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Googleshng - October 30 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

On the one hand, I might have secured a new weekend guy, on the other hand, tomorrow is Halloween and I can't get ahold of any friends young enough to justify my trick-or-treating, but on the gripping hand, that means I'll spend the whole day working on a great big Halloween rant. So it's all good for you people.

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The X-Files really went down the drain after this guy left.

Hey Googleshng,

I think Chimerasame would be the best weekend host. I always enjoy his columns, even if they aren't always focused specifially on RPGs.

Plus, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the effort you put into getting the Q&A columns up. I know you have a few problems from time to time, and I hope everything works out for you. RPGamer Q&A is one of my favorite sites during my work day, and I also enjoy you Rants page. I hope Scary Pics come back soon too, or Slimeworld, they were pretty nice additions.

That's all for me, Just wanted you to know that your column is important to a lot of us out here....


Thaks for the compliments there, even the big one not being aimed my way. Anyway, I actually was planning to try and get a Scary Pic up tomorrow, time allowing. Don't hold your breath though, look what happened to that plan LAST year.

Storyline Sequels

Greetings, Googleshng, who has some unfathomable link with slimes. Today, someone named Tommy wrote in about the fake sequel to FFVI; it was (supposedly) called "The Shadow of Light", and it was on for April Fools of, I believe, 2000. I came upon it the next day, *after* April Fools Day, but *before* they had posted anything saying "April Fools!" I bought it, and was rather steamed the next day. I thought it was fake at first, but someone had done a fantastic job with Photoshop or something making "screenshots" from the game. It sounded pretty good, too...ah, well. So does FFX-2 (and should one say that "ecks-two" or "ten-two"? Or not at all?), and I hope it gets a better localization job than its predecessor. And now I'm rambling, so I'd better shut up.

Timothy Collett

It'd be "ten-two" I assume, and you know, I still can't believe that's what they decided to call it. It's stuff like that that makes it hard to convince the ill informed that Megaman X 2 is NOT Megaman 12.

I'm not going multipart over these.

Howdy mr. google sir.

Any who why can't I get any tang around here? Oh Wait the real question why did squaresoft give the rights to gamecube for final fantasy chronicles? Hmmm Last question how many dogs does it take to eat a shark? The world may never know but I thought you might.

Chris C

aka brendar's palace

Considering that Squaresoft still retains all rights to their anthology of FF4 and Chrono Trigger, and it'd be pretty weird to sign over the rights to one product to another product, I assume you meant to ask why Square decided to make FF:CC for the GC. The answer to THAT presumably is that they wanted to make a game with a gimmick of having your stats on a small personal controller, and they missed the Dreamcast boat.

ToP or my mom will shoot!

Hey goog,

I heard of Tales of Phantasia being released for GBA, but no details have been released on weather it will have the PSX graphics or the SNES graphics! Can you clear up this confusion?

My personal guess would be GBA graphics. There's a recent trend of companies realizing that when you have a smaller screen with smaller pixels, it's often a good idea to make bigger characters with better defined edges. I'd assume the end result would look closer to the PSX version though.

The Great Question of the Ages!

Okay, this is not really RPG related, but seeing as you get all these strange questions.

So if Gaiden is side story... what about Ninja Gaiden....

Is it a ninja side story ? Then what was the main story ?

I've been wondering that for years. Best I can figure, the main character is really just your normal every day ninja, hanging out with his gang, attacking heros and whatnot, and then they decided to make a game about how when he isn't doing that, he gets attacked by evil pidgeons and stuff.

Unfit For Print

Hey goog. I think the last time I talked to you I was Pikachuvolt. ANYWAY, you had told me there was no FFX direct sequal. YOU LIED!!!!!! I've been to the website! Sure it's still in Japanese, but I've been there!!!!!!!

You are clearly a very very confused individual who would probably like to check out our coverage of Final Fantasy X-2.


Just curious as to how many people have e-mailed you asking "Can I do it?"

Magna Maduin

About 20. Interestingly enough though, That's almost the number of letters I got asking how many asked.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow, in addition to it being my favorite holiday, the column will be guest hosted by Brian Hagen, one of our resident media sla- er, staffers.

Googleshng "Why do these things pop into my head?"

You can't have my blood, no! You'll just have to wait! Because, blood don't come easy! 2 pints is all you can take!

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