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Googleshng - October 31 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Happy halloween everyone. I saw something VERY SCARY on the table in front of me today! A bottle of Pepsi Blue! I hadn't bought one either. The grocery store was forcing them on people, and someone just dumped it on my table and not in a proper place for the disposal of hazardous materials. Also, there was a last minute change in guest hosts here.

Zach: And a great huzzah at my second appearance in the Q&A realm. 'Tis I! Zachary 'ASV' Lewis, great archive maintainer of reviews department and resident game reviewer. Not much to say, so on with the task at hand!

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Dear Goog,

This question censored as it would awaken Horrors Man Was Not Meant To Know if printed.

Second, about this weekend hosting thing, why not take a few weeks to see who's available to work on the weekends and put it up to popular vote with that poll of yours? This is just a suggestion, so just consider the idea, alright? It could be useful.

Well, because that would only work if I had a list of people I was trying to narrow down.

Third, where do you get the energy and ideas to write those rants?
They're pretty insightful if you know the subject material.

Well, I suppose I get the energy from digesting food, and the ideas from the fact that I'm a total nutcase.

Fourth, what is the weirdest rumor you ever heard on the internet concerning RPGs? Don't count the Aeris Resurrection rumor!!

Two and three don't apply to me, so as to four, I'm not really sure. I've heard some crazy things about a sequel to FFX lately that I hope are only a rumor, though.

I think the weirdest rumor I ever heard was that amoungst 3 extra-secret characters in Chrono Trigger was the son of Crono and Lavos.

Finally, I want to add one more thing to that Cloud issue of FF7 I spoke about last week. Cloud is not a clone of Sephiroth, he was born and raised in Nibelheim. He got that idea from the trauma he faced with Sephiroth along with the delusions he believed listening to Zack's stories and assuming them as his own to suppress those traumatic memories. Oh, and all those times with Hojo concerning Jenova. That is part of it too.

That's it. Good night.

Huge Dreamer

I didn't catch any of the earlier stuff about Cloud, so I'll skirt that one, too.

The more people talk about FF7's plot, the more tempted I am to reawaken everyone's repressed memories from Wall Market.

Serendipitous Timing!

In response to the guy commenting on reviews and the scores they give - 50 is not considered average. Sure it may be the mathematical average of 100 and 0, but when it comes to "grading" something, 50 is below average.

Its why when you are in school, C is considered average. A "C" usually is in the 70-80 grade range. A 50 is considered failing. So why would they give a 50 to an average game when they are basically just grading the game?


Reviewing a game and grading a paper are entirely different matters. Simply because everyone in the world has always been taught that 70% is average, doesn't make it necessarily so. And, at any rate, RPGamer uses a 1-10 system for reviews that doesn't take nearly every aspect of a game into account, which is where the final score deviates from the other scores in our reviews. If a game is good in all but a few areas, then it might be a 7, if it's all around just more-of-the-same and generic, then it's a 5.

Short form: RPGamer is not your teacher, so 5 is average, not terrible or even mediocre necessarily.

Ancient Stuff

googleshng is female
googleshng is neither male nor female
googleshng is the current and second greatest rpg q&a host ever
googleshng is disturbing
googleshng is female 5/7/00
googleshng is going to noncon?

Well, maybe not the second greatest part... but hey, thinks you're a girl!

But I think you're like Ranma... you know, Boy sometimes and Girl other times...

But I think you're like Ranma... you know, Boy sometimes and Girl other times...

That third one bugs me. I mean, don't get me wrong. If you ask me, there's at LEAST two people who have done a better job here than me. Still, people always give Thor extra points based solely on his name.

Anyway though, when I first started doing Q&A here, every day 50 readers would insist that I was one gender or the other, and which one came out ahead in the polls alternated every day. That was pretty weird.

WA3 and Fables

The quote is from Wild Arms 3. It is said by Malik in research point 17 when he makes you fight the hound, cat, donkey, and rooster he created.
Just because I can't remember, what story IS that from? It's on the tip of my tongue...
Also, what do you think of the fact that it has so many connections that it could be a prequel to the first one, but doesn't seem to be? I remember playing WA2 and hoping it would be a prequel, and when I saw the names and the slew of reference from WA1, my hopes were up again, but it seems to be its own story. Would you rather it tied directly to the first or stay the way it is?


I'm one of the few people that liked the first Wild ARMs that hasn't bothered to even check on the availability of the third one it seems... As to games in a series that have little or no connection between them, all you have to do is look at how successful Final Fantasy has been to see that having a tie-in to a predecessor doesn't hurt or help an RPG either way, really.

Ooooooohhhhhhhh yeah! I remember that story now! Something about 4 barnyard animals forming a travelling band right? Obscure fairy tale made into a quick little special by Jim Henson and played constantly on Nickelodeon back when it was actually a channel you could stand to watch regularly? I can't recall the name of it though unfortunately.

Anyway, I assume that you either didn't mean to say prequel there, or there's a very odd plot point later on in WA3 that I haven't hit yet, because WA3 quite clearly takes place in the same world as WA1 a good number of years later. Theoretically WA2 fits neatly between them too, but seeing as it was translated by a mentally handicapped garbage disposal I can't say how exactly. I'd really like to see a timeline sometime.


Hey Google,

Got a few question for ya.

I know this "might" have been covered before, and maybe even recently but I felt I should ask nonetheless...When will Xenosaga come here in the states? Has their been a change of plans and thus it was decided that this game would not be coming over here to the USA? Or is it due out maybe next year...I'm really worried about this game NOT coming out.

I been playing Romancing Saga 3 recently and I wanted to know if you have ever played this particular title (Super Famicom). I thought the game was waaay ahead of its time and it could have probably even rival that of Chronotrigger, FF6, and Secret of Mana if it was brought here in the states. There's A LOT of playable characters here, maybe even rivaling that of Chrono Cross.

Here's another game for you that you may (or may not) know about. Have you ever heard of this horror rpg called Diable De LaPlace (I think that is how it is spelled). It is a pretty interesting game, though rather old (for the super famicom also). My money is on the fact you never heard or play this game though.

I been on this old super famicom/SNES kick as of late, realizing how I enjoy old school rpg a lot more than I do most rpg nowadays (not taking away from the great new rpg's out there). I "guess" the reason for this is that there is so many rpgs out there, the thrill is not there like it use to be. I mean back in the days, when a Snes rpg came out, it was a big thing here in the states. You only get maybe 2 or 3 great rpg a year so if it was good, it was in actuality great! But now, well the magic isn't there anymore. Even playing FFX, which is by far one of the greatest, just didn't do it for me as Chronotrigger did...the "last" time I did feel great about playing a great rpg though is when I play Xenogears, which is probably the reason I'm so anxious on Xenosaga.

Oops, there I go ranting. "Maybe" it is because I'm getting too old for these games, but for some reason I highly doubt that...oh well, I guess I should end it here.

Roscoe, King of Jobco and Ruler of the Roscolian Empire (Hey, I can be King and Emporer at the same time, it's my world after all!)

'Insert some Goog's sex comment here'

I'd be amazed if Namco didn't release Xenosaga in NA, but as to the when, your guess is as good as mine. Never played Romancing SaGa 3 or heard of Diable... Haven't played any of the other SaGa games after FFLegend, for that matter. If it has a cast list rivaling Chrono Cross', though, I'd have serious doubts about picking it up any time soon.
Playing older RPGs is always kinda fun. I even caught myself wanting to replay SMRPG the other day, just for kicks. I wasn't terribly impressed with either Xenogears or FFX, though.

Last I checked, Xenosaga is still slated for North American release early next year.

As for Romancing SaGa 3, the whole SaGa series has always reminded me of that movie Twins, or the end of Metal Gear Solid. You know, whenever Square makes a Final Fantasy game, they have this big wad of difficulty, low-tech graphics, complex mechanics, non-linearity, and lack of plot, so they make a SaGa out of it. Since the average person in North America has an irrationally obsessive love of all things Final Fantasy, it's no small wonder we don't usually see the SaGas.

I want my mommy!

I've always liked Earthbound, or Mother 2 on the SNES. I've heard that maybe Mother 3 would be put into consideration on the Ps2 since it flopped on the N64. Am I dreaming, or am i crazy? AnywaY, I gotta go play Kingdom Hearts now. That is such a great game.

- _Safer_Sephiroth_

It didn't flop, so much as didn't get finished before the N64 was deader than a doornail. Which doesn't mean that we couldn't see it ported to the GameCube. Seeing it on the PS2 is highly, incredibly unlikely since I'm fairly sure that Nintendo owns the license to everything Mother related.

General rule of thumb: If it's in Smash Brothers, you're never going to see it on a non-Nintendo system. Incidentally, that includes all the trophies in SSBM too. The odds of Mother 3 appearing on the Cube aren't too bad though, as evident by the featuring rather prominently in the aforementioned game.

Forget 10-2, where's 10+2?

Lord Google,

I've been concerned ever since the Square Strategy meeting was held a couple weeks ago. Final Fantasy XII was originally planned, I believe, to be released in Japan sometime in 2003, and yet as far as I know it wasn't even mentioned at the strategy meeting. The reason this concerns me is because several of the games (mainly Final Fantasy X-2) which were covered at the meeting are also due to be released in 2003. I would think that if Final Fantasy XII was in the works, it, too, would have been mentioned. Is perhaps what we thought was going to be Final Fantasy XII really either Final Fantasy X-2 or Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle? Or is Square just being sneaky about the next true Final Fantasy installment, and will probably release a cluster bomb of information about it when we least expect it. I guess the real question is are they still making a "Final Fantasy XII"? I sincerely hope you know more than I do about this...


Well... We can rest on our laurels that FFXII is still being made. I'd also wager a guess that since Sakaguchi isn't involved as the director of it, that it's using another development team whose progress went unmentioned either because of delays or, as you pointed out, were planning to release a large amount of information all at one time and seperate from the FFX-2 stuff.

A game recycling the same engine and characters takes a lot less time to get out the door than a new one, and Square doesn't generally throw out a lot of news on more than the next upcoming game. So you most likely won't hear anything on 12 for a few months.


So..."Ninja Side Story"? That almost sounds like a musical...

Wolfie :)

Zach:Not nearly so much as when my friend calls it 'Ninja Garden'.
Google:So it's a remake of Romeo and Juliet using ninjas and samurai instead of Capulets and Montigues? And people say you can't improve upon Shakespeare.

The Last Laugh:

Zach: Well... That didn't take nearly as long as I remember it taking. Anyhow, feel free to stop on by #reviewhaven and say hello. Seeya 'round!

Google: Well that worked out surprisingly well. I suckered Andrew Long, head of news around here, into giving up his Halloween night to write a column for you all tomorrow, so play nice.

Googleshng "zzz"


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