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Googleshng - September 24 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Back in the day, Capcom and Konami were loved by all for making the ridiculously hard Mega Man and Castlevania games (not to mention other hard games, like say Contra). Then of course over time, like every other developer, they seriously watered down the difficulty on those franchaises. But THEN they started making Action/RPGs on the GBA, and lo, they were good and challenging... until Castlevania: HoD here. Sure, to be fair, it mostly just seems easy next to CotM, and CotM's difficulty was largely just a side effect of the lack of contrast. I can't really fault HoD for fixing that bit. Oh, and I really really like how it handles the map too.

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Here's a game I don't see many questions on.

Hello almighty google, I have a very frustrating question for you that must make me sound like somewhat of an idiot, but anywho, In Lost Kingdoms (rune) how do you get into the four chambers of power? whenever I try to go in it says I do not of have enough strength (or something along those lines) help, please,

ciao, Cole

If I recall correctly, first you have to win, and then you might also need a certain number of cards.

Interesting definitions...

Hi Google: I don't want to make a big deal of this, but the other day I sent you a letter and you didn't print it. Now, I can understand you not printing it when you have lots of other stuff, but wouldn't you consider printing this on a day when you have very few letters? (even without much of a question in it, it might be interesting anyway)

On a good day, I'll come in around 100 letters. There's a lot I don't print. On a bad day though, I'll print just about anything.

The original letter follows:

Hey Google,

I don't really have a good question for you. But here it is.....

Have you heard of Final Lap Twin? Ever played it? It's a racing game that was made for the Turbo Grapx 16. And there's a reason I'm telling you this.....

Beside the normal racing, F1 style circuit, FLT also had a secondaey Quest mode. And, this Quest mode is the only racing/rpg ever made (probably). You start off and give your character a name. Then, your father (who used to be a racing champ) tells you all this stuff about making him proud and becoming World Champion. He gives you some money and then you're on your way. Essentially, it is just like any overhead, 16-bit RPG except that:

-You don't have equipment. Your car does. It was starts (such as grip and speed) which are affected by what gear you equip on your car. (there is no buying a new car; just upgrading the one you got)
- You don't battle enemies. You race fellow racers. Here's the kicker. Say your walking on the world map screen and you run into an "encounter". Well, the person will introduce him/herself and ask you to race. If you say 'no', they may something like "I insist" or "Too bad" and then you have to race anyway. Luckily, this isn't random. For example, after you beat the first boss (local champ), you can turn down most of the racers in that area.
- You don't have HP, you have turbo. As you probably guessed, you can use it to accelerate faster during a race. Nothing bad happens when you run out of turbo so it's not that much like HP.

Anyway, it's a pretty crazy (but fun) game. You get money from encounters because your dad gives it to you if you win. And, if you lose, you restart at your home (1st city).

So, in conclusion, for those of you who've tried almost everything, you should try Final Lap Twin.

You know, by that sort of definition, you can also call every Wrestling game I've ever seen, most other racing games, and the Grand Theft Auto series as RPGs off the top of my head. It takes a bit more than wandering around and getting money from random encounters to cut it in my book.

Last question, Google, does it go against your morals to download and emulator and roms for system that you don't own, is as old as the hills, and would be nearly impossible to find? (like the Tg-16)

-Mike "Rahlious" White

I wouldn't say it's a question of morals so much as a "thrill of the hunt" sort of thing, but yes. Particularly since I'm fairly confident that I could aquire a TG-16 for under $20 within 24 hours if I really had a reason to do so. Kinda like how I picked up this $12 Saturn about 2 years ago.


Hi Google, it's Kak again.
Is it true that Final Fantasy XII is going to be a sequal to one of the previous FF games?
I've been searching around and heard csome rumors about it.
If it is a sequal I'd like it to be the second story to Final Fantasy VIII!

I believe you're confusing FF12 with the FF10 spinoffs there. Getting back to FF8 though, what exactly is left for a sequel to cover there? I mean, it had one of the simplest stories of any RPG ever, and most of the characters were just barely even one-dimensional.


My grandaughter asked me to find out what her Charizard is worth. Could you tell me?

I'm rather surprised to learn I'm a source of Pokémon card prices, but anyway, I'm told a first edition foil Charizard can garner up to $200 in some places. Otherwise, it's not much at all.

The Last Laugh:

Now back I go to exploring the castle I've explored twice before and doing so again. It's kinda weird how consistant the layout of Dracula's castle is compared to, say, the geography of Hyrule.

Googleshng "'Hey Death, how's it going?' 'Not bad, you?'"

Not a direct quote, but disturbingly close.

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