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Googleshng - September 30 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So, as you probably noticed, Mr. X who was supposed to do Friday and Saturday's Q&A totally flaked out. I think he was really Dr. Wily, so there's probably 8 theme robots sitting around in empty rooms with answers to questions somewhere. Let's get things back to normal around here though.

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Every site I've gone to says that for practically all the secret bosses in Wild Arms you will need 99 goat dolls, I'm hoping that I can just beat the bosses with some good ol' skill though! So, is it possible? Or do most or all of them really require goat dolls? If you recommend leveling up to get around this please verify around what level. Thanks!

I beat WA, taking out every optional boss, without ever equipping a goat doll, so I'd have to say that's a gross overestimation of how hard they are.

Fan Fiction

Am I the only person who thinks fan-fiction is an abomination? I'm not just talking about the Star Trek/Buffy/Sailor Moon/Urotsukidoji cross-overs, I mean all of it. Taking other people's works and twisting them to your own ends angers me for some reason.

I agree completely. I've always had a problem with the concept of taking characters created by someone else and messing with'em.

Isn't irony great?


Whoever’s hosting...

I was listening to the very good FF8 Arranged Soundtrack and a thought popped into my head: “Why in the word if they’re going to blow the money on getting an orchestra to record their songs, don’t they just put those orchestral songs in the game???”  Hmmm. Then later, they can release an album full of crappy midi type songs just in case people don’t like real quality instruments playing their videogame music. Hmmm


Short answer: CD quality music takes up a ton more space.

I ain't afraid of no ghost!

I've got a question for ya. A non rpg question, but a question all the same. What do think of Starcraft: Ghost? I personally am quite excited about it.

Hmm... well, games by Blizzard are predominantly great. Licensed games are predominantly unplayable. So, I suppose yon StarCraft spinoff has 50-50 odds.

Arr matey!

Hey Google,

First I would like to say that I just bought Kingdom Hearts and I am really enjoying it. I read a review that said it was too easy and dying was rare. All I have to say is "have you tried it on Expert level?" I started on expert and have died many times. So either I suck or it does present a challenge.

Second I would like to comment on something I see too frequently. I work at EB Games and I encounter software piracy on a daily basis. It bugs me when people write into your column and ask your opinion on various piracy issues. The fact of the matter is that when you work in the industry, your professional opinion has to be against software piracy (otherwise you could be sued). Although your personal opinion might be different, you must always be careful not to express this. Basically, don't bother asking these types of questions. The answer must always be "Piracy is bad."

I also find it interesting that people are perfectly willing to publicly discuss their illegal software activities. Do you suppose these people would be eager to discuss it if we were dealing with Child Pornography?

For the record, I am both personally and professionally against Piracy of any kind (Software, Music, Movies, High Seas, etc).


There seems to be a 50-50 split amoungst people saying KH is way too easy and surpisingly challenging. I say who cares, everyone's just buying it on novelty value.

Anyway though, that's a good point on the emulation bit. Aside from the legality issues, it should also be kept in mind that publishers and stores make their money off game sales, thus have good reason to be against emulation, and the press gets all their media, news, and review copies from the publishers, thus don't want to tick'em off.

Heck, it's a good thing that symbiotic relationship doesn't cause press outlets to give glowing reviews to terrible games just to keep in good standings... oh yeah, most do don't they? Well... good thing we don't at least.

Oh, and for the record, I'm sure people would be just as liberal about discussing child pornography here if there was some way they could tie it in to RPGs.

... I am deeply disturbed that when I was getting ready to end that with a joke, a commercial just came on showing nothing but a room full of naked babies followed by the PS2 logo. Let's move on, shall we?


Yesterday the Yuna/Tomb Raider poster was mentioned. I read somewhere that it's a poster for the FFX spinoffs. Is that true? At the end of the "Another Story" CD included in the Japanese International version Rikku says something about changing Yuna's clothes. Could this be her Al Bhed styled outfit?

I'd say it's a safe bet to say no there do to the lack of pink plastic Voldo-belts.

On another note, I've read some scripts translated from Japanese and I see a lot of notes like "I left out the characters names because in Japanese it's obvious if the guy or girl is speaking." How does this work? Is there a different set of rules for speaking Japanese depending on your gender?

~Ladyhawk wondering how Braska danced the Sending Dance in that long robe outfit...

Different set of RULES no. Different pattern of speech, yes. Just like with any other language. It's just that a lot of people who translate stuff from Japanese without going to the effort of conveying that sort of thing properly.

The Last Laugh:

Well, Grandia Xtreme came out today, so go snowboarding down to the mall and then grab a copy along with a Mountain Dew and go bungie jumping while wearing brightly colored sunglasses.

Googleshng "Isn't rice better when it's Xtreme?"

I'd eat my own head with drawn butter...

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