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Googleshng - September 17 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

First off, losing your internet access for 12 hours sucks. Second off, yesterday while walking around the block, I passed a three month old kitten on the beach. This isn't so strange in and of itself, since it's been there for the last two months or so, but yesterday, this kitten was eating a fish three times its size.

The first question that comes to mind is: Where the deuce did it GET IT?!?

The second question is, how was this kitten keeping the seagulls and ospreys away?

The 3rd question is, what exactly was keeping the seagulls and osprey from eating the kitten to begin with?

Anyway, on top of all those questions, it struck me that while everyone around was talking about how cute this scene was, it's a pretty darn ghastly sight. I mean, if you ignore the fact that it's a "cute widdle kitten" you've got a whole fish lying on the beach, dead eye staring up at you, with a large whole in its side, being winded by a small furry beast, covered in the fishes blood, and rending its flesh with sharp pointy teeth.

Anyway, with that pleasant image in mind, on with the column!

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Greetings and Salutations,

It is quite possible that Heart of Ice's problem with trying to invite monsters is that he is no longer of the mediator class and is trying to invite without monster talk equipped.


Yes, actively being a mediator helps a ton. Did I forget to add that yesterday? Oh wow, I did.


The quote comes from Koudelka pretty early on in the game, said by Koudelka to Edward.

I still think that game should've had subtitles; I missed out on a lot of speech. ><


Yes, Koudelka had some serious volume issues... and for the record, it DID have subtitles in Japan.

Another interesting note: I popped Koudelka into my PS2 this weekend, and the volume seemed to be a good bit better. Of course, on the other hand, I can barely hear this Hellsing DVD on it.

Androgeny doesn't work in French.

Tu parle Francais? J'ai un dour de Francais 2.
Enough of that, lol. I was just surprised that you spoke French...
Well, I might as well ask you a couple of questions to fit the whole Q&A theme.

Well, I studied French for several years, but I'm sure I forgot most. That's really irrelevant to my memoration of nearly every line from every episode of The Tick though.

1. Final Fantasy 3 is being released on the GBA, right? If so, will FF1-3 still be released for PSX?

There was never going to be an FF3 release on the PSX, just 1 and 2. Last I checked, their status hasn't changed.

2. Do you ever suffer from "RPG Procrastination Syndrome"? I always find that I can never find the will to finish an RPG once I am near the end...

A lot of people have that problem it seems. I'm not one of them though. When I get near the end of an RPG, what happens to me is that I usually realize that I don't need to make sure I find every treasure chest in the final dungeon, should use all these stat boosting items, and should just hurry up and finish already and move on to the next game in my stack.

3. Is there any way to progress through the end of FFX without only using Aeons in Overdrive? I find that most strategies use them as their principle offence near the end...

Thanks for helping me out!

Attack, use special skills, cast spells. FF10 is an easy easy game.

Seriously, what the frell does bad dance club music have to do with KH?

Goog ....

I read the letter from someone-or-other a few days ago that said Sephiroth is going to be in Kingdom Hearts? Is this for real? I may actually have to break down and BUY this thing if this is the case ... (this is about the only thing that will make me drop money for it.)

I read your news item and am confused -- our version is going to have the extra characters and then the Japanese are getting the US version as a special edition? Am I reading this right?

Thanks for the input!


Well, if Sephiroth isn't in KH, the annoying as all smurf commercial I've been seeing all day is lying.

As for special editionry, yeah, that sounds about right.

From beyond the veil of history!

No, i meant that,
now that the GBA is out, many older "clasic" games are being remade for it (such as BOF I and II) and sequels to games I quite like are being produced for it as well (FFTA).
My question is this: Do you think that older "classic" games will still be re-made for either Playstation or Playstation II, or do you think that companies remaking said games will be focusing on the GBA, now that it exists?

~ The Almighty Anetra Pendragon...

That depends on the company. I mean heck, there's some people out there still making games for the Atari 2600. As far as revivals of 16 bit games go though, I think you'll predominantly be seeing them on the GBA.

The Last Laugh:

Letter reception time for tomorrow's column looks a little tight since it took so long to get this up, so chances are I'll print most of what I get. Psychos had best take advantage when they can.

For example, did anyone read that roundtable posted a few days back when I said one of the best things that people could do to improve RPGs today is ditch EXP? Not one person has disagreed with me on that, and I'm getting scared quite frankly.

Googleshng "Boing!"


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