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Googleshng - October 8 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Dagnabit. Whenever I'm looking forward to a game, it gets pushed back constantly. Oh well, more time to spend on... uh... HMM!

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Greetings O Googly-One-who-is-also-Slimey,

I have recently achieved The Geek Dream (TM). I'm a CompSci major at a good university, I have (mainly through dumb luck) a girlfriend who, get this, enjoys RPGs. I've got many friends here, and one is CS major with an extemely large collection of anime (Friday night is anime night ^_^), and all in all I have a great social life. There is only one problem: I don't have time to play RPGs! I barely have time to play a multiplayer game or two of Warcraft 3 or Starcraft, and then some Counter-Strike (The most addictive thing since crack). Just letting all geeks out there know that you can't have your cake and eat it too. Now that that's out of the way, onto the questions.... What RPG's do you think have great music? I prefer FF VI's and Chrono Trigger's OSTs. Speaking of CT, do you think it would be possible for Square to make a good sequel to it (assuming that Chrono Triangle or whatever name they took a patent out on ever goes into production)? Also, why would there be hidden text in a faq? Thanks.

The Cryptic "Tonite we grab the Sorcerer's Nuts" Monkey

Let's see. Xenogears, Chrono Trigger/Cross, and Shadow Hearts are all great due to the godliness of Mitsuda, Koudelka's soundtrack is also quite nice. The whole Phantasy Star series too, and let's not forget the Wild ARMs games and the Lunars.


Greetings (Goofy sings) Googleshng
Now isn't Kingdom Hearts basically a crossover fanfic gone mad? I am still having the mental image of Donald Duck trying to chant a spell that nobody can understand and to top it all off, he still isn't wearing any pants. I still wish we had some Amano drawing of the Disney characters. I did get my PS2 for my birthday but I need money now for games for it. Well, my life I noticed could of been worse. It could of been like Pedro's which is just odd.
Imperial Mog

Yeah, that's a pretty fair assessment of Kingdom Hearts.

The Last Laugh:

Short column today. More stuff needs to come out dagnabit.

In other news, Fox Trot continues to draw eerie parallels to my life.

Googleshng "Boing!"


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