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Googleshng - October 23 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Tomorrow's column is slated to be guest hosted by Kathleen Bevilacqua, one of the newer newsies here. It seems she wandered into that mysterious black cave out back though. We don't really have the budget to hire an elite team of mercenaries, even if we were only expecting one to make it out alive. They want cash in advance you see. So if she makes it back out in time, and is proven not to be an evil doppleganger, there will be a guest host tonight. I wouldn't really count on it though.

Winterhart: I'm not dead yet! Nobody told me that cave was called the Cave of Miasma, or I wouldn't have gone in in the first place. Glad that Mysterious Stranger(tm) dragged me out. I will be guesthosting, FYI :P

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Kingdom Hearts Opinionry


I'm either blind or stupid.. but I looked around and I couldn't find anything on Kingdom Hearts in your archives. I just wanted to know what you think of it?


I find the concept highly amusing, but the game to be uh... you know... costing that "money" stuff.

I still say FF7 would have been better if you never left the place...

Hey Goog,
Aside from seeing Aeris's ghost is there any reason to go back to Midgar? I'm replaying the game and I can't remember the story at all but I somehow remember my way through every maze and puzzle. Is the story incredibly difficult to understand? It seemed so when it first came out, then again I was nine or ten and didn't really care.
P.S. I know many people who would buy a full blown volume of Happy Noodle Boy. Would that quite be from Army of Darkness? -Thanks!

Well, aside from the fact that you have to go there to advance the plot, it's the only way to get the best weapons/limit breaks for a couple people as I recall.

As far as the story goes, I wouldn't say FF7's is complex at all. It's probably the simplest story of any FF game in fact. "Here is Sephiroth. He is bad. Follow him." I mean, that honestly covers just about everything.

Oh, and the quote "I know many people who would buy a full blown volume of Happy Noodle Boy" isn't from Army of Darkness, it's from me, yesterday. The fact that AoD predates HNB by several years would kinda make that impossible too.

Metaphors and Manga... no wait, anime. That blows the whole thing!

Hi Google,

1. Not the the title quote but "I live... again!"......Future Cop LAPD ? I think that's what the game was called. "Sky Captain" would say that when he came back after being destroyed.

Uh, no. I wasn't quoting anything there either. It's just a fairly ubiquitous thing to say when returning from the grave.

2. Oh, and have you noticed that Wild Arms 3 uses very vivid, poetic language. I only played it for about a half hour, but that was part of initial impression. Characters (and the narration) talk about "flying" etc; all in the figurative sense.

Indeed it does. I believe that's true for all the Wild ARMs games actually, it's just that this time out you get a halfway decent translation so it comes through. Oh, and here's another fun fact about WA3's translation for you: Squaresoft did it.

3. How many episode of Excel Saga are there in total? When I went to amazon, there was only 2 dvds and a 3rd one which they don't have yet (it seems). The anime club where I live has 2 tapes (up to episode 9 or 10), one of which is my possesion currently (I need to return that).

4. Would Excel Saga have 2 different translations: one being a fansub and the other being offcial? If that's the case, then, are copies of the fansub tapes of Excel Saga illegal?

5. Someone told me that if an anime isn't available to North America, then fansubs are legal if they aren't sold for money. So, I assume that if some series wasn't available to America and somebody fansubbed raw Japanese tapes of the show and then gave away copies (for the cost of the tape), it wouldn't be illegal. Am I right or wrong on this? In the case of Excel Saga, I'd guess that the series was fansubbed long before the english version DVDs were released.

- Mike "Rahlious" White

OK, fan sub law as I understand it. When a show starts airing on TV in Japan, it's perfectly fine to tape it, slap on some subtitles, and pass around copies to people for free. The instant the sow gets picked up for official translation though, you have to stop.

Oh yeah, and there's 26 episodes of Excel Saga.

The Last Laugh:

Not enough games let you ride a horse up alongside a bunch of monsters and fire a shotgun in their face. Plus the only one that does only LOOKS like it works PDS style!

Googleshng "Boing!"


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