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Googleshng - October 22 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Here's a mind blowing concept for you. In Wild ARMs 3, you never find any new weapons or armor to equip it seems. You can customize the ones you start with, but still, that's different. Oh, and for the curious, Sony now seems to have TWO halfway decent localization jobs under their belt.

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Rikku Rikku Ru, where are you?


What ever happened to the "Yuna" and "Rikku" versions of FFX - 2? Did they drop the idea of making two sequels? I love how Yuna's got the Zanarkand symbol on her shirt (if you consider it a shirt). If it weren't for the Al Bhed influenced I doubt she'd ever wear something like that!


Well, in theory it occurred to Square that the average person doesn't really like Rikku all that much, and Nomura's been playing too much Tomb Raider. So, no Rikku game, and Yuna's has a skimpy outfit.


thank for answering my previous question but now im just wonder what is takeing so long for xenosaga to be localized in the USA? are they editing it or something? any info would be greatly appreciated

thanks again


... one year? That's actually pretty fast as translations for RPGs go. I mean, even action games tend to take several months, and there's not that much to translate. For the record, the long end of translation time has been known to reach five years.

Euro Hearts

Hi Google,

I have a question that no one seems to know the answer to: will Europe get the Sephiroth version of Kingdom Hearts? What 'special stuff' (like the FFX bonus DVD) will we get?

I asked this guy at the local video game story whether Europe would get the US version or the new Japanese version of KH, and after giving me a genuine Milly Thompson Blank Stare (tm) and consulting some of his Japanese co-workers, all he could manage was: "Uh... you'll get the... uh... Europe version. Duh." Well, at least he knew the release date; November 22nd.


~Space Lioness

Presumably, the European version of KH will have all the things added for the U.S. release. I doubt Square hates you all enough to go out of their way to keep that stuff from you.

More Saga Stuff

I read that you've seen all of Excel Saga, so I've got a quick question. My crazy friend Angela and I have been wondering: Do they ever do a parody of magical girl shows? A one word answer is fine.

Card Captor Ribby

In a manner of speaking, yes, they get around to doing so a number of times.

On that note...

Regarding that you seemed to enjoy Excel Saga you should really try to get hold of Puni Puni Poemi if you havn't seen it already.
It's a spinoff from ES (ep 17, Animation USA).
And it takes insanity to a new level. ES is pretty harmless compared to it.
So, if you havn't seen it already i highly recommend it.

Take Care,

Yeah, although isn't it odd how something can be a spinoff of a show by way of a character in the first show creating it?

Dear gods. It just occurred to me that if Jhonen Vasquez made a full blown volume of Happy Noodle Boy, I know 5 people who would buy it.

So clearly, I cannot drink the glass in front of you!

You said you got 60 corrections for that FF8 thing, while Thor got none for his error about MMORPGs. I'm keeping score here, so how many did you get today for your error in stating that Thor made an error? His heading to that letter gives the MMORPG answer correctly, thus making his answer in the answer part humorous. Unless you knew that all along, in which case your complaining about it in the first place is what's actually humorous, in which case the joke is on me for writing this letter.

-Gulfer Armada

Yes, I did notice the title on that letter.



MMORPG stands for something! It's Many Men Online Really Pretending to be Girls.



The Last Laugh:

I seem to be regaining strength. Behold as the answering of questions conquers the ill humours afflicting me!

Googleshng "I live... again!"

Rats. I was hoping to go undead.

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