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Googleshng - October 15 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's surprisingly easy to forget that in Japan they read right to left, and most (but not all) translators therefore flip everything around on the grounds that it's worth having to redo all the writingon signs and shirts and such to save people some confusion. Of course then when you hit one of the few translators who doesn't flip anything, it takes a while before you notice.

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For awhile there we were getting Xenosaga news almost weekly, but for a long time now it's been silent, as far as I know. Is there any news you can give me? Or any reason for the lack of news? I crave deep storyline and giant, at least semi-anthromorphic, battle vehicles.


The lack of news on Xenosaga comes from it being out in Japan now. There's never really any news on a game while it's being translated, unless the translation staff is doing something weird like adding bosses.



"1) Don't get angry at me, but I have no idea why the phrase "spoony bard" is funny. I generally think of myself as an intelligent guy, and I can't make heads or tails of this. Is it funny because it's nonsense? Does everyone here really enjoy cookware? Enlighten me.

Angry? That'd be an odd reaction there. Especially from me. Anyway, the humor of spoony bard is pretty much just that that's a really odd choice of words to use when someone just more or less got your daughter killed. "

Actually, the phrase "spoony bard" has nothing to do with cookware. "Spoony" is a word no longer in common use meaning "sappy" or "overly sentimental." It *is* a pretty odd thing to call the guy who married your daughter, but seeing as the original phrase (in hardtype) was something pretty foul, they had to do something to acquiesce to Nintendo's standards about content.

And that's my English-language-Nazi rant for the day. ^.^;;

Lassarina Aoibhell

Actually, if I had any, I'd bet good money that a direct translation of what Tellah says there in the original Japanese version would just be "You!" See, Japan doesn't really have analogs for english swear words. They just have about ten words for "you" on a sliding scale of politeness. So, when you see a fan made translation of something with swears all over the place, that's all the translator's doing. Heck, that's true with official translations too... sometimes even moreso.

In any case though, you have to admit that Edward IS pretty darn spoony.

Correctable Correction!

For clarity's sake, Amano didn't do the character designs in FF9... he merely provided illustrations. So technically, the last Final Fantasy game Amano did design work for was FF6.

Uh, yes. Amano provided illustrations as a basis for creating the character models used in the game. That's what a character designer does. I seem to recall Square getting him to do some promotional art of the characters from Final Fantasy 7 and 8 after the fact, but with 9 he was there from the start.

On the Evils of Disney

Hello whoever-prints-this,

I just recently read a letter in your column about the character designs and art for the PSX and PS2 Final Fantasies. Actually, Amano did do some work for FFs 7, 8, and 10. I think there's even some in the RPGamer art section. I think Amano does some designs, and then Tetsuya Nemura adds his touch to those for the final product that we see used for the game's "official" image. I just wanted to add that little tidbit to this issue. :)

"Whoever-prints-this?" It's not like I'm some random drifter, I've been doing this for 3 years. Anyway though, like I said in that last letter, Amano didn't do any character designs for FF7 8 or 10, but Square got him to do some promo art for them.

Quick way of telling Amano and Nomura apart by the way: Amano draws long haired people in frilly clothes with the occassional big floppy hat. Nomura draws spikey haired people in punky clothes, often with far far too many belts.

As for a new issue, and a Kingdom Hearts-related one: Why are some people repulsed by Disney? My best friend isn't willing to give Kingdom Hearts a try because it has a Disney association. This sorta ticks me off, especially since I can't mention KH without making some people dub me blasphemous. This is especially common amongst J-anime fans. Any comment on this?

OK, some of the reasons people hate Disney:

  • They're a Big Evil Multinational Corporation™.
  • They've essentially released the same movie a good 30 times or so.
  • They've actually released the same movie a good 30 times or so... although that's only evil in the sense of how many times you're told it's your last chance to order a very special edition of a movie everyone's already seen.
  • They bought the U.S. distribution rights to all of Miyazaki's movies, just to ensure nobody went and distributed them, making Disney's stuff look bad.
  • The fact that The Lion King is such a huge ripoff of Kimba the White Lion.

I could probably go on, but it'd start to get into incoherent ravings of rabid anime fans.

AOL is not an RPG.

What do I do? My dad has been takin in my AOL's lies that version 8.0 will be newer and better. How do I convince him to retain 5.0 goodness?!

- Galvatron

Well, it is generally true that newer versions of AOL software are even worse than older ones, AOL 5.0 is still pretty darn hideous. Why don't you switch to a decent ISP? Do you think all those commercials that claim every other dialup has faster speeds, less disconnects, and cost less are lying or something?

The Last Laugh:

Hey, there's something nobody's asked me in a while!

Googleshng "Wanna play StarCraft?"

Yes. Yes I do.

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