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Googleshng - September 25 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The title of today's colum comes from one of my funniest annecdotes which I should really jot down in public some time.

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Sequel Talk


I disagree with your sentiments about FFVIII. Whatever you think of the gameplay, the world really had a sense of atmosphere. Most critics tend to extrapolate their dislike of the junction system into the plot. I wouldn't want to see an FFVIII sequel either, but for different reasons. I feel they did everything they needed to with the characters, and leaving the rest up to our imaginations was tasteful.

I wasn't bashing FF8 yesterday, I was saying there was nowhere to go with a sequel to that story, much like you are here.

I scratched my head when I heard about the FFX sequels. Is there really that much additional interest in Rikku? Isn't there another story here that's BEGGING to be told? If Square is going to orchestrate another journey through Spira, I'd much rahter see the prequel - Braska's adventure. Wouldn't you play a game featuring Braska, Jecht, and Auron? The game would have its own plot, but then of course we could all smile when it caught up to FFX's Jecht Spheres and showed us those familiar scenes.

I dunno... I just hope they don't cheeze FFX up too much with "Rikku's Adventures."

-Tommy Moo

Yes, making spinoffs of FF10 like that is weird enough, but they could have at least done it with the INTERESTING characters. For example, I'd love to see a game where Lulu and Kimahri were detectives in 1930s Chicago.


Quit looking at me like that!

Yaeaeaaa! WA WA WA!

Plllllease help! I'm at Heavens Corrider in Wild Arms and I have no idea what to do! I tried the tear drap and the duplicators but the locked door will not open! I must know what to do!

Well, if memory serves, there IS no area in Wild ARMs called Heaven's Corridor, nor is there one in WA2. So, assuming you're stuck somewhere else, there's 2 things you should try. #1- Solve the obvious puzzle in the room you're in. #2- Make sure you're where you're supposed to be at this point in the game.

Three strange questions

FF8 spoilers around here...
1. Hey google, I started to play Final Fantasy 8 over again the other day, and I"m already on the 3rd disc, and I've realized something on the storyline/quality of the game. When I first played this game, I got to the end in like 22 hrs because I didn't really draw a lot of magic and didn't play the card game at all. This is pretty short compared to FF7 when it took me 50 hrs to get to the end on my 1st try. I love the whole setup for the story, characters, hate the magic system though. But I get the feeling that the publisher Square got kind of lazy in programming and writing the storyline at the end, and they concentrated mainly on the graphics. I also didn't like the idea that GF's caused loss of memory to these characters which knew each other when they were kids. What they should have done is at the beginning, they should have made more missions in training to be a SeeD because you become one so quickly. Also, with Timber, Deling City, Esthar, FH, and the Southern Islands, there should have been more missions and puzzles to do going along with the story because you only visit these towns once. Also, there should have been more cities/towns!!! Well the game is old already, I still think it's a great game, so oh well.

"But I get the feeling that the publisher Square got kind of lazy in programming and writing the storyline at the end, and they concentrated mainly on the graphics."

First of all, there are many many reasons why that statement can't be true. Programming, writing the story, and creating the graphics are all handled by completely different groups of people, working more or less independantly of eachother. Also, if the programmers got lazy towards the end, the game would not exist, because 90% of programming is trying to figure out how to make the game run without crashing.

Oh, and another, more important point. The term is developer. Not publisher. Developers actually create games. Publishers package market and distribute games, and put their name on the box. Huge difference between the two.

Most of your complaints are really just a matter of personal taste. Were Square to actually be LAZY in the creation of a game, they'd just recycle ideas from old FF games without really adding anything new. Although come to think of it, FF9 WAS in development at the same time as FF8, so there may be something to what you said afterall...

2. I bought Saga Frontier II and love the graphics and setting and battle system in the game. I overheard someone tell me that this game gets impossible to beat at the end. Any tips??

Yes. Once you've reached the end of both paths, turn the game off, remove it from the system, and erase the save file from your memory card. This will save you a great deal of futile frustration.

3. I recently became a Cowboy Bebop fanatic and stopped with the Dragonballz madness. Awesome anime, but I think there should be a game made based on Bebop! If you look at all the anime style cel-shaded games coming out (Dark Cloud II, Wild Arms 3, Gungrave), they should definitely make an RPG or action game based on Bebop! Think about it, you gain experience and money on numerous bounties over the galaxy???


I would be completely shocked to learn there was not already at least one game based on Cowboy Bebop. Even terrible anime series get games based on them. These games don't generally ever come to the U.S. though.

Goofy Names

I think it's kind of odd that a couple animes have the characters in them with odd names, such as Trunks, Bra.etc from DBZ. There is also Sorcerer Hunters where most of or all the characters are named after food, Carrot,Chocolate, etc. I was just wondering if these animes were made like this or were translated into this, thanks!

Nope. That's actually what those characters are called in Japan. In fact, it's an even more common practice than you're think. For example, Kagome from Inu-Yasha is named after the Japanese equivolent of V8. Plus when various videogames are brought to the US, some names like this are translated away from weird food and clothing themes. For example, if you were to play the Japanese version of Chrono Trigger, Ozzy Flea and Slash would be Vinegar Mayonaise and Soy Sauce respectfully. Oh, and you realize how much that makes "Ozzy's in a pickle!" a horrible pun, right?

That's not just a weird Japanese habit either. Translate the names of the random sailors in The Odyssey some time.

Hearts Stars Horseshoes!

Hey Goog,
Question on Kingdom Hearts. In the opening to copyrights square for the years 1990, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001. The later games are obvious in the charecters in the game. What in this game is from 1990? Also whats your impression of this game, an unholy alliance of the heavenly Square and those money grubbing, deal with the devil making, horrible theme park building, owns half the world already, maker of decent movies Disney. I must say I am adicted to it and find it wonderful every time a new disney charecter is introduced. Oh and do feel left out that almost every animal and creature has been in a disney movie but slimes.

"Final Fantasy" was copyrighted in 1990. I'm not going to get into the relative virtues of Square and Disney, because between all the people who love Square, hate Square, love Disney, and hate Disney, statistically speaking I'd alienate 75% of you. Interesting side note though, the two companies have something else in common too. Most of the beloved icons of one company were lifted directly from the films of Miyazaki. The other bought the U.S. publishing rights to those films so they could sit on them.

Anyway though, as for my opinion on Kingdom Hearts itself, I don't have one, because I can't afford the thing. If I could afford it though, odds are I would get it and enjoy it. I mean that sucker has more novelty value than Sakura Wars and Seaman put together!

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow's guest host will be Tony Green, who does a number of odd jobs around the site mostly involving walkthroughs. He's also the person that always fires off a list of a dozen games never released in this country when someone asks for, say, a list of TRPGs with mecha in them. So, if you have any questions on games not released here, now would be a good time to ask.

Googleshng "Chicken or fish?"

No, I mean which is it? Chicken or Fish?

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