherwise, Brian Hagen from our Media department is going to make another run at the guest hosting bit.

Oh hey, did I forget to ever link to my Halloween Rant?

Googleshng "Avast!"

A vest!

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