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Googleshng - October 10 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Remember kids, pulling an all nighter here and there is all well and good, but you never want to pull 2 in a row... at least not without a nap or something in there.

Mikel: Hello everyone, and thank you for actually coming and giving me the impression that you actually care what I have to say. Unless you're here just to read the slime, and are surprised to see me too, in which case I only have one thing to say...

Darn it,the mind is the first thing to go with age. What am I doing here again? Questions? ... Really? Are you sure you have the right guy? All right, sure. I'll give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen?

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A Miyazaki movie that doesn't beat you over the head with the environmentalism stick!

Is Miyazaki's new film Spirited Away in a theatre where you, respectively, live? Also, have you seen it or are you interested in seeing it? I wish it would be shown here (Newfoundland, Canada) but, if it was going to happen, I think it would've happened already :(

-Mike "Rahlious" White

Seeing how they use the city of Seattle as the example for their front page form, yes, there are two places nearby. ;> The closest is by the Universtity of Washington, where I saw X 1999.

Unfortunately, I don't have any plans to see it. However, I am going to ask some local friends, also into anime, and we very well may make the trip. While it's not far... ugh, parking in Seattle is something best avoided if possible.

I have no idea if it's playing near me, but I actually saw it a couple months ago. It's significantly closer to Totoro than Mononoke in tone (and frequency of eye-popping extra-high frame rate pseudo-CG animated sequences), and even has soot sprites. And you know, quite frankly, that's all it takes to make me happy.

Questions in my Pocket

I love your site. I am an RPG nut (specifically console-style RPGs) and I have found your site to be a wealth of knowledge. I check it almost daily for new news articles. Anyway, my reason for writing you is I was wondering if release dates have been set for the North American releases of Magical Vacation (GBA) and Fire Emblem: The Sealed Sword (GBA). The GBA is somewhat lacking in original (not rereleases) and true (not pokemon-esque crap) RPGs and I was just hoping there were some more good ones coming out soon. Also, do you know of any other RPGs which are set to come out in America on GBA in the near future (Besides Phantasy Star Collection, Lunar Legend, and Golden Sun: The Lost Age)? If so, please let me know. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!

Jeremy Burns

About Fire Emblem, I was so curious myself that I had to ask about it at the Nintendo Press Conference at E3 this year. Sadly, all they told me is that they hadn't made a decision on that game. I have to assume that nothing has changed, and that Magical Vacation is also in this cosmic void of undecisiveness. We'll just have to wait, and hope.

As long as the re-releases have something extra, I haven't considered them crap, and I like Pokemon myself... but that aside, I looked at your list, and a big one that sticks out is the Zelda remake (Four Swords) with the 4 player action. Further ahead is Mega Man Battle Network 3, which I may or may not pick up, but I am enjoying 2 a good deal. Maybe the lull will be the chance Nintendo and Square will use to come out with their hidden handheld schedules. I'm seriously comptemplating importing the next Final Fantasy Tactics.

The GBA RPG market made quite a push recently enough, so you'll have to give developers a chance to catch their breathe before you see another batch of original RPGs I'd think. Copying Pokémon seems to be falling out of practice too, so there's something for you to look forward to.

Shenmue 3: Where Ryo finds a magical pendant that lets him turn into the Beatiful Pink Love Warrior and try to win the favor of the dozen or so girls drooling over him. Get the secret Lan-Di Yaoi ending!

As an avid Shen Mue fan, I've been wondering how they're progressing with the next games in the series, like 3? Any new info? I sure hope they continue and finish out the whole series as planned.

I don't know anything new, and even if I did, if I told you, highly trained ninja would make me dissappear for a while. Now you know why Cheshire was gone for so long. You have to watch what you say in these columns. They're always watching you.

There's been an eerie silence on the Shenmue front ever since MS grabbed the U.S. publication rights for 2 in order to sit on them. On the bright side though, this really bolstered sales of the British port. Always good when games sell there because it means they might get more.

At this point, I'd expect Shenmue 3 to either be dead in the water, or to come back on the news scene with a truckload of sudden hype. I'm leaning towards the former though.

Calvin and Hobbies

actually, I saw that under your Hobbies you listed Paper RPG;s and game design. What kind of games have you been working on? Just curious, because I too would like to design games, its mostly dream work right now and trying to come up with a storyline for an RPG that is both classic and innovative.... its killing me....


This one is for Google, since I haven't played a paper RPG since High School. On top of that, I'm a programmer, not a designer, so we'll leave the true answer to the resident slime.

I generally work on the kind of games I link to from my page of rantings on occassion. That's down though, so I suppose it doesn't really help you. As far as designing console RPGs for a living goes though, that's not an entry level occupation, so if you really want to get a game out there, you'd be pretty well advised to take up programming. The nastier the language the better unfortunately.

Multiparters kinda suck when you've been up for 40 hours...

Hello there FireMyst and Googleshng,

Just 2 questions about Kingdom Hearts.

1) What is the best level to be to even have a chance at beating Sephiroth?

1) The trick about Kingdom Hearts is that you have basically decided how hard the game will be in the first 30 minutes. The entire personality quiz is nothing more than how Sora "grows". I must've picked the "I'm a wuss" setting, because I never really had a problem with anyone at all... once I finally had a cure spell.

42! Can't afford KH, but whenever you need a random number, that's a good choice.

2) What is the best place to level up at?

2) Related to #1... er, I didn't level up? I spent enough time trying to get things you're supposed to come back for instead that I was pretty beefy. Sorry ^^

Fight the hardest monsters you can find. They'll probably be in whatever place you want to character build before tackling ironically enough.

And a 2 non-KH questions

1) Is there any release date info for the NA releases of Star Ocean 3, Breath of Fire 5, or Final Fantasy 11?

1) 1? .. It's not 3? Okay... SO3 is "not soon". Anything I gave you would be horribly inaccurate, and I heard that the Japanese release date was just bumped back, which by default bumps the NA date back as well. You're looking at a year from now at best.

Breath of Fire V: the Japanese release plus whatever it took for them to translate four. Localization time is "easy" that way. ;>

And finally, Final Fantasy XI. I can't give any information about this *checks shadows for ninjas*... No, really. I don't know anything... honest. Okay, "not soon". Ahem, next question.

So uh, no no and no it seems.

2) In D&D 3rd Edition, the spell Cure Light Wounds is a touch spell, but you can hold the charges of spells, and the description states you can touch up to 6 people in 1 round with the spell (maybe 8), does this mean you can hold the charge, and then keep on touching people with your hands, and healing them, until you cast another spell, or can you only use it only during the round that you touch someone?

Thanks, that D&D question plagued my old D&D group for months, and we never found a solution


2 - again) *eyes glaze over* Hold on, I'll take notes for the next time I get to ask that Dave guy a question. The only stuff I know about recent D&D is the computer stuff, and I'm not even up on that very well. Google will have to field this.

I am not currently in a state of conciousness well suited to logic, but I believe the spirit of any new rules on CLW in 3e are just to save you from having to memorize so many you can't cast anything fun, by letting you cast'em on the fly. So I'd say you can cast a bunch of CLWs in one round, but you do use up a spell for each person you heal.

The Last Laugh:

Mikel: If any of that was actually helpful, treat yourself to a cookie! If not, at least we've already got the page impression logged, right?

To be serious for a moment, I'd like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. We've been at this for closing in on five years now, with nothing more in return than finding a use for our free time, and we can't get enough. Many of you write in every day to webmaster@ saying what a bang-up job this crew does, and it means a lot. We wouldn't be here without our fellow RPGamers all over the world. You guys ('n' gals) rock.

Google: 5 years? And I've been running this column for about 3 years straight now... that doesn't sound right... someone poke me when I've officially written more columns than everyone else put together. Unless that's tomorrow. Don't poke me tomorrow. I was up all last night to catch a morning meeting, and I was up all night again here waiting for the other half of this column. Oh, nevermind, it's only 2:30. Might as well let this big download finish before I nod off then.

Googleshng "...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

This hidden text typed with eyes closed at funny angle to the keyboard. Hope it's legible.

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