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Googleshng - October 14 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

CC taking the summer off is all well and good. His definition of summer being longer than most, that's OK too. When he gets back, says he'll be around that weekend, and then disappears, that's a problem. Of course, as the weekend is over, it isn't a problem you should be concerned about just now, so on with the letters!

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Now that I've finally gotten around to playing FFX (So I'm poor and just got a PS2. Stop laughing!), I have to wonder, how come Square sometimes uses character designers other than Amano for FF games? Not that I have anything against guys with 2-foot-tall cowlicks or ladies in belt dresses without left eyes, but I miss those albino anorexics.

Oh, and whatever happened to the games for guest hosts thing?

"I love the smell of paint..."

The only Square game for which Amano has done character designs since FF6 was FF9, the nostalgia-fest. I can't really say whether Square got sick of working with Amano or vice versa, but I do know that he has an awful lot of other things to keep him busy. For example, watching Hitomi's pendant, and piloting Gunbuster! So the FF series will most likely continue to feature character designs by "Punks Only" Nomura for quite some time.

As for the whole Games for Guest Hosts bit, eventually it hit a point where the current host dropped off the face of the earth. I'd start a new chain of it, but I'd have to have some way of picking a random reader to get a free game to kick things off. Maybe I'll have a contest or something down the line. In the meantime, staff guest hosts it is.

Dead Links Office

Hey Google,

The other day, I remembered a funny picture that I saw on RPGamer back in the days when Brad Lohr was hosting. It was a picture of a Mr. T action figure with some fruit behind it. I wanted to see it again, so I checked the archives and came up with this: However, the picture is missing! Do you still have it at RPGamer, and if so, could you restore the link or repost it? Thanks!

- DynaBladeX

OK, here's the thing. Most Q&A hosts keep silly pics in the same directory as their columns. Brad on the other hand kept his in a special dir in the main RPGamer directory. The problem is, years later, seeing this, and other such dirs floating around, a good number of people on staff got it into their heads that RPGamer had a policy of letting employees have as much free web space as they want in little dirs like this. So when drives started filling up from people who only worked here a week filling the server with pictures of their cats and such, the whole lot of these directories were deleted, without checks being made as to whether any of them (like Brad's) actually contained things that belonged on the site.

So, in summary, that and various other silly little pics have been deleted. Of course, a decent percentage of silly pics in Brad's columns were made by me, so if you want to see that borg-Quigon picture again some time, that can be arranged.

Three Odd Questions


I have a couple questions (mostly-non RPG related) for you.

1) Don't get angry at me, but I have no idea why the phrase "spoony bard" is funny. I generally think of myself as an intelligent guy, and I can't make heads or tails of this. Is it funny because it's nonsense? Does everyone here really enjoy cookware? Enlighten me.

Angry? That'd be an odd reaction there. Especially from me. Anyway, the humor of spoony bard is pretty much just that that's a really odd choice of words to use when someone just more or less got your daughter killed.

2) How come the loading bars in nearly every CD-based game I've seen fill at variable speeds. Usually, they will jump to about 4/5 full in the first couple seconds and then creep ever so slowly towards the end. Shouldn't the system read the data at a uniform rate?

Yes it should, and presumably it does. So I suppose the blame falls upon programmers not wanting to take the time to accurately portray the percentage which has been loaded. Or heck! Maybe PSX memory cards are set up like 8-tracks and the reader has to hop around at the end!

3) I haven't played videogames in about two months and I noticed that I'm getting rusty? Is it worth it to let my school life suffer in order to gain back my razor-sharp accuracy?

Thanks for everything, old pal...


That's a pretty screwed up sense of priorities there. I mean, this isn't the 80s. Losing video game reflexes won't hurt your ability to finish modern games. So I'd stick with the school stuff, although if you really care and get some free time, half an hour with something like Fantasy Zone or Mega Man 1 will fix your reflexes right quick.

WA2 see?


Alright, I'm having some trouble in Wild ARMS 2, it seems I need a voice recorder, but I can't get it.

I've done everything I could think of, and, worst of all, I can't back track, I'm stuck in the last section of the alchemic plant. A friend of mine forked over a guide, but it just said, " you need to get the voice recorded to open the door." After searching for a while, I found an item in a LOOKED room. Since that's the only item in the area I can't leave, I'm guessing that's what I need.

Now, how do I open the bloody door? I can't kick it, I don't have Brad, a duplicator doesn't seem to work, and none of my other tools seem to work, there are no computers or switches around, and I've cleared out every room of enemies several times. Dammit, it's gonna be soemthing simple I missed too, but I can't find it.



Ah yes, I recall that little area. What you have to do is go check out doors until you get a message about possibly being able to listen in, then just bring up the menu, and hit call. Obviously, you have to do a lot with listening in on conversations like this here, but you should be able to figure the rest out.

Old features

I was trying to find one of those archived lists of RPGamer's choice of the Best RPGs. Though I wasn't able to find any link to such a page. Did they completely delete these lists from the site or did they just get by my sight?

I assume you're refering to our awards for the best games of 2000 and 2001, not the more recent feature on the most anticipated games of the rest of this year (since there's a big honkin' link to it in the sidebar on the left there). I could have sworn there was a link to past features hiding somewhere around here, but I can't find it either. In any case, Staff 2001, Reader 2001, 2000's. There you go.


I can`t take it. can u please tell me the, north american date for phantasy star online 1&2

10/29, just like it says in that list of upcoming games just to the right of the link to Q&A on RPGamer's main page.

Can I Submit my own RPG to
Evangelaion Callisto

No. For an explanation of why not, please refer to when you asked this exact same question in Wednesday's column.

The Last Laugh:

Wow, I had a pretty good number of letters for there being no column yesterday. By the way, before it became clear that CC had dropped off the face of the earth for the weekend, the server came back up allowing me to do a lot of updating to my page of rantings and various other pages, so if you've been waiting for that to come back up, read away!

Googleshng "Zoom!"

I hunger!

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