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Googleshng - October 21 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Over the weekend, I engaged in an epic battle with the forces of sleep, and while I'm not sure who won, there were heavy losses on both sides. What I do know is that I left you all in the surprisingly capable hands of Thor. It's odd how someone who hasn't played an RPG in something like 3 years can still answer questions about them. In any case though, I'm back now, so prepare to have questions answered by a mere Midgardian.

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Well, one out of three...

How are you, Google?

Regarding the discussion (of sorts) that has cropped up recently about Disney, Miyazaki, and Kingdom Hearts, I have but one thing to say:

You must advenge my death Kimba, I mean, Simba.


1. Will you end up getting Suikoden III if somehow get the money unexpectedly or if you were asked for B-day/Xmas gift ideas? Or, will you only consider that after getting several other games? (ie: where is it on your list of games to get?)

There are roughly $5600 worth of things which are of higher priority to me than Suikoden 3 right now. For example, the first two Suikodens.

2. You play Megaman Zero yet? I'm not going to try to say it's an RPG (it's not) but it's definately has some aspects setting it apart from other MM and MMX games. Some find it hard (like me) and others find it easy. Overall, I'd say it's a tough game, but that the toughness is often influenced by how good a player is at playing games on a GBA. I find the gba is quite small and that it's much more difficult to control games than on console systems. Am I alone on this or do you have any problems with the gba regarding it's size and layout?

I have it on the authority of absolutely rabid Megaman fans that Zero kinda sucks, so I haven't been looking into it.

3. How many episodes of Excel Saga have you seen? I've seen up to 3.....oddly, I've seen the 1st ep 3 times, the 2nd 2 times, and the 3rd once. In a time when I've grown kinda tired of "funny/crazy" anime series, Excel Saga manages to still be good for me.

- Mike "Rahlious" White

I've seen just about every episode. Good stuff.

Production Confusion

First off, crabbit...
Second: Square has been working on FF11 and FF10 2 simultaneously, yar? Okay... so, let's see here... they're making two different games, one intended to be online only, and one intended to be single player only, right?
Do you think that means Square's planning to start coding two games at a time, to release simultaneously, with one being geared toward single-player, and the other to online? Forever and ever?

Uh, Squaresoft always works on multiple FF games at once. I mean heck, right now they're also working on FF12, FF:CC, and the PSX ports of FF1 and 2. Anyway, I doubt Square's online plans will go much farther than FF11, but they'll almost definitely to wait and see how it does over the next two years before considering anything else.

Release the dates!

I am checking various websites and i am getting different dates on which suikoden III is going to be released...yours says on oct. 22, im seeing oct. 25 and november. IS OCT. 22 the OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE? so if i was to walk into best buy oct. 22 they would have it?

The official date for Suikoden 3 is 10/22, but that doesn't guarentee you can find a copy tomorrow. That depends entirely on the size and location of your local store, not to mention whether enough people will beat you there to snatch up the whole shipment. If you really want a game on release day, pre-orders are the way to go.


Who was responsible for Final Fantasy 6 and why doesn't he make some more games!


That'd be Hironobu Sakaguchi, whose previous games included FF1-5, and whose subsequent games include FF7-10. As for why he doesn't make more games, uh, he is. FF11 for example.

The opening theme for Final Fantasy 8 is not "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec", but rather "Liberi Fatali".

Why do I get 60 corrections for missing that but Thor doesn't get a one for saying MMORPG didn't stand for anything? Oh right, because it involves an FF game.

The Last Laugh:

Column up, back to bed with me. Oh yeah, rant's up too.

Googleshng "guuuuuhhhhhh"

Being sick sucks.

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