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Googleshng - September 26 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

She's always goin' "Tony! Tony! Be a real man!" er, no wait, wrong Tony. Ahem. Where was I?

Tony: Today marks the day when I looked over at the upcoming games bar and realized I'm going to be broke from here until next year. Oh want something relevant? You may not reconize me..I usualy run around in the background doing various stuff. I'm mainly TRC's Lacky when it comes to walkthroughs, but I'm also the Semi Official 'Import Guy'. I think that about covers it...

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ARMs Gone Wild!

Hey Goog! In Wild Arms there is a place called Heaven's Corridor, that's where you aquire the Dual Cast Force for Cecilia, and it's pretty simple to navigate around, altough there are some nasty teleporters on the ground that keep sending you back to the entrance, but they are not random, so just learn where they are. And in the last room, it seems that there is nothing, but if you stand in between the two trees and use the Tear Drop, something good should happen! Hey, what do you think about Tales of Destiny? Have you played it? I just recently bought it, and it's darn fun! The gameplay is awesome, although you can only carry 15 units of the same item, but still very cool! I know the game is quite old, but here in Brazil, is difficult to find the games. Ok, see ya!

Quicksand Of Shadows

Wild Arms, and to a lesser extent Wild Arms 2, has always been one of my favorite games, just because there was SOOOO much extra hidden fun stuff in it. As far as Tales of Destiny goes, your preaching to the choir. I've always loved the Linear Motion battle system...adds a nice touch to an otherwise lackluster game. I DO get ticked 'cause it seems like Namco always nixes out a ton of stuff during the translation though.

A good number of people reminded me where that was. For some reason I kept thinking Dual Cast was just sitting around back at the castle with nothing keeping you from it but plot. Odd. Anyway, there you go person from yesterday!

Never played any of the Tales games myself.

Oh, and by the way, I'm always amazed at how often I get letters from Brazil. I mean heck, before I started doing this Q&A column, that's where half the e-mail I got was from. I always get the odd feeling that if I ever somehow end up on the cast of a TV show, I'll always end up saying stuff like "I may not be popular here, but I'm huge in Brazil!" Anyway, this is a long tangent going nowhere, so I'm going to be dropping it now.

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

Goog, Tony

I have a question about the New Super Robot Wars game. what do you think the chance of this game coming to the US is?

Now onto my friend the GBA. What are some decent games that I would be able to get for the GBA? They don't necessarily have to be new, they can be old but still good. I already have Advence Wars, both Castlevanias, Golden Sun, and Tactics Ogre. Following that, what games are theyre theat are coming out for the GBA that look promising? They don't necessarily have to be RPGs.

And finally, how do you spell the universal greeting from Transformers the Movie? It's been bothering me for so long.


*Sweat starts beading on forehead* Must not rant about how awesome Super Robot Wars is...must not preach about one of my most favorite games series EVER...Ahem. Alright, as to your question. I'm assuming you mean SRW Original Generation? If so, the answer is ALOT more likely then any of the other SRW games,but still pretty dismal. If you REALLY want an English SRW Fix go play ZOE: The Fist of Mars for GBA. It's pretty much a slightly modified SRW game, complete to the battle system(Well...that icky action bit isn't..but that's another matter entirely). As for other GBA titles, try the Megaman Battle Network series, good stuff there.

Well, one of the larger reasons we don't get any of the SRW games here is that they have so many copyrighted source materials involved they put Kingdom Hearts to shame. Another reason though is that they're by Banpresto, and Banpresto never brings any of their games to the U.S. Just one of those things.

I'd also strongly recommend the MMBNs. They have one of the best combat systems I've ever seen in terms of requiring strategy, and MMBN2 is even hard enough for that to matter. Past that you've honestly already listed all the GBA games I own.

Opinions and such

Heya, Google-sama!

"I'd love to see a game where Lulu and Kimahri were detectives in 1930s Chicago."
Ow, I just got this weird nervous twitch in my head after I read that. I should sue you for assault or something... Now that I think about it though, Lulu would make a good Scully.

Am I the only person who thought FF8 was the best FF until FF10 was released? I'm no newbie either - I've played all of or a lot of every FF except 2j and 3j, yet 8 and 10 are still my two favorites. I actually kinda feel like a newbie for favoring the 3D games over the 2D games, but the graphics mean nothing to me, and I can give an intelligent summary and opinion of all of them. Do you know anybody else who's in a similar situation?

BL Alien

Don't look at me in this. I actually LIKED FF9 a great deal..which seems to be against popular opinion =p

FF8 is a lot of people's favorite on the PSX. I find the majority of that group though still prefer good old FF6. Oh, and after I mentioned that detectives bit, someone sent me that Yuna/Tomb Raider poster. So I'm clearly not the only one who thinks of such things.

The Last Laugh:

Tony: Well, that was fun. Hopefully I didn't bore everyone to death. Here's hoping I get to do this again sometime! ^_~

Google: This is really a strange situation to be in. This column's been done for a while, but due to a number of odd circumstances, I haven't the foggiest idea who's doing tomorrow's column.

Googleshng "It's a mystery!"

and that's why so's mankind.

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