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Googleshng - October 16 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It struck me the other day that pretty much anything becomes more amusing if you stick either Space or Steam-powered in front of it. Like Space Eisenhower or Steam-Powered Statue of Liberty.

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News stories have dates on them for a reason.

ok im offically confused. your site says there will be a FF7 remake but everyone online i have talked to says there wont be. i want to know if there will be a remake or not.


Our site says no such thing. A story posted on RPGamer almost two full years ago touched on Square's plans to rerelease Final Fantasy 7-9 on the PS2, but shortly after making that announcement, Square dropped those plans and have not revisited the idea since.

Kingdom Come


I loved your list of Disney evils. I totally agree with you on that, but another one that gets me is the fact that they bought out ESPN and that just makes me sick. They have no business there! I'm sorry but thats just the greatest injustice I've seen in a while. Call me stubborn but I'll never play Kingdom Hearts. I could never look at myself the same way again after willfully playing a game with donald duck and goofy as some of the main heroes. Having some older Final Fantasy characters in it almost tempted me, but then again, after hearing whatever high pitched voices they give them, that would ruin the image of them that I have in my mind. Well thanks for letting me vent.... what? Oh a question. Um, your thoughts on this?

p.s. I'm not an anime fan

Buying ESPN falls under the Megacorp point I think. Anyway though, I'm not a big fan of Disney either, but the sheer insanity of the concept is just too darn appealling to me. I don't suppose anyone out there would pay $50 for Parasite Eve 2, would they?

Form arms and torso!

The Lion King rips off Hamlet more than anything else. If you want to see a really blatent Disney rip-off watch Nadia, then watch Atlantis. Thanks for the Xenosaga info, by the way, is there any news on the US release?


I see a debate beginning to loom that I don't want to get into there, but getting back to Xenosaga, no there isn't any news on the U.S. release, which is what brought this up yesterday. It's still scheduled for release some time next year, and the way I see it, it's good you aren't hearing much, because all there could really be to hear would be delay announcements.

Loading down the PSX


I just decided to revisit about two-five weeks ago, and saw that somewhere in the near future FF and FF2 will be being released for PSX, with 'new and improved' graphics as well as cut scenes. I'm guessing, although perhaps I read this (blasted memory), that for FF they may be adding a slightly more complex story too. Leaving this aside though, Do you realize that they will have launched onto the PSX every FF except for 3 and Mystic Quest? And considering Squaresoft has been releasing old games in pairs nowadays, could it be possible this will be there next step?

The World is Squaresoft

Bryan Lacey

Hey! You're forgetting FF10! They could easily get bored and port that over! FF11 would be pretty tricky though...


Greegtings O Googlemeister of Googlemeisters. Suprisingly enough, I've actually got a question about RPGs this time. A friend and I were recently discussing Final Fantasy VII, among other things, and he mentioned something that piqued my curiousity. He said that in the original Japanese version of FFVII you could revive Aeris (Now, I know that you can't do that in the American version short of a Gameshark, so don't throw this in the "READ THE FAQ" letter pile). I said that I was fairly sure you couldn't, but he mentioned some interesting points, such as how you can get equipment for her after she dies, and how it's such a pain to get her final limit break (Hope I didn't spoil that for anyone, but I mean, come on people.). Could you shed some light on this issue for me? Thanks. The Cryptic "I Always Listen to the Oldies" Monkey

At this point, I'm not even going to dignify that with a response, but feel free to print out the following message, tape it to an old Burger King crown, and give it to your friend to wear:

I'm so gullable I believe stupid discredited rumors about a five year old game.

Actually, I suppose that DOES answer your question... oh well.


Heya, Google-sama!

How do you think Eye of the Beholder is going to turn out? Here's how I see it:
*The screenshots look pretty good
*Besides the very few classes, it seems to reflect D&D 3rd edition fairly well
*It's a Game Boy game published by Infogrames

Right now, the cons far outweigh the pros. Sorry if I sound a little biased, but Infogrames doesn't exactly have a track record of releasing quality games for Game Boy. What do you think?

BL Alien

I suppose it mainly depends on how much it resembles the SNES game of the same name, which sucked.

... and that was a real shame too! Wasting what might be the best D&D joke of all time on a sucky dungeon crawl...

The Last Laugh:

My mother just had a stunning revelation that blows the lid off one of the most insidious criminal activities in the history of the world. I'll get into detail in this week's rant.

In other news, tomorrow, Michael Bischoff head of RPGamer's media department will be guest hosting. You may recall his name as being at the end of pretty much every screens during his first 3 months here.

Googleshng "Starving nerds fuel criminal organization!"

On a related note, Pocky is probably created by the devil.

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