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Googleshng - October 23 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Given how quickly word of it is spreading around, chances are you've already seen this amusing little page by now. For some reason I find it to be a source of endless amusement.

Kathleen: See? I'm all better. The nice Mysterious Stranger(tm) gave me an antidote, so I'm okay and able to do Q&A. No mercenary search party though... I'll be your Q&A guesthost for today, which is a change of pace from news, but will be fun nonetheless. Ask me stuff! I might even answer! :D

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Law of the Fansub Jungle

Goog, Kat, Now, I'm not a lawyer or anything, but by my understanding of the Berne Conventions (specifically derivative works, explicitly including translation, being the exclusive right of the original author), if you have an anime fansub and you didn't make it, it is illegal. If you purchase a legitimate copy of the original Japanese material and translate/genlock/etc. yourself, then you have a legal fansub. If you distribute that fansub, you have broken international copyright law, and those copies are illegal. The issue gets confused an awful lot because of a few things. Namely, that Japanese companies (with a handful of notable exceptions, like Sony in the case of Rurouni Kenshin) do not enforce the law. Also, a fair amount of people haven't even heard of the Berne Conventions, and then assume that since the U.S. product doesn't exist, it's not copyrighted in the U.S.. Finally, most of the time it would be fairly ethical to mess around with fansubs (Lots of situational and viewpoint-based exceptions go here), even if it would be illegal, so people think it's all right. --Sean

Personally, I have no problem with watching fansubs if I can't get the real thing in stores. I'd been collecting the Yami no Matsuei (Descendents of Darkness) fansubs for a while now, but since it's been licensed here, I still plan on buying the things once they're released. From what I know, most higher-end fansubbers purchase the actual DVD's of the anime they want to sub, then encode it and sub it that way, so it's not as big of a deal. That's just my view though, and I'm usually pretty liberal.

It's always hard to get the skinny on laws nobody ever bothers to enforce, isn't it? Anyway though, this brings up one of the great mysteries of life:

Why is it legal for VCRs and audio tape players to have record buttons?

There's only two reasons you need to have copyright laws. #1- To keep people from stealing credit for things. #2- To make sure people get paid for the stuff they make. When you're recording something, the first takes care of itself as long as you don't cut off the credits. With the second one though...

When recording something, you're either A- taking something you bought rented or borrowed, and creating a new copy of it practically for free, which is nasty and illegal and bad. Or B- recording something broadcast freely over the airwaves, which is oddly enough, also illegal.

Now, in Google's Little Fantasy World, anything which has ever been broadcast on the TV or radio can be freely recorded and distributed the world over. Largely because in the real world when you have something like a fansubbed anime series or some MP3 rips flying around, it's basically free advertising. If someone is of the mindset to pay for episodes of TV series or CDs, they'll do it whether they've seen/heard it or not. Meanwhile cheapskates will just wait for it to come on TV or the radio and grab it. But again, this is all just Google's Little Fantasy World here.

So anyway, longwinded means of saying it, but that's why I don't watch fansubbed OAVs as a general rule.

One of these four questions is about LoD.

Hiya Google,
I have a couple questions for you.
1. What are the names of the vocals in the diffrent Final Fantasy games?

1. Well... there's the Aria de Mezzo Cartarre from FF3/6, if you can count that as a vocal. FFVIII has Liberi Fatali (opening) and Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec (of which there are variations). I never played much of FFIX so I wouldn't know if that even had one, and FFX had, uh... not sure. Got bored of the thing and never finished it, so it's sitting on my TV while I enjoy Wild ARMS 3 :D

Bit of a nebulous question there. Anyway, picking up what Kathleen there missed, FF7: One-Winged Angel, FF8: Eyes on Me, FF9: Melodies of Life, FF10: Otherworld, and Isn't it Beautiful.


Ew... that question was maimed by technical difficulties.

3. In Legend of Dragoon where do you get Kongol's draggon stone?

3. Sadly, I've never played Legend of Dragoon.

Sadly, I have played Legend of Dragoon. Near the enterence to one of the larger towns in the game is some guy who offers to sell it to you. I believe you have to buy a couple overpriced pieces of junk first. Been a while. Might want to check one of our walkthroughs if you need something more concrete.

4. Are there any good anime based rpgs coming out anytime soon?

4. Hooboy, let's see... Tales of... stuff is always good in my opinion, and .hack looks very promising. I'll definitely be picking that one up. Other than that, there doesn't look to be anything really promising that's coming up any time soon. Even with those groups of RPGs in the fore, there's not too much that's anime based. You could go for the Arc the Lad collection; though it's already released, I've heard nothing but praise for it.

Again, your phrasing is kinda vague. RPGs based on anime series or just with an anime sort of look to'em? Oh, and do they have to be America-bound? I'm really just going to have to cop out with a "maybe" on this one.

Foul-mouthed crazy freaks.

In one of your answers you mentioned Happy Noodle Boy, I am a fan of him and Jhonen Vasquez, thats why I mentioned it, then in a quote at the bottom of the page it said, "I live,....again!" which is obviously from Army of Darkness, thats why I said it. Now, if you're screwing with me which is what you are doing, (Because I know you are not an idoit), then oh well. And my Final Fantasy question was in regard to Clouds past, I can't remember the story at all and someone said something about him being a clone, clarify please, what is up with Cloud? Thanks

If I were to be all like my psychology 101 professor, I'd say that Cloud suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and a bad case of multiple personality disorder. Failing that, I'd say he's posessed or something. Seems like Sephiroth's got a strangle hold on his willpower, thus able to make him do stuff he doesn't want to ("Give me the Black Materia!"). I say multiple personality disorder because he keeps doing that double-image thing, and I kinda assume that's another personality.

Hmm... Brain, did you get the line "I live... again!" from Army of Darkness?

Google's Brain:

Dagnabit! Next time you do that tell me so I don't get all confused like that!

Google's Brain:

I may not be an idiot, but there's a good number of signs pointing to my being a robot, like how I interpret most things too darn literally. Anyway though, I wouldn't say Cloud has MPD. He was just a regular guy that was experimented on a bit and developed serious cases of schitzophrenia, some disassociative identity disorder, and a slew of other things, and that's not even getting into Freudian interpretations.


That was the most obscure "Princess Bride" quote I've ever seen. ... ...good job

Kathleen:.. Thanks :D
Google:Bah! You thought THAT was obscure? Farm boy! Fetch me that pitcher!

i heard there was going to be a GC version of kingdom hearts. is it true???

Kathleen:Uh, as of right now, not that I know of. But you know, that whole Den of Miasma thing. I wouldn't count on it though. My advice: Go get a PS2 if you want more RPG's.
Google:Datum: Square is making games for Nintendo systems again. Datum: Games are being ported all over the place. Datum: When I get too tired, I start talking like unbelievably stupid cartoon characters most people blocked out. Conclusion: It's possible KH will be ported to the Cube, and I need sleep.

The Last Laugh:

Kathleen: Well, it was fun, I kinda hope I'll have the chance to do this again. Also, as a bonus, you can play Where's The Princess Bride Quote? It's like Where's Waldo, but with, uh, an overly-obscure Princess Bride quote. If you find it, you get a cookie.

Google: Evidently there's 2 such quotes if you count mine in that quickie. Anyway, I'm becoming totally incoherent so I need to sleep. Tomorrow will be zany.

Googleshng "BRAINS!"

Four yaks in a bog! Laxitive log! Susan!

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