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Googleshng - October 9 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

My vampiric nature is of the variety where I can walk around at dusk with no ill effects, but today I had to wake up at (fine, stay up til) 10 AM to meet Satellite Dish Installor, and have him outfit my secret lair with a magical disc that lets me see shows on the cartoon network and costs $10 less than this 3rd rate magic box which doesn't. Unfortunately, the stars weren't aligned yet, so Cthulu and I will have to put off our slumber party for a week. Oh, and getting back to me being a vampire, the sunlight is burning my skin and I can't find my cool sunglasses. Anyway though, column time!

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2! 4! 6! 8! When does magic dissipate?

Heya, Google-sama! I have come to you with yet another D&D question:

In my opinion, when a spell or condition description says "after 24 hours", it means "when 24 hours have passed". For some completely unknown reason, my DM thinks it means "at the end of the day". I have asked many people and they all agree with me, but since you know a lot about this stuff, and you're kind of in a position of authority, I figure you could be the be-all and end-all or something. So, which one of us do you agree with? And if you agree with my DM, could you explain why so that I may be enlightened? Thanks in advance!

BL Alien

PS: I should also mention that the DM explained his interpretation AFTER it might've helped me.

When things are worded "after 24 hours" that isn't open to interpretation. 24 hours after the spell is cast, the effects wear off, no sooner, no later. If it was "for a day" I'd still use that interpretation myself. When something means "until the end of the day" it tends to say "until the end of the day." The catch of course is that GMs have the ability to say "My campaign, my rules." This magic little statement overrules everything written in every book of RPG rules on the planet. Which is a good thing too, because at least a quarter of the context of said books is stupid and ambiguous. In this case though, it just kinda smurfs you over.

One liner fodder!

Riddle me this: In Icewind Dale 2, in one of the pre-generated parties to start the game with, there is a character, a female elvish ranger I believe, named "Kei the Wooden Idol". Is it just me, or does that strike you as a clever anime reference?


Well, it strikes me as an anime reference, although not necessarily clever.


Can I submit my own RPG to

As a general rule, all media outlets, RPGamer included, have a policy not to cover games that don't have a reasonable chance of hitting the market in the near future. Since I'm assuming you're refering to a home-brewed RPG you're working on in your spare time, the answer there is no.

They're canceling Farscape?! Well SMURF, my life just got a little less complete.


It gets worse too. The creators of the series didn't get word of this until they were wrapping up the shoot of the season finale, so not only is it going to be cut short, it's going to be cut short with a huge cliffhanger... unless the legions of very rabid fans get their way.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow, the head hancho of RPGamer Mikel Tidwell will be here answering questions. What's the occassion you ask? Well, yesterday was his birthday, and I'm doing the whole staff guest hosting on Thursdays bit, so there you go. Also, he's been sitting around playing the review copies of Kingdom Hearts and Grandia Xtreme, so if you've been desperately seeking an answer to a KH question (like at least 10 of you or so are), now's the time to ask.

Oh, and since we're both only just now getting around to MMBN2, that's also a nice topic for conversation.

Googleshng "Back to the crypt with me!"

Need to watch some Excel Saga to wake up here...

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