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Googleshng - October 7 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today marks what had darn well better be a return to normalcy around here. Word on the street is that CC will finally be making his return this weekend, in turn restoring order and balance to the universe. In other news, at one point over the weekend, I finished the remake of Resident Evil's invisible monsters mode. Strangely enough, I actually took less damage doing so than I usually do.

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You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older...

Greetings (Ilpalazzo sings) Googleshng
I have to note that today is my birthday. How did someone give you the means of being able to go to Anime Central next Spring? What is the deal with Nabeshin?
Imperial Mog

In order: Happy birthday then. Basically, someone vollunteered to pay my way to ACen on the condition I wear a decidedly uncomfortable costume the whole time. The "real deal" with Nabeshin is that he's Mr. Burns assitant. He's in his late thirties, single, and... dagnabit I forgot the rest of the quote.


Dear Googleshang, lord of lime and lemon-colored jellies,

Okay, right to the point. First, I am willing to look for this part of your latest rant up...

"...and then I'll have one less one-eyed... whatever those things are called... staring at me. You know, I seriously need to write it down. I know their significance, I know they're in Alex Kidd and Spirited Away, but I can never remember the name. Rar."

Can you just explain to me what Alex Kid and Spirited Away are? That would really help.

Alex Kidd is a side scrolling platformer for the Sega Master System (technically there's 3 of'em but only the first was worth playing). Spirited Away is the latest Miyazaki movie, which I believe is playing in various artsy theaters around the U.S. at the moment. In any case though, the things in questions are little disembodied monk head statues that only have one eye painted to guilt trip you into finishing something, at which point you fill in the other eye.

Second, do you seriously hate fan-fiction crossovers? Without the irony, do you hate them or not?

I don't hate any variety of fanfics, on the grounds that I don't read fanfics. Although I suppose I hate the variety that covers things like say... "The Erotic Adventures of Calvin and Hobbes" on principle. In any case though, it'd be extremely hypocritical of me to hate wacky crossovers when they factor so prominantly in my life.

Third, can you explain the gap from 10/2 to 10/5 in the Q and A column? I cannot figure it out...

It's due to the lack of anyone being around to handle this weekend's Q&A and some odd timing.

Fourth, what do you think of limit caps in RPGs? They obviously affect the strategy in playing the game since you need to tailor your game hero or heroes to whatever big boss fight or challenge or side quest comes your way in the game. Anyway, what is your opinion on this?

Honestly, I can't figure out what you mean by "limit caps". If you mean having levels cap out at various intervals in a game, I'm the one who first brought that issue up here, so yeah I'm for it. If you mean some sort of system where you have a fixed number of points you can move around to customize characters or something, that's good too. If you mean something else, you might want to rephrase that.

Finally, can you put up a link along with answering this letter to that part of your ranting homepage where you get spare change since people can give you money to help you buy Kingdom Hearts faster? You REALLY need to get this game soon, its just UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Nope. For two reasons. Reason #1- While I don't have a problem with sticking a tiny little link in the corner of my personal page so people can throw money at it if they really dig it, it goes against my personal code of ethics to, say, link to it from here. Reason #2- The server hosting my page is down at the moment. Of course, when reason #2 goes away, I'll post a link here to the rant I'm waiting to upload, which will have that little cash type link in the corner, so that all works out.

One more thing...know of any Fanfics which star Calvin and Hobbes as the hero and Rosalyn the babysitter as the badguy??? THAT would be fun to see in a Final Fantasy setting...imagine Sephiroth getting pounced and mauled by Hobbes while Calvin leads Aeris to safety right before he stabs her in the City of Ancients? THAT would be very funny...

Thanks for your time and effort in answering these questions.

Even if they were silly to some extent..


Neo-Omega K1


And a bonus question...any other interesting fan-fics would you like to see existent besides the one with Lulu and Kimahri in the 1930s Chicago? I would like to try my hand at writing a fan-fic or two...not a crossover-type, however!!! I draw the line at that...and I could use some good ideas...besides that...interesting Chicago start writing fan-fics with.

Uh, see that earlier response where I said I never actually read fanfics.

Euro Dates

I was just wondering that will the Grandia Xtreme come to europe or not? I'm big Grandia fan, you see =)

And do you know any european releasedate for these games: Star Ocean 3: till the end of time, Wld Arms3 advanced and Suikoden3

As far as I can tell, none of those games have even been confirmed for european release, let alone given dates. Of course, I'm told the release schedule is picking up over there, so the odds of them coming out aren't as bad as they used to be.


ok hi,uh. There is a pretty good selection of final fantasy characters in kingdom hearts, but i haven't found any final fantasy 9 characters! why aren't any of them in kingdom hearts?

Short answer: FF9 had a different character designer than 7 8 and 10.

The Last Laugh:

Now I'm off to be eaten by a squid. Or was that the other way around...

Googleshng "What kind of a squid can't shoot ink?!?"

Don't leave me alone here on dry land!

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