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Googleshng - November 4 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Well, Halloween came and went, leaving in its wake a Simpsons Halloween episode with some ideas that are actually good. Oh yeah, and a spoof of one of the Slayers OAVs. That's pretty random of them.

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You know a lot so i figured i would ask you these questions ive been dying to know about.

1. Has SCEI even thought about a sequel to Legend of was there only RPG title to hit the greatest hits list?

I seem to recall reading an interview on this very site when LoD was first released that hinted at the possibility, but in light of the fact that LoD was a piece of unbelievably generic garbage, I kinda hope not. Oh, and Sony published plenty of RPGs that became Greatest Hits games. Like say, FF7 and FFT.

2. Has Squaresoft hinted to another addition to the Chrono series?

No. Many people are however convinced they're doing one having copywritten "Chrono Break" a while ago.

3. Do you know anything about an addition to the Ogre Battle series for PS2 or the like?

If you could give me some sort of answer and e-mail it back to me i would be most thankful. Thanks.

Well, every single game in the series thus far has debuted on a Nintendo system, so odds would be a lot better of seeing one on the Cube than the PS2.

Sequels 2: First Blood

Hey Google,

With Christmas coming up I have been looking at your release dates to see what games I are good about now. I see that there are tons of sequels, however.

1. With most of these sequels, do you have to have played and beat the prequels in order to enjoy it thoroughly?

The Suikoden series is pretty tightly knit, other than that you should be fine.

2. With the modem out, will most PS2 MMORPGs require the fee? I would guess they would...

Thanks again Goog,

-Jacon FireBorn

As a general rule, MMORPGs have monthly fees attached. Otherwise it would be impossible to make a profit off them in the longterm. The only exceptions are simple home brewed game and the occasional text based deal. Neither of those works on a console.

Whenever I hear "Lance Bass" I think of the Mega Man X games...

Hey, Yo

     Got a question for the one they call Goog. What is your favorite method of learning Magic? There's buying it (FFI & FFV), Leveling up (FFIV), Espers/ leveling up/ Equipment (FFVI & IX), Materia (FFVII), Draw Points (FFVIII). Also in your opinion, Is the most horrific moment in RPG history, including learning that the once Great, Mighty, and Venerable Sephiroth is voiced by that B*****d who s***s monkey gonads, Lance Bass, of NSync.

P.S. Paul Wellstone, We all miss you. Same goes for your Wife and Daughter. we will make you proud here in Minnesota.

-Blade Stryfe

I like the way learning magic works in Grandia... on paper that is. The more you use a certain element, the more you can do with it. Diablo 2's system works pretty nicely too, but if you don't know what you're doing ahead of time it's too easy to get messed up. Honestly, I'm happy with anything that involves increasing extra-specialized levels.

Oh, and most horrific moment: realizing that I paid good money for the unplayable Parasite Eve 2.

Raabu ando PSO!


Ok, I have a question about PSO.  What's the storyline for Episode 2?  I haven't gotten a Cubey yet, but rest assured, as big a PSO freak I am, it will be mine (oh yes, it will be mine...just as soon as I kick this Vice City/Age of Mythology habit).  Erm, as it were, I've looked everywhere for info on the story for Ep. 2.  Can you fill me in?


Well, I like my Gamecube, and I love Phantasy Star, but seeing how PSO managed to totally stomp out any potential it had to link to the rest of the games through contradiction, retread the plot of an earlier game, AND still manage to be practically non-existent, I haven't really looked into the story of the new chunk. I'll have to check with someone who has it.

What's like an Ogre?

I have had all possible platforms and have landed on PS2. The only problem is that my favorite game on the other platforms was Ogre Battle by Atlus. I have played Wizardry by Atlus but it doesn't compare. The FF series doesn't do it for me either. I was just wondering if you could suggest a game that might be able to compare to the GREAT OGRE BATTLE series? any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hmm... there aren't really any other RPGs that play like Ogre Battle, but you honestly get a pretty similar experience playing any RTS, so uh.. check out WarCraft 3?

Final Fantasy Ten... TWO!

Tried to send this to the host over the weekend... it just got returned to my email addy...

I watched the FFX-2 preview video... and at the end... you see a sequence with Yuna coming out of a flip, her guns drawn... and I just had to stop the video...
Is Square trying to make Yuna into Lara Croft?
Do we need to see that done to a Final Fantasy character...?

To the former: Sure looks it. To the latter: Another? The only other character you could be referring to is Tifa, who I seem to recall predates Tomb Raider by quite a bit.

The Last Laugh:

PSO 1&2 came out over the weekend. This begs the question, is it worth paying another $50 bucks on top of all the money I spent on the DC version just to play it splitscreen with my friends?

Well yes, but if I had $50 there are a good dozen things more worth the cost.

Googleshng "Off I go!"

2 famous songs from Germany: Du Hast, 99 Luftballoons. That's just weird.

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