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Googleshng - November 5 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

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Time to Bash PE2!

Raabu ando piisu!!!!! Donatsu ga oishii desu yo!

Err, I don't think Parasite Eve II was unplayable, but it definitely had some problems. The game would've been much better if they had used a standard, rather than Resident Evil-style, movement system, but otherwise it was fun and scary in a mindless Resident Evil sort of way. I guess it just comes down to whether you enjoy survival horror games as well as RPGs...

Anyway, any silly rumors about what Fainaru Fuantaji XII and XIII are going to be about? Come on, do your worst!

-nzilla, the raving otaku/Macintosh geek/UNIX nerd

I love both genres, and I'm particularly fond of Resident Evil 2, which PE2 rips off wholesale. Here's some of the many ways it completely fails when looked at as a member of that genre:

  1. You have infinite ammo.
  2. You're always better off killing everything you find.
  3. You have very limited inventory space, and there is something like RE's item boxes, but they aren't linked together, so you have to constantly run back and forth from trunk A to trunk B.
  4. It uses RE style turn/move controls, but when you go to target a monster, you spin to face it if you stop moving, and can't STOP targetting.
  5. Combat boils down to standing in place and firing 300 shots at a monster that just sits there twitching.
  6. It is not in any way scary.

I could go on, but feel I'm wasting everyone's time. Oh, and I don't know of any rumors about future FF games.

PSO Ep 2 Story

I'm just passing this info along. Episode 2 story line

a while later, after the defeat of Dark Falz, monsters are still appearing. suddenly Pioneer 2 recieves a communication from an Island of Gal De Val. the one making the communications claims to have been from pioneer 1. Finally! a survivor from pioneer 1. All hunters are to report to the lab to begin taking the acceptance test to allow themselves to go down to Gal De Val.


Upon reaching Gal De Val, monsters are all over the place, and messages are being found all over. It isn't until after a battle with Gal Gryphon that the truth is uncovered. there is a sea base underneath the island. Messages and real time commucations are found all over, all leads to the final battle, Olga Flow. when all is said and done, it is revealed that it is a transformed HEATHCLIFF FLOWEN. it seems that there was a secret project besides settling on a new planet. Flowen gets hit by dark falz when they encounter and is transformed into Olga Flow over time. All he can think of in the end is how Red Ring Rico would react. Credits roll. To be continued.

Just a warning to US players. the servers are not connected with JP servers, and while i haven't confirmed this yet, supposedly the dupe bug still exists. it was covered up and is harder to do but from what i'm hearing it can be done.


There you have it.


Two little quickie-thingies:

The story with the Donkey etc. was "The Bremen Town Musicians"


Technical question: Are GameBoy games bought in Europe compatible with a system bought in America?

Thank you!

Thank you, and yes, Gameboys have no regional lockouts.


You know, now that I think of it, you're right. After playing WA1 so many years ago, I've been dying for a prequel to find out what happened in the great war. As soon as I saw the name Maxwell, I thought this might happen prior to the first one. Of course, I was so wrapped up in a prequel, I never even thought about a direct sequel. If this is in fact the case, then it is doing a very very good job. However, I still think that WA2 is off in space somewhere... I couldn't find many ways to tie it to WA1 except a brief mention of the Emma Motor and the use of the gaurdians. To be honest, I can't even remember if Baskar was in WA2. So, I guess that's my question. Is Baskar even in WA2?

Oh, and you might want to check out Strongbad's Email. I think you'd get an extra special kick out of it.


Baskar is most definitely in WA2. It's where you get the character who completely destroys any semblence of difficulty that may have existed by having a free spell that heals everyone to just about full and always goes off first.

Oh hey.

Person: "Is Square trying to make Yuna into Lara Croft?
Do we need to see that done to a Final Fantasy character...?"

You: "To the former: Sure looks it. To the latter: Another? The only other character you could be referring to is Tifa, who I seem to recall predates Tomb Raider by quite a bit. "

Another? Dude, he never said another...
That must've been one of those times when you think someone says something, because if they would, that would make sense, only they didn't(say it, that is).

- Gandalf the Rainbow Rabbit

Huh. You're right. I somehow hallucinated a "nother" there. Weird.


what are some examples of how math is involved with video games? If you can think of any I would appreciate it because I need it for a school project.


Brian B

Do you mean playing them or programming them? If you want playing, figuring out when you need to heal. Programming, well, everything.

A friend and I are working on a e-mail petition to get Final Fantasy 1 and 2 for the PSX released here. Is there a way RPGAMER can help spread the word?

Thank you for your time


RPGamer never touchs online petitions, on the grounds that companies always completely ignore them.

You say that Final Fantasy VII predates Tomb Raider, but the first release of Tomb Raider came out in 11/96, while the first release of FFVII was 1/97. Sure it's close, but FFVII by no means predates it "by quite a bit".

And yes this correctly figures in Japanese releases.


The problem there is that when you factor in development time, and the fact that Tomb Raider wasn't on anyone's radar for a notable amount of time before it was released, there isn't enough time to rip it off.

Yo, I wonder how many of us geeks caught The Gripping Hand refrence yesterday? Do you like any other Niven?


This would make more sense if it was printed the day I got it, but you seem to be the only one who caught that, and I have read and enjoyed pretty much everything by Larry Niven... except for stuff written in the last couple years. Curse those living authors and their habit of perpetually writing books I haven't read yet...

What is the name of the program that you and your fellow RPGamers use to build/maintain the site?

Every page on RPGamer is coded by hand, so, a variety of simple text editors.

The Last Laugh:

Yeah, the closing writing part too.

Googleshng "Get out of the yard you punks!"

They aren't even spilling into my yard, they're spilling into the yard on the other side after spending a while in mine!

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